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  1. Morelite

    Sold/Expired WTB Volere AA Neutral White w/ Clip

    I'm looking to buy a AA Volere with neutral white LED and the pocket clip. I have a cool white version (no.013) that I will trade for if someone wants to do a trade.
  2. Morelite

    Sold/Expired All Sold Now

    I have a few custom lights for sale. 1. SOLD to rookie, FM's Gold plated 26650 host with a Lumens Factory EO4 drop-in and a McClicky tailswitch. $105 2. SOLD to Lisa, McGizmo Titanium Sapphire 25 from the first run. This one does have light scuff marks from pocket duty but they can be...
  3. Morelite

    Sold/Expired WTT McGizmo Titanium PD, Edit trade deal made

    I looking for a KuKu427 Titanium AA Volere with the neutral XP-G and I'm willing to trade my McGizmo LuxIII PD-Ti. The PD has been a user so it does have the minor surface scuffs but nothing that can't be buffed or polished out. It does have a Peu tritium bezel ring on it with 3 green trits but...
  4. Morelite

    Sold/Expired WTB Titanium Gavina Switch, offering $125

    I'm looking to buy a Ti Gavina switch, the one with two trit slots is preferred. I'll offer $100 Now $125 for one shipped to me. PM me if your interested in selling one.
  5. Morelite

    Who in central PA has the 60" search light?

    Ok I'm just throwing this out there to see if this person is a member here. I was driving though Park Forest this evening and I seen a 60" arc searchlight on the back of a white Ford truck in a driveway on Devonshire Drive and was just wondering if you are a member on here.
  6. Morelite

    P60/D26 Drop-in Storage Ideas

    I'm sure there are many of you out there like me that have more drop-ins than hosts to put them in. I'm looking for some ideas on how you store them. Some come in nice little plastic tube containers and others don't. I'm basically looking for a nice way to store and protect several in the same...
  7. Morelite

    Help with driver selection for Aleph light engine

    Does anyone know of a buck driver that will fit in an Aleph light engine that can supply 2amps or so? I was looking at the Shark-Buck but that is .750" and the largest that will fit in an Aleph E-can is .55" This will be powering a XM-L and with one 4.2v IMR cell.
  8. Morelite

    Sold/Expired For sale, Titanium Aleph A3 Bezel Ring by TB

    All gone Up for sale, 1. Titanium Aleph A2 with GDuP 3 level driver and SSC P4 U bin LED. $250 Sold to Toby pra This one has a few marks and scratches from use. More info on the driver here. 2. Titanium Aleph & E-series Pineapple body by Peu with titanium McGizmo tailcap. $225 Sold to...
  9. Morelite

    Sunwayman V10R Current Questions

    Can someone tell me why the SWM V10R pulls 2.4A @4.2v on the high setting? That seems rather high to me. Here are some other tests all on the highest setting. 2.0A @ 4.0v 1.76A @ 3.8v 1.4A @ 3.6v 1.0A @ 3.4v .67A @ 3.2v .71A @ 3.0v .75A @ 2.8v I'm guessing from that data that the Vf of the XPG...
  10. Morelite

    Simple magnet mod for 4Seven MiNi's

    Here is a simple magnet mod I did to my Ti AA. I removed the tailspring and dropped in a 3/8" x 1/8" rare earth magnet then re-installed the tailspring and battery. The bottom coils of the spring fit over the outside diameter of the magnet and the battery still fits the same as before and there...
  11. Morelite

    Quark MiNi not Mini?

    I just realized that the correct name is MiNi not Mini, why is the "N" capitalized? I thought the name was referring to the size of the light.
  12. Morelite

    Sold/Expired SOLD Mac's Mini HID

    I have for sale one of Mac's Customs Mini HID. This one has been tri-bored to use either the 3 x 17670 cell holder or the 4 x CR123 Holder. Rechargeable 123s can also be used if you only use 3 and a dummy cell. Both cell holders are included but not the 17670 cells. I will include 8 new CR123s...
  13. Morelite

    Osram Ostar 6 Die radiates heat

    Does the Ostar 6-die LED produce some infrared? The reason I ask is because I can feel some real heat in a few seconds while holding my hand in the beam. I've never noticed that with any other white LED. It doesn't get hot enough to burn or even cause much discomfort but it is definitely raising...
  14. Morelite

    Sold/Expired SOLD, AOTH Holster for SPY005 Brown Kangaroo

    For sale is a nice holster for the SPY005 made by Matt at AOTH. I'm asking $75 shipped (US only) Now $65, SOLD This one is medium brown Kangaroo. Only the holester is for sale, the SPY005 has been sold.
  15. Morelite

    Willing to pay for Ti machining

    Hi guys, I was going to give this a try but now know that it is way to much for me to do on a mini lathe. What I would like is someone to make a set of Ti parts to match the Pilot Whale parts. I have the light and the Ti raw stock and I'm willing to pay whatever it takes to get a Ti Pilot whale...
  16. Morelite

    Sold/Expired WTB Neofab Legion II, Edit; Ordered A new one

    Found, I just ordered a new one from Neofab. I'm looking to buy a Legion II, new or used in good condition is fine. I'll pay by Paypal cash. Please respond here or PM with your price and pics. Thank You Edit: either version is fine
  17. Morelite

    Gold reflectors

    I'm curious as to whether there would be any advantage to using Gold plated reflectors over chrome or Rhodium plated ones. I have noticed that when I reflect a cold LED light off of polished brass and onto a white surface the beam does warm up quite a bit.
  18. Morelite

    Peak momentary switch?

    Are the momentary contact switches still available to replace the key chain lug? I didn't see them as an option or even mentioned on their site.
  19. Morelite

    Sold/Expired FS Stainless Steel Jetbeam AA clone Multimode light

    I have a few lights for sale here; No. 1 Ti A19 with Piglet & Cree light engine (By Goldserve), The SS bezel ring has blue vials in it but one of them needs replaced (doesn't glow anymore) $500 shipped Priority, Ins. is extra at your option. SOLD No. 2 SS Jetbeam Clone multimode AA...
  20. Morelite

    Sold/Expired FS All Sold

    Lights for sale 1. Ti A19 with a Cree XR-E P3-WJ, Nexgen 778, 1 x 123 tube and McClickie switch in a Trim style tailcap $450 Sold via PM 2. Ti PD, UV1J, Mint and never carried $600 Sold 3. Ti LionCub, U bin, Upgraded McR-20 reflector. I can open the bezel opening if you would like. This...

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