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    Milky Way & lightsaber

    great photos
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    Portable flooder for the arctic?

    Hi guys/girls Looking to get a new (flooder) light primarily for pitch black situations in the wilderness. Up in the northern part of Norway it is dark for 18 hours in the winter sometimes, so I am looking for something reliable and durable. Have been reading a lot on this forum and narrowed...
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    Fenix TK75 2018 (4x XHP35 HI, 4x 18650, Rechargeable) Review

    Fenix have gotten worse in their design choice, older lights looked better : (
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    'SHOT SHOW Special' Review: FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMU-X3R (Proprietary 26650)

    Did 47's release anything brighter since or are rumoured to? Seems like a great all-round light, but the high power re-charge is kind of unpractical, would be great to see an improvement 2 years on