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    Shipping Lithium Primaries to Canada?

    Hi All, I searched the threads about this and most of the information was dated. Does anyone have any experience shipping lithium primary cells from the US to Canada?
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    Sold/Expired Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium Battery Sale!!!

    Hi All, I have brand new L91's for sale! These cells are Made in USA, unlike the newer cells so you can be proud of supporting our country! They come in a 4-pack, and I hope to sell them @$6 a pack. I won't make a profit selling these one at a time, so I am selling these in bundles of 5 (a...
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    Are Polarion HID's irrelevant or... Dead

    At this point I am in a state of disbelief. Maybe it's because I haven't been on CPF in quite a while. Perhaps the times have changed. Whatever the case, I think it's safe to say HID's are no longer a big presence, even on CPF. Case in point: I am selling a Polarion PH50 for $650. $650 and...
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    Sold/Expired FINAL PRICE DROP! Polarion PH50

    Hi All, Here it is, the one and only... the PH50. The light was purchased from Ken J. Good himself in October 2008. It is in excellent working order but as you can see it has a few dings and scratches. Definitely not a shelf queen, the bezel has two dings on it and has scuffs from typical...
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    Are CR123 Primary Cells Dead?

    Obviously li-ions have fallen into favor as opposed to CR123 batteries. Even on the battery forum I hardly see any discussion about CR123s. My question is are these once hot commodities now dead?
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    Pila Flashlight Owners

    Hi all, are there people out there who still use their Pila flashlights? I use my Pila GL3 every day, which was purchased in February 2007. This light rocks.
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    Is Pila out of business?

    Couldn't help but notice both of their websites are down. I tried calling their office in Hong Kong and no one answered. Anybody hear anything about this?
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    Stuck on Algebra II/Calculus problem

    I know I'm surrounded by a bunch of my fellow nerds here on CPF. Perhaps you can lend me some of your brains? I've been trying to crack this synthetic division problem for days. I tried every possible combination but still can't get the answer. Also tried googling it but found nothing...
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    Settle down your addiction yet?

    Mods: if this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move it to the appropriate place. After many years of flashaholism I've finally settled. I've pared down my collection to a handful of lights. Is my addiction to buy new lights dead? Yes. Part of that is for :broke: reasons, but the...
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    Block number

    I have a Samsung phone from T-Mobile that has a "hide number" feature. I like to have a bit of anonymity when calling some people. My understanding is when I make outgoing calls, this feature blocks my name/number from being viewed by others with caller id (landline or mobile). My question to...
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    Recovering from Auto Accident

    Hi guys, I'm posting this sort of out of desperation to reach out to someone who's been through something similar. I was in a car accident in late summer 2011. I was working as a driving instructor. I was rear ended by a huge GMC Safari van so I wasn't at fault. Long story short I hit my...
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    Peak Logan Ti

    Anyone else interested in this? :wave: I like my Al Logan, but to have one in Ti...
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    It's good to be employed again

    In light of the events of yesterday, I thought I'd post something on a positive note. I finally found a job after 15 months of unemployment. Yay! Boy it's been rough, but I finally did it. I took this past year in stride and used it as a chance to improve myself. I went to the library daily...
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    RIP The Students, Teachers and Adults Killed in CT School

    What a terrible day in our country. My deepest thoughts and condolences for the victims of this horrific crime.
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    Flashlights save the day! :)

    To be specific, a SPY 007 and a Peak NP300A SS. :) First a little background on the way my house is laid out. I live in a duplex where our landlord's house is connected to ours. We rent one side and they live in the other. Our house is surrounded by a half-fence which establishes a general...
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    Best throw in a D26 drop-in?

    I've been away from the drop in scene for a while. Any ideas? There's gotta be a little throw monster out there. :devil: I'm going to guess Malkoff makes a good candidate.
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    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: SPY 007 XP-G

    This SPY 007 XP-G has been completely refurbished by Dave at Cool Fall. I purchased this 007 secondhand here on the Custom Titanium Flashlights forum. It had a damaged reflector and missing parts, but they have been completely repaired/replaced and the internals are as good as new.:) There is...
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    Change in USPS Battery Shipping Policy?

    I stopped off at the USPS to send some packages today and I was told shipping Lithium and Li-ion batteries are no longer allowed to ship. Starting tomorrow, domestic or otherwise. Has anyone else heard anything similar?
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    Where to buy extra QTC material?

    Anyone know where I can get some? I heard it's cheap but I don't know where they're available.
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    Warranty on Secondhand Spys?

    Does the current warranty cover Spy 005, 007 and Tri-V lights purchased secondhand?

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