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  1. Christoph

    How many flashlights have you collected

    It would take bit to compile a list. I started buying in the early 60's. I have had lights from almost every custom builder that has posted here on CPF. Most were sold to other collectors. I still have close to 200 lights 25-30 of my own built lights. So I have probably had 3-4000 lights at one...
  2. Christoph

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Still here check in kinda regular. Not near the frequency from days gone by. I used to be here 5-6 hours a day so much was happening in the early 2k's so much out there these days! A Flashaholic's dream Looking for more robust lights these days. Chris
  3. Christoph

    What are peoples opinion of Olight brand lights.

    I bought one a few years ago was an S30 Baton ordered a PVD coated Ti one cause I thought it looked and sounded good received a sandblasted same model it worked for a few days then did nothing. Sent it back under warranty it has been working fine since. Carried it for some time have no...
  4. Christoph

    Sold/Expired Price Drops...A few Arc goodies

    Re: A few Arc goodies PM sent for #1 Chris
  5. Christoph

    Help me troubleshoot a Surefire 6P.

    Burned out Bulb? It is a hot wire correct? Chris
  6. Christoph

    CooYoo Quantum Titanium, few pics and test

    Resurrecting an old thread. How many of you still have your cooyoo's I am still wearing the copper one I bought in '15. every now and then I swap out for one of the two Ti's I bought at the same time. Have replaced one battery,so far. all the newer ones are bigger and of lesser quality. some...
  7. Christoph

    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I just got a H600c MK IV and the top head strap is not permanently attached each band can be taken off the band is a stiffer one than came on my other head lamps though I have no idea if it is better or worse yet. I adjust it before I put it on my head so no issues with it grabbing my hair ;). Chris
  8. Christoph

    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Which one were the last to support 14500's I have several older ones and don't want to fry any by trying. TIA Chris
  9. Christoph

    Any USB-C Portable Battery Recommendations?

    I am having good use with this one. woops sorry its not available now.
  10. Christoph


    Re: BAROU LAMPS - Thermoelectric Tech - the ELECTROPHORUS series Sounds like Rick Brant boy scientist I read his stories of him when I was a boy. He had a kettle with two dissimilar metals that when heated lite his little shop. Lots of cool stories got me into electronics. Chris
  11. Christoph

    Tough keychain flashlight

    I have had a Klarus mi6 ti on my key ring for years it gets dropped banged around hitting the steering column and generally beat up still works every time I believe the light is potted I should have bought several however this one is still going good I think its at least 4 years old maybe more. C
  12. Christoph

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Ti PD-S/Sundrop Cool Fall SPY ti 005

    Re: WTS: Cool Fall Ti 005 | McGizmo Ti PD-S & Sundrop 119 AA Wow on the Ti 005 :santa:
  13. Christoph

    Sold/Expired A gaggle of unique Nitecores

    So an "I'll take it" wasn't stipulated in this sale.:o
  14. Christoph

    Sold/Expired A gaggle of unique Nitecores

    If 6 is Ti I'll take it
  15. Christoph

    [Review] Frelux Synergy2: Following A Precedent

    Dagnabit I missed the release of this all are sold out already. Oh well. Maybe I'll catch the next batch.:)
  16. Christoph

    Rest in peace, Woods Walker

    RIP WW
  17. Christoph

    Sold/Expired Looking For A Couple Nitecore D10 Clips

    I have one with a light attached to it almost like new C
  18. Christoph

    Photos of your lights

    Battery charging time I have about ten or twenty more in various places.
  19. Christoph

    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

    Still buying still hanging out. C
  20. Christoph

    Norland vs. Nail Polish

    You can get the Norland here as well along with a UV flashlight.