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    Zebralight Pre-Order

    I just pre-ordered the SC600w Mk IV.. I have a Mk III and love it. My son is going to have a very bright Christmas ! Bud
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    EC4GT vs. MH27

    Can anyone that has both lights comment on the beam profile for these 2 lights at a distance ? I have the MH27 and like it a lot, but really like the EC4GT for a few reasons. The lights body appears to be a comfortable shape, it has 2x18650s, and does not have the RGB LEDs. Ultimately this is a...
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    What happened to programmable lights ?

    Been away from light scene for a while. Is HDS the only programmable light left ? That appeared to be the trend some years ago. Seems most lights now are just spacing out a fixed amount of modes and hoping customers like the manufacturers choices. Budman231
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    Nitecore MH27 First Impressions

    I've had the Nitecore MH-27 since xmas eve, so I don't have a lot of time with it but I figured I would send out my initial feelings on the light.. 1. Tail cap On/Off - With this light, not a fan. Would much rather have an on/off opposite the +/- mode switch for your index finger (thumb for...
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    Ideas for Light ?

    Hi CPF Friends, Its been some time since I posted in the forums. I have been away from the light scene for some time and need some advise on a light I am looking for. Specs that I'm hoping will help narrow my search down are : 1. 800-1000 Lumens 2. 18650 (1x-2x cells) 3. More throw, than flood...
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    LF3XT Still Going Strong !

    Been a while since I've posted. I was using my LF3XT today and figured I would share a picture with everyone.. In Flashlight years, I suppose this is a vintage light at this point. It is certainly the most configurable light that was ever made IMHO. While programming is a complex series of...
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    Help finding - XR-E Lens/Holder

    I'm hoping someone can help me.. I am looking for a way to mount an XR-E star led similar to the following products...,454,1...
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    HDS Rotary Questions

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of ordering an HDS Rotary/120/Hi-CRI/OP Reflector/Black/Black... 1. Does the clip that comes with the light allow for bezel down pocket carry ? 2. Is the clip a deep pocket version of is there part of the light sticking out ? If not,are there other options for this ? 3...
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    Questions for HDS owners

    I have really enjoyed my Novatac lights over the years. I understand Novatacs have the same design roots as the current HDS lights. I am close to purchasing an HDS light now and have a couple questions. 1. I mostly use my lights indoors so throw is not all that important. Hot spots tend to over...
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    Who's LF3XT is still throwing lumens !??

    Still use mine all the time...! :thumbsup: Upgraded to R2, still the best indoor flood ever made IMHO. Budman231
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    Control Ring ... Fad or Function?

    I purchased a V10R at the end of 2010. The control ring feature was attractive. I know it wasn't the first light to have this but to me it was a great looking light and had most of the features I had been looking for. After using the control ring for a while now, I have to say its a great...
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    Aynone have experience with Klarus NT10 ?

    I really like the look and features of this light. Only thing is... 3.7v rcrss arent officially supported. Operating voltage is 3.2v. Anyone have one.? Do you like it ? Hows the beam (doughnuts)? Thanks in advance. Bud
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    Any new lights coming out from LiteFlux?

    Long time fan of the LF3xt... Anything new on the coming out from them. ? Bud
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    LF3XT Head Disassembly ?

    I tried to find a thread about this, no luck. Anyone know how to disassemble the head itself ? I got the module out of the light but can't seem to see how to remove the LED. I'm planning to install an XPG-R5. Bud
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    Growing Tired of Downer Attitudes ...

    I have been bitting my lip for a while now ... It seems that many times someone puts up a post and the instant implication is either "Hey there is already a thread here dummy" or "Stop bothering us with this old news" or "Do a search before asking us this question". The nature of a forum...
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    Ok what light did you get for Christmas/Holiday ?

    Two lights made their way to the tree this year... I bought my son a tricked out EX10 and he was thrilled !! I also picked him up a green laser. Very bright and throws 5 miles (So they say). My kids got me a jet black Novatac 120T which I love. Agressive knurling and cool tint. Within 10...
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    LF3XT & XP-G R5 ?

    Does anyone know if : 1. It is possible to replace the Q5 with an XPG R5? 2. Would it make the light brighter or lengthen runtime ? 3. Would the beam profile be changed significantly? Thanks bud
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    Cree R2 Emitters ?

    I wasn't sure if there was a more appropriate forum for this question .. Does anyone know where I can buy a couple R2's ? Is there a CPF Dealer ? Thanks, Budman
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    LF2XT & LF3XT

    Can someone give me an idea of how similar/different these 2 lights are.? I have an LF3XT and love it. I have been thinking about picking up a 2xt and was wondering if the lights are just to similar to bother. If someone has both, can you comment..? Thanks, Budman
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    Mod my Novatac - Question

    Hi fellas. I'd like to put a new emitter in my NT120. I'd like to increase the bightness but also keep a nice smooth beam. Can someone suggest a good emitter and source to get it ? I'd like a cooler tint than the SSC in there but not a purple tint. I have seen the thread on this subject but...

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