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    Emitter swap: XR-C to ???

    Looking to upgrade an old lantern with a new emitter. It is on a 17mm board and labeled as 'Xlamp 7090.' No idea what bin it is, got the XR-C spec from the packaging. What sort of replacement emitter should I be looking for? Given the shape of the dome in the lantern, I'd like to keep the...
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    Indoor LED fixture for plants?

    I'm looking to see if modern LEDs provide enough spectrum to help plants (I have a few orchids, some herbs) grow indoors. City life sucks without having access to an outside area, so oh well. The other choice is simply use two 24" fluorescent broad spectrum bulbs at 20 watts each with a...
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    KX2 vs. KX2C optics

    Hey; Does anyone know if SureFire has altered the optics between the KX2 and the KX2C head? I know the drivers and LED bins are different, just wondering if the KX2C optic is more designed for throw or not.
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    Is there a P7 head with remote battery?

    Hey Guys... I just moved to Hawaii for a grad school position. Yay. I bought a bike. Yay. I need a headlight. Yay! Difficulties I'm currently looking at: High theft area, so anything that isn't bolted to the bike is getting yanked immediately. People do carry around hack-saws, so I'd...
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    Shortest SSC P4 optic/reflector?

    Hey guys... I just modified my Underwater Kinetics Q40 mini from a side emitting LuxIII to an SSC P4. While I love the floodiness of the light... So yeah, what is the shortest, most compact reflector or optic you guys know of? Height is an issue with this mod. These LEDs should have...
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    Couple of high-end Gerbers...

    Nah, the title isn't as paradoxical as it sounds; I've heard Gerber getting a bad rap from the higher-up knife community, some of it deserved (some not). Anyway, I decided to fire away and the girlfriend got the me the 06 Automatic for my birthday (bless her heart... she also got the me LMF...
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    BOG Q5 vs. Surefire P60L

    Battle Royale: My first review. Test will be minimal, just comparing beamshots (outdoors if demanded). I have a new Surefire 6PL and recently ordered the BOG Q5 'super premium' whatever. Item ordered on Tuesday, December 11th. Item arrived on Monday, December 17th. Item shipped USPS...
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    Driver for one P4 off 3xAA Alk

    Hey guys... What drive board would work best for a lone P4 off of 3xAA batteries? I'm looking for a simple on/off driver board, no fancy three-way level settings. Thanks!
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    3xAA regulation for P4 SSC

    Hey guys... question here. What kind (if any) regulation/board should I get for a 3xAA setup for an SSC P4 (USVOH)? My first 'rebuild' of sorts - taking a 3xAA battery carrier and seeing what I can do with it. Cheers for the help!
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    TLE-5EX Issues

    Hey guys... I have a TLE-5EX I bought from Batteryjunction and it served me well for the first month or so. Now, whenever I have it turned on for more than 2 minutes, it will start flickering. It's not the battery, or the contacts, or the Nite-Ize clicky I put on the AA minimag (tried...
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    Complimenting 18650 Flashlights?

    Hey guys - first post on this forum. I'm looking for a versatile duo of LED flashlights, one for long range applications (hello Dereelight DBS) and one for closer (~30 m) applications. I've pretty much set my mind on the DBS, but want another LED flashlight with high output for close ranges...

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