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  1. RWT1405

    Flight Medic burned by lithium batteries

    Thought this was worth posting.......
  2. RWT1405

    Emergency! 50th Anniversary today!

    Emergency! may have had a major impact on my life! P.S. - The picture is me, with Randolph. I was judging the EMS competition, at the JEMS National EMS conference in Baltimore, when during a break he walked over and asked if we'd (judges) like to have our pictures taken with him, that was a no...
  3. RWT1405

    Pelican 2370 Multi Color LED Flashlight

    Has anyone gotten/ tried the new Pelican 2370 Multi Color LED Flashlight? 3 output colors; twist the rotator ring to select white, red or blue; 2 brightness levels with white LED; anodized aluminum construction; runs on 2 AA alkaline batteries My .02 FWIW YMMV
  4. RWT1405

    Malkoff M61LLL run times on (2) CR123's and (3) if possible

    Looking at the M61LLL and have seen some estimates, however was wondering if anyone had any hard numbers on primaries only, as I don't use rechargeables nor intended to use any. Thanks in advance for any help. My .02 FWIW YMMV
  5. RWT1405

    SF 9P flashlight, how much longer run time over 6P with Malkoff's?

    I am wondering how much longer run time a SF 9P (3 cell) will have over a SF 6P (2 cell) with a Malkoff M60, M60L, M60LL, etc.. Malkoff states an 8 hour full output on the M60LL in a 6P (2 cell), what might I expect from the same M60LL in a 9P (3 cell)? A "ballpark" idea of what I might expect...