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  1. John_Galt

    2022 Civic headlamps

    Similar logic to fords "quad beam" headlamps in some of their trucks, right?
  2. John_Galt

    Street and parking lot lighting

    Off the cuff, that sounds like a more optimal driving experience would be mixing lower cct light directly forward, with higher cct light to the edges of the roadway. Selective yellow headlamps with cold(er) white cct lamps providing road-edge illumination duty. The opposite of a low beam fog...
  3. John_Galt

    Holley RetroBright headlamps? Good, bad or ugly?

    Disappointing, but not surprising results. @-Virgil- not sure you ever take a look over on the tacomaworld lighting subforum, but there was some discussion between diode dynamics, crashnburn80 (various lighting test thread author), and the proprietor and chief lighting designer for morimoto...
  4. John_Galt

    Modern headlights are blinding!

    the abdication of control to the bureaucracies that are effectively not answering to the people supposedly in control of the pursestrings, is the reason NHTSA thumbed their nose at congress's direction. The "leds should be illegal" argument has no merit, other than perhaps exploring a gradient...
  5. John_Galt

    Pennsylvania Vehicle Lighting Codes

    That thread is locked to further responses, so I suppose I could summarize the links here and you would be able to post them there.
  6. John_Galt

    Pennsylvania Vehicle Lighting Codes

    Anyone opposed to me slowly (as interest/time permits) doing this as a series of the different states "current" regs? Not 49 more threads, just dedicate an additional thread post and some ensuing discussion/clarifications/questions in here?
  7. John_Galt

    Glass versus plastic headlight lenses

    A lens in front of the lamp could/would cause additional glare, or alter the beam pattern. This is one of the reasons that diy-ing a projector retrofit is so thoroughly frowmed upon. A return to a sealed beam type system would have the potential to be good, but would also present an...
  8. John_Galt

    130w bulbs for aux lights

    The Tacomaworld J581 driving light thread is excellent as the thread author has tested a series of different lamps, all under the same conditions, with the same power source, light meter, distance from his garage door, etc. Illustrates the differences between several companies driving light...
  9. John_Galt

    130w bulbs for aux lights

    For the price of one of those XL racer pods, you could get two pair of diode dynamica SS3 MAX pods, one set with spot optics, one set with the driving beam pattern, and have significantly more light down the road, and not just in a 1.5* cone/spot... the useability of something like that would...
  10. John_Galt

    Would this make a good rear fog light?

    Clean install, and glad to see that there was an easy solution to the issue. Spread the word far and wide about the solution!
  11. John_Galt

    Toyota switch from LED vs. incandescent

    Regardless of LED v Incan taillights... can we fix the issue of people driving with their left foot on the brake? It's really cool to see someone accelerating from a stop, or dipping in and out of traffic, with their brake lights lit up full blast. You'd think frequent brake pad replacements...
  12. John_Galt

    130w bulbs for aux lights

    Perhaps theres a lamp or two you could recommend Virgil? H3 based or not?
  13. John_Galt

    130w bulbs for aux lights

    On the list of lamps that would be worth buying... harbor freight ones are going to be pretty much not on the list homie. I can send you a link for a thread on tacomaworld where there's some tests and real-world pics of (mainly) LED and some halogen driving lamps, if you wanted to see some...
  14. John_Galt

    130w bulbs for aux lights

    Taking a gander at available photos of the 130w and 100w h3 bulb filaments out there. "Ooofff," is all I want to say about the 130's. Like a coil of 20ga wire. Filament intensity like an old carbon thread. Also curious about the lamps you're using.
  15. John_Galt

    Best 9003 bulbs?

    The lowbeam of the Osram rallye 100/90 H4 tests better than the philips version you shared test data with. But similarly to your test data, the % improvement is not much higher than the best performing +Focus rated performance bulbs. Which really is a testament to the performance that is eked...
  16. John_Galt

    130w bulbs for aux lights

    "130w halogens" Just a bit overkill. And likely too big/low intensity a filament to be worthwhile. There are some LED options you could consider. One of the few "small exceptions" to the 5500+k LED lamps you may want to look at is Diode Dynamics. The SS1/3/5 Spot and Pro Pods with the...
  17. John_Galt

    Best 9003 bulbs?

    I have stuck to philips xtremevision +100's and +130's in the past. The +100 had no coating over the highbeam filament, the +130's had a noticeably cooler tint when highbeams were activated. The last few sets of 9003/h4 bulbs I have used were a set of osram selective yellow H4's from Stern...
  18. John_Galt

    Adaptive headlights approved for the US!

    [Off-topic trolling/baiting removed by moderator] Any particular examples, -Virgil-?
  19. John_Galt

    Need advice for Foglight bulbs (H3) and Aux Driving lights (2005 Subaru Legacy)

    I agree about the color temps of LED lamps, which is why I have typically been suggesting diode dynamics SS3 pods. The Sport and Pro models, when purchased as yellow lensed pods use a neutral white 4000k color temp LEDs, and swapping to a clear lens gets you a not-terribly-higher than halogen...
  20. John_Galt

    Need advice for Foglight bulbs (H3) and Aux Driving lights (2005 Subaru Legacy)

    For the fogs, you're probably better off with a clear envelope bulb, and using either kapton tape/sheet or duplicolor metalcast anodize yellow to tint the lens. I'll leave the bulb recommendations to someone else with more direct experience with whats available. As far as auxiliary driving...