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    Alpha problem / battery sensitive??

    Aren’t you complaining about the wrong light in the wrong forum? Isn’t the real problem the hds light/lights that dented your cells?
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    Stranger things light.

    This flashlight is much more authentic looking than I originally thought. Here are photos of a vintage Eveready Energizer flashlight that would have come out between 1980 & 1986.
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    lumintop fwaa flat top only?

    According to the ZeroAir Lumintop FWAA (Nichia) Flashlight Review, both flat top & button top cells work fine but “Flat or button, Lumintop does specify a max cell length: 50.5mm.” You’ll definitely want an unprotected 14500 cell. I’ve been using a Vapcell INR14500 L10 1050mAh 3A High...
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    Quark Turbo QB2A Head Dissemble/ solved

    See Quark Turbo XP-E R2 Mod Also 4Sevens Quark AA Turbo Head Disassembly
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    ISDT N8 Questions

    Not sure if this will help you but this review does have some information on Activation Mode & Analysis Mode - Review of ISDT N8 By the way, he’s a member here & his reviews are an awesome resource. Highly recommend checking his site before any cell or charger purchases.
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    Need glass lens for Maglite ML 25LT

    I’ve been very pleased with both the service & the products of - highly recommend them.
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    Zebralight SC64w Hi and H53fw

    From directly above the link to download the pdf, Three consecutive 5-click (or 6-click, 7-click) to reset the G5 (or G6, G7) back to the factory default settings
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    Sold/Expired Somebody Sell Me An Orange Preon P2

    Very nice & very happy for you!! Love to see a successful conclusion to these long running WTB threads, like when Archimedes finally got his JIL-Lite HID. More photos will be needed in the Foursevens photo thread.
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    help me ressurect my favorite light

    Try this trouble shooting tip from Hondo to see if the trouble is with the switch. If you need to replace the switch, you may be able to get one from Prometheus at They bought the Foursevens brand & are making Quarks, Mini’s, & Preons. Sadly, none with the tactical interface due...
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    90+ CRI 319A Beta?

    Thanks for sharing the update, I also have no idea what “a little more clear” means.
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    MDC 1xCR123 vs 2xAA Lithium

    Yes but each l91 has a capacity of 3000mAh while cr123 generally only have 1500-1600mAh so about twice the runtime for the two l91’s.
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    90+ CRI 319A Beta?

    I’m wondering if this is a change or a cut & paste error on the new page setup.
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    The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    Quoting dotCPF, “Always have great conversations with Gene… We got to talking about the MD2 Camo anodizing, and the other colors. Apparently the camo was a creation of one particular worker, who was just no longer there at one point.”
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    Possible 21700 P60 body & tailcap?

    Sorry I need to work on my reading skills
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    Newer McGizmo Haiku w/HIVE XP-L HI

    Looks to have sold back in March according to first post.
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    Quick look at Klarus EP10 & St10

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new lights & get well soon!
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    47 Mini MKII Help

    Are you going by the mkii configurations list instead of the mkiii? Just in case you need it, Config. 1: High Config. 2: High - Low Config. 3: High - Strobe Config. 4: Low - Med - High - Strobe Config. 5: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon (hi) - Beacon (lo) Config. 6: Moonlight - Low -...
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    Show your AAA lights

    I believe that is a Tain Aurora.
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    What lights do you consider the most epic or influential on your hobby

    That 5D flashlight from Radio Shack (the gray and red plasitc one) was the first one that really hooked me. I couldn’t believe how bright it was.
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    Modern Maglite collections

    Bykfixer’s prototype #10 has a side emitting Luxeon. It was one of the three original types. First came the batwing (low dome), then the lambertian (high dome) and the side emitter. They were never as popular as the other ones at least as far as flashlights.