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    Pennsylvania Vehicle Lighting Codes

    Yes, since the purpose of fog lamps is to illuminate the road surface in fog, they should be mounted as low as possible so the light can better reach the road surface instead of being reflected back into your eyes. If you want to blind yourself, you already have your low beams, high beams, and...
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    GE Nighthawk NHX Nighthawk Xenon +120, how are they?

    Looks like they sold out now, at the time I made the post they were in stock.
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    GE Nighthawk NHX Nighthawk Xenon +120, how are they?

    Tungsram Nighthawk Xenon 9003 now down to $13/pair on Amazon.
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    9003 Bulb recommendations?

    Amazon has Tungsram Nighthawk Xenon 9003's here, currently at $32.50.
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    H9 based LED's sought for 90mm Hella motorcycle lights - remmendations needed.

    J.W. Speaker also offers 90mm LED headlamps - the Model 93. I don't know how they compare performance-wise to the Hellas though.
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    7x6 H6054 Conversion Housings

    Not in the U.S. And even in Europe, they're not ECE approved so thus not road legal. But if you want to give them your money, they're happy to take it. Oh yeah, I remember this subject coming up a few years back - found the thread. TL;DR - they're Chinese junk with the JW Speaker name on...
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    Current generation (2020) Civic headlamps - how good are they?

    We went to the local Honda dealership a few nights ago and took a 2020 Civic LX out for a test drive. Can't really comment much on the headlamps though, as there was too much ambient light (city). Noticed it had automatic headlamps - do automatic systems generally work pretty well, or are there...
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    Current generation (2020) Civic headlamps - how good are they?

    Thanks for the info Virgil. Good to know that there are effective and safe upgrades for the bulbs.
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    Current generation (2020) Civic headlamps - how good are they?

    My sister was rear ended recently - she's okay but her car (2008 Civic) was totalled. She's in the market for a new car, and seems intent on purchasing another Civic (her past 2 cars were Civics). It's very unlikely she will buy anything other than the base model - LED headlamps don't appear to...
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    NEW Philips XtremeVison Pro150 (+150) and Philips RacingVision GT200 (+200)

    Tungsram claims a Tc of 250 hours, not 150, but that's still significantly less than 400 and I can understand why some would prefer the Philips because of that. Some of the posters on that thread are concerned about the deepness of the tinted bands, but for single filament bulbs it has no...
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    Toyota Projector H11 - H9

    The Amazon photo shows the Osram markings just being a sticker on the bulb base. If this is how Osram marks these bulbs, they're basically just asking for someone to counterfeit them. Are there any other markings stamped or laser etched on the metal part of the bulb? (I haven't personally...
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    what is an acceptable vehicle LED lighting upgrade?

    Revzilla is just a retailer, so the products range from junk to high end. I can't speak for Custom Dynamics, but Motodemic uses JW Speaker headlamps for their LED conversions. What they also provide is the mounting hardware for many motorcycle makes/models so the install for the end user is as...
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    Killer deal on Philips X-Treme +130 H4 bulbs

    Was this from Amazon? Filament tint aside, the +100's are also consistently more expensive than the +130's on Amazon, so if the seller sent you +130's at +100 prices, you essentially overpaid for them.
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    Killer deal on Philips X-Treme +130 H4 bulbs

    A good (maybe even better) alternative to the X-Treme +100's is the GE Nighthawk Xenon +120's. Like the +100's, these do not have any tinting around the filaments. Currently at $30/pair on Amazon which is a very good price - normally they go for ~$50.
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    GE Nighthawk NHX Nighthawk Xenon +120, how are they?

    Nighthawk Xenon 9003 currently at $30/pair on Amazon. H4 is over $50 - go figure. Edit note - looks like all flavors except H4 are around $30.
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    Premium priced headlight replacement for Ram 1500

    If you were to ask them to show proof of compliance, shouldn't they be able to do so? With some kind of certificate or test report? Or maybe that's easy for them to fake as well? And also, even if their headlamps were compliant, it doesn't mean they're objectively better than, say, your stock...
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    Current (mid-2020) brightest 9003/H4

    The blue tint around the high beam filament on the Voslas is about the same as the Philips X-treme Vision +130's - and noticeably lighter than the tint on, for example, the Night Breaker Lasers. The tint on the Philips Racing Vision H4's also looks quite dark in product photos but I haven't...
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    Current (mid-2020) brightest 9003/H4

    Just as a datapoint with regards to the Megalight/Nighthawk Xenon - I've been using the H4's in my motorcycle since April of 2018. I haven't been able to find B3/Tc values for these, so I've been replacing them every ~250 hours of use. Even driven at 13.8V, I've never had one fail on me. The...
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    Past the end of the line for GE Night Hawk sealed beams

    Great to hear that, hopefully this will also mean we'll be able to get Night Hawk bulbs at more competitive prices. Interestingly, on Amazon a search for 'Tungsram Night Hawk' brings up three LED sealed beam headlamps. Are these any good? The prices are tempting.
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    Past the end of the line for GE Night Hawk sealed beams

    How will the sale of GE Lighting affect their automotive bulb line? Should we be stocking up on GE Nighthawk Xenons before they switch production to China?

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