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    Sold/Expired SOLD - HDS Rotary Hi CRI and Prometheus Alpha Ready made

    Hi All. I have these two lights available for sale. Shipping is from Australia with tracking and Insurance and included in the asking price. Not looking for trades. Payment Via Paypal. I will ship within 24Hrs of receipt of payment. HDS Hi CRI Rotary 200 Lumens purchased from Just Conquer (...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Dark Sucks Prometheus Alpha Titanium Brand New

    I just received this light and while it is beautiful it's just a little big for me. The light is as new. Powered up once for under 2 minutes. Mint condition. No marks or scratches and comes in original packaging with all accessories included ( Pictured ). I will ship from Australia with...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - HDS Rotary 325

    Up for sale is my HDS Rotary 325. This has been a shelf queen and has not been used. I purchased this direct from HDS. It has a sapphire lens and normal reflector. Comes with original packaging and manual from HDS. Please inspect pics carefully as there are a few minute spots where it looks...
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD - Lenslight Titanium Striderised, Tain Ottavino Ti V3 AAA, Tain Aura

    Price Drops Reluctant sale of a few of my lights. All new and have not been carried or used. Payment via Paypal in US$. Shipping from Australia with Tracking included. 1. Lenslight KO Titanium Striderised - US$440 Now $430 Now $410 Now $390 SOLD Purchased last month from Blue Line Gear. Light...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - McGizmo Mule Hi CRI

    Hi All, I purchased this directly from Don about 3 Months ago. Light is in Excellent condition. Turned on Maybe a dozen times and has been sitting on my desk. No scratches or blemishes. Asking US$390 shipped from Australia with Tracking Price Drop $370 SOLD
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    Sold/Expired Lenslight KO Copper Dual Mode - SOLD

    Lenslight KO Copper Dual Mode The light is brand new. I purchased it on the 26th of June from Blue Line Gear and it has been sitting in a drawer. Perfect condition. It was lightly polished to remove patina once. Light works on 2 x CR123's or 2 x RCR123's or one 16650 Two Modes Output (Lumens)...
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    Sold/Expired WTB : Tain Flute

    Hi All, Am looking for a Tain Flute preferably with trits & mint condition if anyone is looking at selling theirs please let me know.
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    Sold/Expired Tain Corona Ti 18650 Neutral - SOLD

    Tain Corona Ti 18650 Neutral This is a brand new Unused Tain Corona Ti 18650 with Neutral Emitter. Comes in packaging provided by Tain with accessories. Full 18 Trits installed. Purple & Green and Purple and Ice blue on eswitch. Will ship via Australia post with tracking. List Date: 8/6/2015...
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    Which Single Cell in a Lenslight KO

    Hi all, I have tried to search but could not find an answer. Just received my copper Lenslight KO which runs on 2 x CR123's or 2 x RCR123's. I was planning on using a single 18650 but the tube is too thin. Inner diameter is approximately 17mm. Would appreciate if anybody using the same light...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Tain Zenith Ti

    Up for sale is my Tain Zenith Ti. 6 Trits in head, 6 Trits in tail and 2 Trits on the switch. Blue, yellow and Orange trits. Comes with adapter for AA battery and original spare O rings and box ( Please check photos) I purchased this from another member. The eswitch works perfectly ( It's not a...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Steve Ku Gavina 18650 Knurled

    Hi CPF, I purchased this off another member about 5 weeks ago. In need of funds and have to regretfully let go of this beauty. It has 6 ice blue, 6 green trits on the body & 3 green trits on the e-switch. It has the kuku knurl body. Uses one 18650 Cell. I am asking $650 shipped worldwide with...
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    Zenith Ti eswitch

    I purchased a Zenith Ti from a member in response to my for wanted ad in the classifieds and am finding it almost impossible to switch between modes. The default mode is the brightest, if I can get the light on the second lower brightness mode it automatically after 2 seconds switches to the...
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    Sold/Expired FOUND: Tain Zenith Ti

    Looking for a Tain Zenith Ti if anybody would like to part with theirs :) Want to run it on a single AA.
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    LiFePO4 18650 Safer?

    Hi, This is my first thread here and apologies if this has been answered previously. I have tried to read through several threads but getting more confused. My question is are LiFePO4 18650's safer? I intend to use them with the following lights : Prometheus Alpha Ready made (Single 18650)...