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    Looking at getting my first custom light

    I was in the same situation as the OP ... this is what I did and it's a very good option. Received the light from Don very quickly and no regrets. My Haiku gets used every day, usually several times. And did I mention no regrets? With that said, I could easily see myself getting a HDS...
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    Flooder with no hotspot

    The Peaks are fairly petite (Logan 17500 with mule measures just 3 and 5/8ths" long and 3/4" diameter); from the sounds of it, not what you are looking for. One point of correction, however; Oveready Logan heads come in several emitter flavors, including both optic (throw) and mule (pure...
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    Flooder with no hotspot

    If the Eiger is too small, check out the Peak Logan 17500 with mule head -- Eiger on 'roids. And with the battery adapters it can happily munch on lots of different battery sizes and chemistries. In XPG2 flavors it comes close to or exceeds your 300 OTF too.
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    Two doctors going to Kenya - which lights would serve them best?

    Dave, the Peak lights use QTC (quantum tunneling composite, iirc) instead of a modes. In principle, it makes them "infinitely" variable: the harder it is compressed the more current QTC passes, which makes the light get brighter. In practice, it's can be a bit finicky sometimes, though my...
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    Two doctors going to Kenya - which lights would serve them best?

    My wife is an ER nurse. She swears by HI CRI for accurate assessment of skin, sores, mucus, tissues, orifices, etc. For medical uses, I think she's exactly right -- color is a critical component of visual assessment and should perhaps trump lots of other factors. (My wife uses a Peak Eiger...
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    What's HOT in the 1xAAA Platform?

    dunno if they were around "back then", but Peak Eigers are wonderful AAA lights imho. Although I have much more expensive lights, my Eiger (SS with Nichia 219 -- from Oveready) is my most used light by far because it's virtually always with me. They don't make anything "obsolete", but they run...
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    18650 light for walking the dog/ wife friendly

    I'm actually trying to find an excuse so that I can justify getting a second one while they're on sale.
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    18650 light for walking the dog/ wife friendly

    None of the above. I'd get a Malkoff MD2 with hi-lo ring. Currently on sale for $89 straight from Malkoff. UI is perfect: tail switch on, twist head to change brightness.
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    Torch recommend needed please!

    If your friend can be flexible, just a little, on the length, Malkoff Device's MD2 with hi-lo ring fits the bill on everything else. Mine measures 12.8 cm -- just a little over. It's a rugged, extremely well-built light. Added benefit is that if he ever wanted to, he can change the emitter...
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    Need flashlight recommendation for wilderness biological surveys

    Malkoff's MD2 is a great recommendation I think. Beyond being tough, it's also lego-able, which means you can switch the drop-in (light engine) and/or the battery capacity down the road if you like. Since you're doing wildlife surveying, you may want to consider a high CRI LED. Emitters are...
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    High CRI EDC

    It may be a little more than your budget, but a Peak Eiger, with Nichia 219, and momentary switch from Oveready ticks a lot of your boxes. My wife is an ER nurse and she uses hers frequently on the job; she loves it. It doesn't have an OEM clip option, though there are some solutions...
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    Please recommend me led flashlighs with neutral white beam for photography

    Indeed, but the OP lives in a country that does not have (allow) PP, so that isn't an option on his / her end, hence my post reassuring that a "vanilla" CC is fine.
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    Please recommend me led flashlighs with neutral white beam for photography

    Once they are done being upgraded with the next gen QTC, a Peak Logan 17500 with Nichia 219 head (purchased from Oveready) might fit the bill, except for the 800 lumen output requirement. I don't know how focused the spot beam is on these as I have a mule (flood) head on mine. You'd need to...
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    A medical light for a physician

    My wife is an ER nurse in NYC. She uses her Peak Eiger (Nichia 219), with momentary switch, regularly -- pupillary reflex, orifice examinations, etc. She loves it, especially the ability to regulate amount of light simply by thumb pressure on the switch. EDIT: It is over the $50 budget...