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  1. Kiessling

    Sold/Expired SUMMER SALE - CLOSED

    CLOSED. Thanx all ! Discount of the day ... for every item purchased beyond the first, get 5% off the total. This means you get 5% off for two items, 10% off for three and so on ... LAST PRICE DROPS !!! SALE will close in 3 hours. Summer is ending, so is my money. I am selling some nice...
  2. Kiessling

    The total awesomeness of the MAKAI

    Hi boys and girls ! Just wanted to share some impressions of the upcoming MAKAI light and its total awesomeness :D :cool: This thing is one of the most beautiful lights Don has ever crafted IMHO. It has that magic form factor that you just have to love and adore. It oozes quality and...
  3. Kiessling

    LED Shootout in the snow

    Hi ! I have done a little shootout in my snowy backyard including 1xCR123 and 2xCR123 lights as well as two oddballs, the Icon Rogue2 and the McGizmo RedEye. The setting is the following: The lights are mounted on a mic stand exactly in the same position and aimed at the white van in the...
  4. Kiessling

    ICON Rogue 2 - first impressions

    Hi guys ! :wave: I have my brand new ICON Rogue 2 for a little more than a day now. Normally, this would be too early to write something about a light, but as CPF lacks some info about those lights, here are my first impressions. Lots of ... so guys on dial-up, sorry. I got the titanium...
  5. Kiessling

    HDR imaging and BEAMSHOTS ?

    Hi all. After looking again at the beauty and the interesting feartures of HDR imaging in this thread started by KingSmono: ... I asked myself if maybe HDR could be used to finally make some realistic looking beamshots. I didn't...
  6. Kiessling

    The neglected LOW LEVEL

    :caution: Warning! Long winded post ahead. Bring beer and chips. :caution: Now that LED lights rule the planet, several things changed. We have brighter and brighter lights with more and more efficient emitters. We have a huge diversity of beam shapes and a multitude of different lights of all...
  7. Kiessling

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Modded Arc LS left

    Only modded and polished Arc LS1 left ... at a ridiculous price for the last hours of this sale :D Last reductions. Sale will end in about 3 hours, meaning tonight my time. Thanx all for participating !! :twothumbs Massive and radical price drops ... lights are priced to sell fast now. Fist...
  8. Kiessling

    SunDrop-3S preview

    Hi boys and girls ! :D Here's my little preview of Don't upcoming SunDrop evolution: the SunDrop-3S. For starters, here's a picture comparing a classic SD and a SD-3S: As you can see, you can't see any difference. :p The magic is in the new driver Don uses for the 3S head. The body is the...
  9. Kiessling

    McGizmo Lego

    Looking good ! bernie
  10. Kiessling

    Tritium vials behind Sun Drop lens

    Now that's some cool and techy looking light now !!! :thumbsup:
  11. Kiessling

    IS test results ?

    For the benefit of CPF and for true flux measurements instead of "claims" I'd be very interested in the results of the excessive tests done by Peter with all those production 1x123 lights. Is there a chance of publishing those results? Peter ... please? :) bernie
  12. Kiessling

    LS20 Easteregg !!

    Hi guys ! I found a nice little easteregg with the LS20. It has a hidden SOS mode ... NOT :crackup: But ... look: The LS20 head scres on the McLuxIII-T body :D !!!! Yeah right, but so what? A lot of McLuxIII heads screw on that body. But look: Low mode: And HIGH MODE !!! :party...
  13. Kiessling

    LunaSol20 ... quick and dirty preview

    Hi guys and maybe girls ! :D Here's a little quick and dirty preview of the now selling LunaSol20 ... or ... to be exact, of the McLuxIII-Ti-LS20. It is this light: Where the PD-Pack is already an old friend, it is the head that is of interest to us, the LS20 head. Technically, it is the...
  14. Kiessling


    A few days ago ... the I got a badly torn and mauled shipment ... among other damage, the sender's name and address had been torn off ... and it contained: 2 pink mule discs !! Now ... whoever sent me this ... thanx very much :bow: The new girly factor on my McGizmos is really appreciated :D...
  15. Kiessling

    LunaSol FAQ

    The LunaSol is a concept that is based on the McLuxIII-Series of lights, but yet it is different enough to warrant a seperate FAQ. The Concept of the LunaSol The LunaSol, correctly named McLuxIII-LunaSol27-PD or McLuxIII-LunaSol20-PD for the PD version, is, strictly speaking, just a new...
  16. Kiessling

    Upgraded classic SPY

    Hi ! Just got my upgraded classic SPY005 back from the Shoppe ... and WOW ! Absoluitely worth it. Smooth level scrolling, bright ... and perfect beam. And, also very important, switch no longer disengaging without batteries. The upgrade rocks! :rock: bernie P.S.: about all those Easter Eggs...
  17. Kiessling

    LunaSol27 ... 2 levels and 2 beams ... preview

    The LunaSol27 Prototype just arrived ... and of course I can't wait to brag about it and show off :D It is this light ... ... which is a PD-Pack sporting the LunaSol27 head, making it a ... McLuxIII-LunaSol27-PD Or in short ... LunaSol27. It is compatible with the McLuxIII format as usual...
  18. Kiessling

    Data Backup Question

    Hi guys and girls ! In the last months my effort investment in the backup of my data (computer data that is) has increased considerably. It is an obsession right now. I will not go into details about how I organize all this between my two computers as this is irrelevant for my question. Right...
  19. Kiessling

    Luminox Ultimate Field 827

    Hi. Not only do I have a new bag, but also a new watch . It is this one: The Luminox Ultimate Field 827. Read more about it here: At first I was afraid that it would be too big and clunky, but being a big boy my arms didn't look skinny...
  20. Kiessling

    John Willis Bag - review

    Hi. This time it is not about lights, but about where to keep the lights when not at home. Some months ago I ordered a custom version of John Willis' bag and have now received it. It is this one: The bag is medium sized and can be easily carried even by smaller women: Like his holster...