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    Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV and H600c Mk IV default mode outputs?

    Does anybody happen to know what the factory programmed outputs are on L1/L2, M1/M2 and H1/H2? Thanks.
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    Unable to program V5 Triple via website I set everything up then press Save and Program, then a white box pops up and asks me to login with email and password, which I do, and it redirects me back to that setup page. Then I press Save and Program again and it does the same thing over and over and over...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire 2-way pocket clip (LX2 Lumamax style)

    *Edit* Found a bunch, thanks. It's the clip that comes on the LX2 Lumamax or EB2 Backup, etc. I'll take one, or many..whatever you've got.
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    Sold/Expired Kuku Ti EX10 - back up for sale!

    Kuku Ti EX10 - price drop (March 15) From this thread: Received this light from pugga then had a 219B installed by gunga. All parts are titanium and it has been a shelf queen since I first laid hands on it. It’s in the same...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo AquaRam XPG2 (brand new) - $500 final price drop

    Received recently (early Dec ’14) directly from Don. Never carried or used. Condition is as it was when I bought it…pretty much perfect, as always. The beam is nice and tight and the 4500K XPG2 is unreal!! It cost me $594.50 USD shipped to my house. I’d like to get $530 $520 Now $500 shipped...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku XM-L

    Bought brand new in 2013 from Don and never carried. I had it bead-blasted (with garnets) right after purchasing it. There are very light handling marks on the surface that are from picking up the light and putting it back down on the table while comparing against other lights. If you are...
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    Help with Surefire - brand new LX2 with fingerprints(?) on reflector

    Hey everybody, I received a NIB Surefire LX2 Lumamax that I purchased off ebay. When I opened the box and turned on the light, I noticed fingerprints (or smudge-type markings) around pretty much the entire perimeter of the reflector. The lights shows no signs of tampering and as far as I can...
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    XTAR VP1 - removing cells before charge is "finished"?

    I have been thinking about asking this for a while... The XTAR VP1 is finished charging when the battery indicator has stopped flashing and remains solid and the battery voltage reads 4.19. But, before it gets to that point the the voltage reads 4.2 for at least 30 mins, and the battery...
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    AW 18650 - 3400mAh vs 2900mAh in Alpha Blue-Label?

    I’ve asked Jason this but he uses (and sells) the 2900mAh cells, and therefore was’t completely sure on the results. So I’ll ask here… Does anybody use the 3400mAh AW cells in their Alpha’s, and if so, how much more runtime on high should one expect compared to the 2900mAh AW cells? Thanks.
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    HELP - What driver settings / mode memory etc does my Haiku have?

    *Edit* flucero28 has solved my question. I deleted the original question to prevent confusion as I worded it a bit funny and didn't want to confuse anybody. Basically I was wondering how I can modify my non-McGizmo lights drivers to act like my McGizmo's driver. I wasn't a fan of the 2-second...
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    MCE 4500K and 6500K - good choices ?

    I have to be quick on this one as Jason is shipping my lights tomorrow... I ordered two Alpha Blue-Label lights, one with the MCE 4500K (Jason's choice) and a second with the MCE 6500K. Is this a good choice, or should I have gone with the 6500K XM-L? I'm really not sure. I like neutral tints...
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    Is the pocket clip loctited on?

    I have a Tri-EDC on order and wanted to remove the clip as soon as I get it so I can beadblast the titanium finish. Does anybody know if the clip is loctited on or just hand tightened? If it's loctited on then I'll need to ask Mac to leave it un-loctited I can remove it. Thanks.
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    Modifying a Kroma Milspec?

    I saw a post here somewhere about someone changing the LED in their KM, but can't seem to locate it. What would be the best LED for this setup?
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

    For now at least.
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    Nichia 219 4500K vs MCE 4500K??

    I noticed today when ordering an Alpha Blue-Label that Jason has the Nichia 219 in 4500K as an option. I was unaware of this as I figured my only choices were the Cree XM-L and MC-E, respectably. Does anybody know the difference between the two?
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    Cree XML vs MCE beamshot pic request

    Does anybody have any good photos outdoors (not against a wall) comparing the XML and MCE in both neutral and cool for both LEDs?
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    SureFire UB3T Invictus - yellow beam

    Is the UB3Ts LED supposed to look yellow (almost incandescent!) on the lower settings vs the white light found on all other SureFire lights? Every SF or other brand LED light I own is either the same white tint, or very close to, except the UB3T. I'm not saying that I don't like the yellow, but...
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    The future of LEDs and batteries??

    Incredible. Hope it's not a repost:

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