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  1. vestureofblood

    Test if Imalent active cooling RS50 and MS08

    This actually proved to be pretty effective. It moves enough air to make a substantial impact on the body temp, and having the shroud on actually makes it _easier _ to find the switch.
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    Laser / LED Hybrid Light

    This is one of the most interesting designs I've seen in a while. Its simple to operate and I'm impressed with the charging system.
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    Sold/Expired Acebeam, Imalents, Lumintops, Nitecore, Astrolux, Nlight

    There are also more lights listed in post #2 This sale is USA only. First class mail shipping is Free. Pay FIRST, then post "I will take" and what lights you paid for. Whoever PAYS first will take priority. PP is [email protected] Please leave a message in paypal so I know who you are...
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    Lumencraft Email and Website Issues.

    Hi all, As of 11/16/21 the email issue has been resolved. The lumencraft sit is working as is the customer service email. Thank you for your patience. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to everyone who reported the issues with the website this...
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    Six (LEP) Laser Flashlights Compared.

  6. vestureofblood

    The Google Flashlight

    I finally managed to get to a place were I can make some videos again. Really been wanting to make one about this light. One of my most favorite things about it is that is has so much metal, not just in head, but body mass as well. That coupled with the handle make it very sustainable on...
  7. vestureofblood

    Lumencraft is Mine

  8. vestureofblood

    NlightD T90 (SBT90.2) Beam shots

    Hi all, Not much time for reviews these days, but I thought I could at least offer up some beam shots. Happy New Year everyone :)
  9. vestureofblood

    GT Nano Beam Shots

    Hi all, Even though I’ve not had much time for reviews I thought I could offer up some beam shots. This keychain light really is amazing. The output just seems like a regular flashlight.
  10. vestureofblood

    Installation and Troubleshooting LED Conversion kits for Maglite.

  11. vestureofblood

    BLFGT94 vs BLFGT4, loads of beam shots GT94 NOW AVAILABLE!

    Hi all, Here is a quick comparison of the beam plus all my test results for CD/Lumen output. Please let us know how you think this version compares to the GT4.
  12. vestureofblood

    Fully Sustainable 25,000 Lumen Thrower, The BLFGT4!!

    Hi all, . . This is Lumnitops attempt at a fully sustainable super thrower (its amazing)! Please let us hear your thoughts……
  13. vestureofblood

    My favorite Everyday Carry of 2020

    Hi all, This LM10 is the most regal production light I own. It's a titanium alloy body with the heart and soul of an FW3A. What is your current favorite EDC?
  14. vestureofblood

    Flashlights from Companies that Stole my Video Content

    Hi all, Recently many of you have been reporting to me that these videos are popping up all over the web. I really appreciate you letting me know :D. I have nothing to do with this company or their lights. If you want to see lights I actually do recommend here is a list. It's a work in...
  15. vestureofblood

    (IN STOCK)I have hand sanitizer if you guys need some.

    Hi all, I've got 500ml bottles of 75% alcohol sanitizer Stay safe everyone :D.
  16. vestureofblood

    The Best Batteries to Stock Up On.

    Hi all, These are what I commonly use in flashlights and all other devices. I also review a portable battery station (this item sent to me for review), and a really bright portable lighting solution. If you know of a great cell please post in the comments so we can all benefit from your...
  17. vestureofblood

    600 lumen 18650 powered Camping Lantern

    Hi all, 600 lumen sustainable variable power and color temperature 18650 powered on board charging port The Sofirn BLF LT1 is an amazing lantern. The first LED one I've ever seen worth owning. Please let us hear your thoughts on this.
  18. vestureofblood

    3600 Lumen EDC. The FW4A Beam shots and mini review!

    Hi all, This is the quad version of the FW3A. More power, better efficiency and still totally pocketable! Please let us hear your thoughts...
  19. vestureofblood

    Tri-Tip Beef Jerky. Absolutely incredible!

    Hi all, I’ve been working on this recipe for about a year or so, and I have to say it is AMAZING! … The taste first and foremost from the beef and fat plus the richness added from the hickory mesquite combo is out of this world! Recipe: 3lb Tritip roast with fat cap sliced 2c Kikoman...