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  1. bouncer

    Alternative bulb for 2c ROP?

    I have a 2c ROP. I currently have a 3854 low bulb but it's my last one and both 3854 and 3853 bulbs are no longer available. I know I can use a 5 cell krypton from Maglite but can I use the 8 watt 3804 from pelican?
  2. bouncer

    ROP 2C Help!!

    I have a 2C ROP. I had an accident and dropped it and broke the bulb. I replaced it and now I cannot focus it like I could before. I used to be able to get a nice beam on my wall with no donut hole. Now no matter how I focus I can't get that tight beam. What am I doing wrong?
  3. bouncer

    e1b + kl4 ?

    Has anyone tried the kl4 on a e1b? It should make a cool tw4. Does two stage work well ? Would love to see some pics if anyone has tried it.
  4. bouncer

    UV p60 drop in ??

    Does anyone know of a p60/D26 sized drop in with an Ultraviolet Led ? I wonder if anyone does a kit in that size a build your own drop in thing kinda neat idea No ?
  5. bouncer

    surefire lego experiment question

    I'm looking to build a larger light from surefire parts but do not want a turbohead so my question. Has anyone put a standard M3 bezel on an M4 body and what bulb/led and batteries are you using ? I was thinking of a tower module but I think AW's may be to tall to focus in M3 bezel and not sure...
  6. bouncer

    Brightstar Dipper jr II

    Anyone tried one of these yet? Looks more compact than any other HID I've seen yet. If you have one where did you get it ?
  7. bouncer

    cutetest or funniest thing kids and lights

    Hey everybody what is the cutest or funniest thing you've seen kids playing with lights? One of my ex girlfriends little girl used to catch me at the door grab a light from my and we'd go spider hunting under all the furniture the look on her mothers face when her daughter would look at me...
  8. bouncer

    surefire and rechargable batteries ?

    Hello everybody, I have a question and this is the place I know I will get the answer. I have a surefire L4 and e2l and I want to go rechargable in the simplest manner possible while also getting the best runtime not modding or boring out my light bodies unless necessary am I better with...