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    anybody tried this for a light lanyard?

    Found the lighter leash in my collection and thought this might work. I love this thing. Plenty of reach for most tasks and i know my expensive toy is not going any where.. So anybody else tried this? Whatcha think? Thanks!! chris
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    anybody else have this gander mtn light?

    found it today and had to buy it. was like 32$ spot to flood, square beam on spot. pretty cool light. Search didn't tun up much. so anybody else have one? any opinions of this light?? Later!! chris
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    has anybody compared the strion led to...

    Some of the other high power led lights that i see spoke of on here? Like the tk?? lights? Or the surefire E2DL? Or a 6PL? Or other e-series, p series, or others i cant think of? I was just wondering how it fell in the rankings to other high held lights here? I was wondering how the E2DL stacked...
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    strion led

    So who has one? I seen one yesterday at bass pro and had to have it. I carried the original strion until i wore it out, so when i seen a led version i had to have it. The throw is great, the flood is okay could be better, and the run time is yet to be determined. So has anybody tested the run...
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    looking at the novatac lights

    These seem like the hot item right now. I looked them over and the multi modes seem really cool. So what do you all think of these? All i have to compare it to would be a sf e1b. how would the novatac beam compare to the e1b? Would the throw be as good or better? How about the spill? Would the...
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    looking for real world run times sf e1l/e2l

    I have searched and searched and cant grasp what i want. Actual regulated run time for the first gen cree e1l and e2l. And regulated run time for high on the second gen two stage e1l and e2l. That is how much time on high at a 100%. I am leaning towards a first gen e1l because i think it is 6...
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    couple of questions on the e2dl and l1

    First is a e2dl noticeably brighter than an e1b? Like in throw and spill? Looks like run time is about the same. And i assume the head and switch are interchangeable like the other e-series? And on the l1. Every time i search this light pops up. It most be the most popular led model. Why is...
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    looking for a floody light

    I would like to stay with surefire or streamlight. I know nothing about streamlight leds. In surefire i have a luxeon e2l and a e1b. Both have the tir optic, which means a big hot spot and not much flood. So that means just about all the e series have a spot type beam. I think the l4 might have...
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    charger question ultralast 3 volt

    Picked up an ultralast charger with two 3 volt cr123r bats. It had no paper work with it, but it was pretty much self explanitory. Except for one thing. Do you have to charge both at one time? Or can you charge just one? I am leaning towards must charge both. So does anybody know? LAter chris
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    sf e1b and e2l on rechargeables

    Bought two ultralast cr123r and charger today. Open package got it for 22 dollars. They seem to work good. They are 3.4 off the charger for a little while, and cant remember what they were before charging them. They work fine in my luxeon e2l, and the high works fine on the e1b, but the low...
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    i have a few questions on the e1l

    The newest version. I have searched till my eyes crossed, what is the real world run time on high? And how does high compare to the last style e2l? I am thinking the e1b was the wrong choice for me. I want some thing that lasts a long time on a single cell. The e1l should run four or better...
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    who is second best on cr123a bats

    I have always used surefire. I want to try some of the cheaper options. Why do you all reccomend? I know it has been covered here but can't find it. So point me in the direction.. later!! chris
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    Got me a sf e1b today

    What is everybody else paying for these? I was looking at the e1l for longer run times and i liked the low first, and i didn't need super bright but it looked like it was running 99$. So i stopped in a local gun shop and they had an e1b for 89$! So needless to say it would of been foolish to...
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    finally bought me a magcharger!

    i bought one to mount in my truck. This thing is heavy, but cool. I don;t like the long recharge time, but most of my use is short bursts, so i think it will work out. use it a while then throw it back on the charger in the truck waiten on the next use.. I had let it charge a while, but just had...
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    anybody have the stinger led

    How do ya like it? How do adjust the brightnes level? Is it built into the on/off switch like the twin task series? Hows the beam compare? To say a jr luxeon or a surefire e2l? I am interested in this one, but cant find much on it.. So anybody have it?? later!! chris
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    is there a rechargeable that is the size of...

    a sure fire e sereis, with preferably the light out put of the l4? I want it to be led, i want it small like the e2 series and pocket clip is almost a must. I want it to be rechargeable to cut down on the batteries.. Or is there anything at all rechargeable and e2 size with a pocket clip? I...
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    batterystation cr123 batteries

    All this talk of lithium batteries self distructing makes me want to be really carefull. I have been using surefire so far. I have done alot of reading but still am confused. Looks like the batterystation have about as good of runtime as the surefires, but what i cant figure out is, are the...
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    magcharger vs ultrastinger

    If i got the bug to buy a very bright, long reach rechargeable light, and it was between the the magcharger and ultrastinger, Why would i choose one over the other? The mags seem to haver more aftermarket, and more heft, but it only has a slow charger.. Anybody ever had a problem with the slow...
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    is the surefire l4 the brightest?

    I have decided i want one more luxeon light. But i want a high power one. So is there anything comparable to the l4? In size and lumens? I have looked around but there is no real way to campare them, they are all rated differnetly.. And something i was wondering, how does the l4 beam compare to...
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    looking for a new rechargeable light

    Okay, i have a stream light strion i have had for over a year, i think the battery is going, and the switch is a little funny and it is beat up. I have tried a surefire g2 but it goes through batteries pretty quick. Then i have the e2l which has its place, and decent run time but nothin beats...