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  1. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Got an "old" light functioning again!

    This "old" thing had a 9AA adapter in it. Some of the plastic parts of that have cracked and it's rather a pain to charge 9AA anyhow. So this thing has been sitting around. I have a smattering of Li-Ion batteries. From a buddy I got hold of two IMR 18650. I cut a piece of plastic pipe that the...
  2. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    A help me get a new light thread.

    I have been granted up to $100 to buy myself a Christmas present. I am thinking to would do me well to "replace" my P2D. What I LOVE about the Fenix: Reverse clickie. Click low. Bump the switch ANY amount of time later and get medium. Bump and any time later get high. Current regulated with NO...
  3. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Update to an OLD light....

    My LumaPower InceDio was never and probably will never be my fave. I believe P2D has that title. But I changed the forward click in the Luma for a reverse switch. It had two goals and I think they were met. The switch is more positive now. I don't have to make sure my finger is centered. And...
  4. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    DOH! I just found the User CP button!

    I had been stumbling along clicking on my user name and finding all posts. Just hit "settings" an VOILA! my subscribed threads! Bet most everyone else already knew this....
  5. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Trustfire Blue 14500 behaivior.....

    I have approx. 4 blue 14500 with PCB and two gray 14500 also with PCB. The gray ones seem to be better in almost every way. Just charged two blue on DSD charger. Both show 4.04V now but neither have but like .1 flash amp. Maybe there is no problem at all.... comments?
  6. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Li-Po Cells Questions

    I was in Wally World with my buddy and came across a package of 4 !8500 Button Top Li-Po cells by Westinghouse. 10 Bucks or 2.50 a cell. But they have a nominal 3.2V I guess this means I need a special charger and if so that negates any reason to go back and get some. Also these were stated...
  7. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Misc Maglite Rambling. 3D

    Back when I was able to do so I bought a 3D Mag with 3 12000mAh NimH D some form of regulated driver and what I believe to be a Q5. It will pull right at 1A from the three D and about 750mA from 4 sub C Nicad. Since I can't quickly run it back to back I can't tell if 4 sub C results in any...
  8. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Sold/Expired Wanted: 18650 tube for D-Mini

    But need to trade or get it ultra cheap! I think the head and body size of D-Mini would make ever so much more sense as an 18650 light! I bought this D-Mini modded with a rather neutral LED and 3 or Many mode driver. 18650 tube would make it almost perfect! Help a guy out!!!
  9. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Can anyone identify this B&D Bench Grinder?

    Black & Decker inside a winged emblem. All I can get off it is a few things like some report done Sept. 5 193x 6" size and 4A FLA. 3000/3600 rpm. You can just tell it was made back when stuff was MADE! It is a heavy thing!I may use it to run Paper Wheels for knife sharpening. Unless someone...
  10. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Help Identify!

    I have several multi level P60 drop ins that are infected with slow PWM. I have one H/M/L with probably a Q5 but with pretty neutral tint and NO or VERY fast PWM that does not bother me. It's only the pill which fits tight when everything is screwed down using the stock reflector in an...
  11. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Thinking out loud.... MOD maybe???

    I have a lot of lights. Most of the LED lights are ok stock. Subject of this think is an ElektroLumens "Starlux". It is built on an Aluminum 3D light possibly Brinkmann or Dorcy. Anyhow Wayne put a slug of al in the end of the body making contact all around. Then there is another aluminum slug...
  12. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Question about a LED

    What LED has a bond wire halfway going across from each other? IE ----[]---- I just looked at the LED in my 3AA Magled (possibly from last Christmas) and don't know what it is.
  13. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    LiIon 10440 AAA in a few lights

    I know Fenix L1D or P2D with a LiIon cell lose low modes. I was goofing off and put a 10440 in my LOD Q4. All modes get brighter, but they are all there. I did not think this was possible. :huh: Also I have a Peak AAA Luxeon and tried 10440 in that. It got brighter too. I KNOW it would not be...
  14. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    LP D-Mini OP Reflector???

    I just got a D-Mini in a trade and it's a pretty nice light. But I already have a lazer like thrower and would like to try an OP reflector. Where might I get one cheap?
  15. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Air conditioner question(s)

    In years past, and now starting today the inside AC coils are freezing up. ALL the hot days prior to today no problem. At this point it takes maybe 30 minutes to get ice and 15 minutes of fan only to clear it. Why? What could have changed that fast? Once it was because the outside units...
  16. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Huh? Bombproof X5 isn't.

    Small boy was bothering with lights on my desk. I figured X5 was as safe a light as I had there. He couldn't push the button so I did. Only 4 of the 5 LEDs light up. 1 has gone dark. Who'da thunk it?
  17. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Inova X and T series questions.

    I am fairly sure that some T tailcaps will fit and work on some X lights. I detest push/twist and do away with it on any light I can. But when I called Inova today I was told "they have completely different circuits" I call BS! I was just fooling around and even though batteries go in - first...
  18. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Small engine trouble.

    I am a pressure washer repairman, but nowhere near a small engine Braniac. Our Sears 16hp rider won't hit a lick. The plug was ugly, but wire brushing it cleaned it. It tested good on a Honda motor in the garage. It also showed spark out of the engine in question. But it's getting gas. It's...
  19. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Online source for bulk 2032s?

    My Dad has a dog sound/shock collar for our part Pit. It has gone through a pair of 2032 in about 2 weeks. I have a green light to order. Tell me where!
  20. PlayboyJoeShmoe

    Has P2D been discontinued????

    If so I have to get another one SOON! Nothing wrong with mine but what if I lose it? Get two (or more) of anything you like that WORKS! For by the time you need another it will have been redesigned, discontinued or otherwise "F"d up!