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    sunwayman t60CS not working on internal carrier with batteries

    Hi All, Having a 6 year "old" sunwayman t60cs. Coming back from travel abroad, it doesn't operate at all on the provided carrier filled with 3 x 18650 cells. Connecting it directly to a car battery, the light switches on and works. I mesure 12.58Volts on the inner contact of the charging port...
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    You may be disappointed, but this isn't the place to express your disappointment, take it up with the dealer convcerned. - Norm
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    Upgrading my olight SR-90 with the latest SST-90 Q bin LED

    Hello people has anybody already replaced the excisting SST-90 LED of his SR-90 flashlight of Olight by a Q-bin version? I red that the new version does max. 3900 lumen @9A, much much more than the 2200 lumen of the original LED :D
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    How many lights do you REALLY have during a longer power outage??

    Yesterday I had some time left and decided to act as there was a power outage and went "shopping" in my house for hidden and forgotten flashlights to keep the lights on during the night. What struck me was that more than 70% existed out of LED flashlights :huh:. The Streamlight stinger (with a...
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    cannot decide between EA4 and EA8

    Hello flashlight likers!, After reading many many posts of the EA4 I almost ordered it untill.... the EA8 came out!! :eek: Both flashlights have their own advantages where in output there is only a small difference (throw however is MUCH better with the EA8). I will be using this light on...
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    charging 4 x 18650 with ICharger 106B+ and self-made cradle

    Hello flashlight loving people, After ordering my SunWayMan T60CS at HKEquipment (nice people and racting quit fast!) , I had the time to look at a way to charge my Eden 3400 mAh (panasonic inside) cells so that the big :poof: with one empty and two full cells in series never will happen to me...
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    Fun with Olight SR-90 and fandyfire 3XM-L

    After returning some flashlights to their owners I decided to defenately go for the SR-90 from Olight. I was really tempted to buy a TK70 wich is absolutely a very good and nice flashlight BUT: a) I like te integrated charger of the SR90 battery more b) I don't like hassling with separate...
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    Smoked SST-90

    After reading many posts of self builters I thought: "well, why not take a chance!" and ordered a SSR-90 at AMU-electronics in Germany. The package came in within a week after ordering :thumbsup: When measuring it with my Fluke79, I didn't got a reading (resistance infinately) nor saw the LED...
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    dissipated power of sst-90 @9A

    Has anybody measured the dissipated power of a SST-90 led running at 9amps? Thinking of making a triple SST-90 flashlight with dc-fan cooling and asking myself how many watts I have to get rid of from 3 x SST-90.
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    RRT-3 versus SR90

    A week ago I bought the SR90 which is a very nice throwing light. For the shorter distance and more flood I ordered the RRT-3 tripe XM-L that arrived yesterday :thumbsup: Today I went to a company that had the SR92 in stock and took my RRT-3 with me. What struck me was the very nice clear white...
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    Battery charger for 4! 18650's

    I looked around at the forum (maybe a little too short :grin2::grin2:) but cannot find a intelligent charger for at least 4 x 18650 batteries. Since I ordered my RRT-3 triple XM-L, this might become handy :cool: When possible also usable for the Samsung batteries with 4,35V. Anybody a...
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    Luxury problem: Olight SR90, SR92, RRT-3 or S18

    Since a year I am becoming addicted to LED flashlights :naughty: After buying some cheapy's like 3W lights for some bucks , and an AA maglite (LED) I ordered a surefire SSC P7 with an overwhelming amount of light for such a small flashlight. My respect for the 18650 has increased, driving this...