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    Sold/Expired SALE: JM-PhD-D1 PWM Hotwire Regulator BATCH 2

    I'll take 4 of these regulators, as per email. I'll figure out what configuration I'd like, and get back to you shortly. Thanks, -John
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    Sold/Expired SALE: JM-PhD-D1 PWM Hotwire Regulator BATCH 2

    PM sent with question. Thanks, -John
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    Sold/Expired High temp. socket kit and s/s bezel for mag (FINAL)

    Re: High temp. socket kit and s/s bezel for mag Paypal sent for 4 D socket kits, and 1 C socket kit. Please let me know when these have shipped. Thanks, -John
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    Sold/Expired FM1909 G4 11.5 Volt, 63 Watt

    :paypal: Payment sent for a 4 pack of bulbs. I also added a G4 bipin adapter to this order for $18. Traditionally, you have combined shipping on items like this (I'm also in California). The price for the 4 pack includes shipping, so I've left it at that. $68 FM1909 bulbs (including...
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    Help for Steamlight TL-3 bulbs

    I think you need to use Google to shop around a bit more. I recently picked up TL-3 and Strion bulbs for $6.05 each, including shipping. I ordered 5 bulbs, total. -John
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    Can you hotwire a Battle Lantern?

    Bouncer; It's possible, but not really feasible. The bayonet base socket is larger than a PR socket, so an adapter could be fabricated. It's not feasible because there is a large variety of bayonet socket bulbs, many of which match or exceed the performance of the ROP bulb. I ordered a bunch...
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    Can you hotwire a Battle Lantern?

    I just picked up a WW II version that uses a bayonet base bulb and two number 6 dry cells. These cells are unobtanium, along with the bulbs, so I'm looking at fitting in a higher voltage bulb and some li-ion cells. The lens is plastic, but the reflector is metal, so a moderate improvement is...
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    Rec: Throwy Incan

    The craft work is shown in pictures B and C of this thread: You don't need to buy the kit (if they're even still available, I didn't read the updates on thread). You can buy everything at Home Depot or similar. You can roll up...
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    Maglite ROP, Magcharger, or UltraStinger????

    I'm in agreement with Fivemega when conceiving a hotwire build from the ground up. But sometimes, you just have a pile o' parts, and you need to make something work. Since you already have a 4D mag and 6 subc cells, I think a ROP is in your future. SubC cells are 42mm long. Six of them them...
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    Rec: Throwy Incan

    Matt; Good, you've got the right bulbs. I really like the ROP pack because it comes with both bulbs, the high and low. Although the ROP-high is a crowd pleaser, my preference is for the ROP low. It's all around more useful. If you haven't already purchased a host, I would strongly urge you...
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    Rec: Throwy Incan

    Matt; Which Pelican bulb did you buy? The ROP is a specific 2 bulb pack made by Pelican. I'm thinking that you may not have the same bulb we're talking about. If it's not a high-powered bulb, it might work in maglite powered by alkalines. You won't get decent performance, but it may work...
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    Rec: Throwy Incan

    Before you buy the light, take a step back. The first thing to think about when building a hotwire mod is to determine what sort of bulb you want. This will determine the load and how much battery capacity you need. With that in mind, you'll need to determine what sort of battery chemistry...
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    Rec: Throwy Incan

    I think you're on the right track to buy a maglite and mod as money comes along. I'm not sure the 6D mag is the best solution, since they're large and unweildy, but if it works for you, go for it. A common first time mod is a ROP. Do a search, and you'll find a bunch of threads. If you go...
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    Bay Area Night Hike 7/29/2011 at Hayward Regional Shoreline in Alameda County..8~10PM

    I think I was at the wrong place. From BigC's update, it looks like the hike was at Coyote Hills Regional Park? I was at Hayward Regional Shoreline park. I'm glad you made it, Jake. You came from a lot farther away than I did. -John
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    Bay Area Night Hike 7/29/2011 at Hayward Regional Shoreline in Alameda County..8~10PM

    Duffman; You weren't the only only one. I just got home, myself. I went to the entrance off Bondoni, and only saw two cars there. I drove all the way around the park to Cabot, and that had a "no trespassing" sign. It was dark by then, and I didn't see any high powered flashlights lighting...
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    Bay Area Night Hike 7/29/2011 at Hayward Regional Shoreline in Alameda County..8~10PM

    Jose; Can you please bring your sphere? I need to test a couple of lights. We can leave them in the car while we hike. -John
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    Discharge curves for AW LiCO and IMR 18500s?

    I've done some searching, but can't find discharge graphs for AW LiCO and IMR 18500 batteries. There's plenty on 18650s, but not much on their little brothers. My reason for asking is that I have a Malkoff Wildcat V1 that I'm running on an MD3 body. I currently have IMR 18500s, but I need to...
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    Just bought my first A2

    Did you already order the HO-A2? The reason I ask is that Lighthound has them in stock for a reasonable price, and they ship internationally. That might be the quickest way to get a bulb for a reasonable price. I agree, 26 pounds ($42) is way too much for a bulb. -John
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    I'm preparing to build a ROP...

    I can't comment on the quality of your cells, but I think you have too long of a light for a ROP. Generally, ROPs take 6 nimh cells, and a 3 D light will take 9 AA cells in a 9AA>3D carrier. When using AA cells, most people use a 2D light. Your 3D light would make a great 1185 light. Those...
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    subC nimh self disharge rates

    The rayovac C cells were favorably reviewed by NLee the engineer on amazon. He included some technical info that might help you make a decision. Li-ions might provide too much juice, but an LiFePO4 18650 or 26650 would be a lot closer in voltage to the stock battery pack. If the 222 bulb burns...