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    Makeing chip's Pic's

    lot of chip's thread milling polish bottom top side by side It's a clone, Mac tri head (on right Mac's SST 50 head)
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    Sold/Expired WTS now $250 MJP KIB rebel led 160 Lumen 1AA 1xcr123 2xcr123 1x17670

    MJP KIB rebel led works with 1AA ,1x cr123 ,2x cr123 and 1x 17670 $ 250 shipped USA USPS ******NOTE This is only for the One torch on left with the Three battery tubes*********** The set on left head and Three tubes Set on left head and Three tunes
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    SC 600 Clip Mod

    I posted in another thread (felt like I was hijacking) I came up with this simple mod and figure it's time to share. parts list SC600 Dark Sucks clip Oveready copper wavy washer I am very happy with the results. After I found the clip fit like a glove the torch was in lock out. the wavy...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD SWGG SPY 007 XM-L2 #638 Price drop xxx on hold

    For sale SWGG SPY 007 XM-L2 6000K #638 shelf queen First posted "I will take it" gets it. shipped USA only with box, lanyard, split ring and 2 beads pictured for $1,400. PayPal Thanks for looking CMAG Okay lets move this $1,300.00 This is the 3.3 amp 007 with free SWGG and shipping...
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    Trits in a carry on bag

    I carry torches in my carry on bag. looked up TSA/flashlights and they are considered a non cutting tool if under 7 inches okay. The last flight (domestic) I took I left my EDC AAA home because I was not sure if the trite vial would cause a issue but missed her Anyone know if there is a issue...
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    Sold/Expired WTB bored Surefire C3 body or complete

    WTB bored Surefire C3 body or complete light PM me or better email with pics and $ to cs2364(at)
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn FS MJP collection photos updated price updates

    MJP collection for sale as pictured. CPF rules first posted "I will take it" followed up with PM and PP within 72 hours Withdrawn shipped & insured con USA Updated will break down set same rules and as above and priced shipped insured con USA From left- Twisty with 3 battery tubes (1x123A...
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    How do you carry your Spy

    My two options at this time are, that small change pocket on the right front of my jeans or left front pocket. Small pocket good fit and handy but my folder is getting pissed off, left front pocket also handy but a bit bulky and have other uses for that pocket. I searched holster options, Art...
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    Looking for 4000mha IMR 26650

    Bought 2 from light hound a few months ago the 4000mah IMR 26650 (orange) there were also blue ones but there also gone battery space only has 3600mha vapor valley out of stock AW only 26500 Anyway any USA venders out there ?? Any venders out there ?? Thanks CMAG

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