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  1. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired Surefire EDCLT-2 and E1B-MV Backup ~Both MINT~

    Both are in New/Mint condition and have never been carried. Surefire EDCLT-2 - SOLD PayPal Shipped Surefire E1B-MV Backup - SOLD PayPal Shipped
  2. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

  3. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired ~WTS~ Malkoff MD2 with Tricap.

    Malkoff MD2 with Tricap (No High-Low). SST-20, 5,700k. Light is in brand new, MINT condition. Asking SOLD PayPal shipped, CONUS only.
  4. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

  5. Hemicrusher

    For Sale ~WTS~ Sofirn SP35 - NON ATR (6,500K) Updated Reflector

    This is a MINT, never carried Sofirn SP35 Non ATR, 6,500K with the updated reflector. These were only made for a short time and have been discontinued. Selling for $45 PAYPAL, and includes free shipping to CONUS only. Includes the original box and the unused, never charged 5,000 mAh Sofirn...
  6. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired ~WTS~ Elzetta Alpha "Gen 3" - A313 w/Extras

    Elzetta Alpha "Gen 3" - A313 - MINT, as NEW condition. Played with, but never carried. Elzetta Alpha FLOOD Lens - NIB (Never Opened) Elzetta O-Ring Kit - NIB (Never Opened) Asking $XXX PayPal which includes all fees and FREE shipping to CONUS only.
  7. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired Surefire Stiletto ~NIB~

    Selling a Surefire Stiletto NIB that I got direct from Surefire. Asking $95 PayPal, includes free shipping to CONUS only.
  8. Hemicrusher

    Sold/Expired ~SOLD~ Malkoff MDC HA CR123 - SST-20 (4K) ~ MINTY

    Selling my MINT Malkoff MDC CR123 with an SST-20 4,000K. Includes original box and packing as shipped from Malkoff. Light has never been carried and is in brand new condition. Asking $100 PayPal and includes free shipping to CONUS only.
  9. Hemicrusher

    What LED is this?

    I looked at some LED reference photos, but I have no idea what LED this is. It's in a current model Surefire G2X Pro 600 lumen. Thanks!

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