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  1. Szemhazai

    Near miss - bike light in a back pack.

    Ituo WIZ 20 turn itself accidentally in my backpack. I have to use a cloth to take it out. A photo was taken a few moments after that :
  2. Szemhazai

    [TV / Fun] Luxeon spied on us ?

    I was watching Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and i've spotted something interesting - some cool high-tech spying devices** :naughty: What do you think :thinking:, have Luxeon spied on us with NSA or some other gov / non gov agency :eek: ?
  3. Szemhazai

    3535 Led identification needed

    Once again I need a help to identify the led :confused: The emitter itself looks like it was made in Philips TFFC technology, but I had never seen those on black SiC substrate :thinking:.
  4. Szemhazai

    [help] LED identification

    It's the first time for me - I don't know what LED it is... :sigh: Any ideas ? :candle:
  5. Szemhazai

    When PT Apex meets Fenix...

    Most of you already knows that PT Apex and PT Apex Pro is compatible with the 2s li-ion packs (8,4V). Some time ago they even started selling a new version of the Apex with the Li-Ion battery pack. So what will be the ultimate battery pack for the PT Apex ? 2x18650 of course :santa: When I saw...
  6. Szemhazai

    Petzl NAO - high-tech headlamp review.

    NAO is the latest headlamp from Petzl - which brings together all the technological innovations of the past few years. Cree XP-G LED’s as a light source, 18650 Li-Ion cell as a power source, programming modes and charging via USB. Anything else? New Zephyr carrying system and "Reactive" - the...
  7. Szemhazai

    Magicshine MJ-880 vs MJ-872 beamshots heavy ;).

    At the end of 2011 Magicshine launched an attack on so called premium lights category - not only in terms of the amount of light, but also in terms of price ;). Now we can check how they were able to fulfill their promises of 2000 lumens in a small original housing design. Modes based on...
  8. Szemhazai

    Black Diamond ICON 2012 - short review

    Black Diamond ICON 2012 - another long-awaited premiere, BD Icon series is the biggest competitor of MYO XP / RXP in the world and usually immediately after the release of the new Petzl there is a premiere of the new Black Diamond. BD has powerful technical background in Azoteq (Princeton Tec...
  9. Szemhazai

    Petzl Pixa 2 - review - heavy weight headlamp.

    At the beginning of the previous year, the first information appeared in the internet: Petzl works on an evolutionary version of Tikki XP Atex. It was to be supplied from 2 AA cells (almost 2x more energy than in 3 AAA cells), regulated, waterproof, a dream of each owner of Tikka XP. Pixa...
  10. Szemhazai

    Magicshine MJ-870 & MJ-872 review :).

    It is a short version of my review - for some people it will be just enough (who the heal reads playboy ?? :D) for others here is the full version : => Magicshine MJ-870 and Mj872 - magic 1000+ lumens from 3 and 4 Cree XP-G leds. :thumbsup: Some marketing data. Close up : A bit closer ;)...
  11. Szemhazai

    Princeton Tec EOS - 7 years on the market.

    PT EOS - 2004-2011 and, probably, several years more will remain with us. Not known too much in the European market; in the US market, adored for years for its simplicity, reliability, water tightness and current stabilisation. For the biggest competitor in the market, the Petzl company, this...
  12. Szemhazai

    Led Lenser H7 R - big words, small…. ;).

    LedLenser – my unfavorite company selling lamps without stabilization, at highly inflated prices. If Chinese people learned of tricking specifications, it must have been exactly from them :devil:. H7 is already a rather not new design, but there was no occasion to acquaint more close :naughty...
  13. Szemhazai

    Black Diamond Sprinter - review => for urban runners only.

    This is, probably, the last Black Diamond head lamp under my testing this year :grin2:. The Black Diamond Sprinter unit is a head lamp created especially for runners, of individually designed optics, waterproof, provided with an integrated li-ion power supply package, and a red light on the...
  14. Szemhazai

    Black Diamond Storm - review => Waterproof 100 lumens

    Black Diamond Storm - at the first look it is not especially different from the Black Diamond Spot - powered from 4 AAA cells and 100 lumens except of 75 and 3 AAA. However, after a closer acquaintance, it turns out that it is not a headlamp competing with Tikka 2 XP but with Princeton Tec EOS...
  15. Szemhazai

    Magicshine MJ-808 Updated, MJ-808E Cree XM-L, EastWard YJ-E02 - joint review.

    It is hard to say that, Chinese are not creative, at every moment they are introducing changes to their products - often without informing the customer about that. You are ordering once, ordering twice and at the third time you can get something totally different :). Today I’m going to compare 3...
  16. Szemhazai

    Spark ST-6 460NW Cree XM-L - review (in progress).

    Spark ST-6 460NW Cree XM-L - review. It is always a problem to find a headlamp for Adventure Racing; it must provide enough light that you may cycle freely and push forward in the night at unknown bushes, it must be waterproof enough that you may bathe in a lake or drown it in a kayak. Spark...
  17. Szemhazai

    Dinotte 600L XP-G retrofit :].

    You probably all know this light, solid reliable but a bit old these days :mecry: They declared 520-600 lumens output, but looking at numbers it never have that many - it consumes 8,1W of power that means that at 90% driver efficiency led will get 2,45W. SSC P4 @ 2,45W - 150 lumens * 3 = 450...
  18. Szemhazai

    SuperFlash or not SuperFlash ??

    Recently, when I was In local wholesale store my eye caught familiar light - an older sister of popular SuperFlash Smart RL-317R => RL -318R. It’s horizontal, have noticeable switch and the quality of a plastic brackets is better (I’ve lost two of 317’s somewhere and it seems that it happened...
  19. Szemhazai

    Tikka XP - still dangerous ;) (xp-g mod)

    I guess that everyone knows it - one of the ugliest headlamp on the market, black-brown body, a little plastic and headband :p. But at the same time, robust, well sealed, reliable, built-in diffuser or removable color filters. For years serves to many people at home and on the trail. Last year...
  20. Szemhazai

    Pimp or not to pimp (Myo RXP XP-G mod).

    What do you need ? :huh: Petzl Myo RXP of course, or any older Myo XP series headlamp ;). Cree XP-G emitter on small mcpcb - you can think of it as a emitter, You will use it the same way here. It's not ideal, but it's good enough :thumbsup: Some thermal adhesive i.e. Arctic Alumina or...