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    Final FOURSEVENS Announcement for 2017

    Two Polished Stainless Steel Mini's and One BIG announcement
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    Click image to explore! :)
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    #5 FOURSEVENS Navi Smart!

    Introducing the Smallest and Smartest light we've ever made the Navi Smart! This is not merely a small coin-cell keychain light. Not only can it provide light in a pinch, the Navi can help you keep track of your most important possessions. Using the Navi's bluetooth functionality, you can...
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    FOURSEVENS Cybermonday and clearance section :)

    Just a reminder for those who aren't on our newsletter - here is our cyber monday sales Also regularly check out clearance section for nifty deals
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    #4 FOURSEVENS Quark Smart QSL !

    Meet the world's smartest flashlight - the FOURSEVENS Quark Smart The Quark Smart family is the next generation of FOURSEVENS flashlights, and our most versatile Quark light yet. With our radical Bluetooth functionality, your flashlight can now communicate with your smart phone. Just grab the...
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    #3 FOURSEVENS - New Preons P1 and P2!

    Here's our 3rd of 5 weekly announcements! The new and improved Preons P1 and P2! We incorporated the top feedback from the last 6 years and now present you the new Preon! They are brighter and better in every aspect! Four main improvements: 1) Improved grip with axial micro cuts throughout...
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    #2 FOURSEVENS Bolt Mini - Collaboration with Fellhoelter and Tuff-Writer!

    This week's new product announcement (2 of 5) is the Bolt Mini - the next generation collaboration with Fellhoelter and Tuff-Writer! It's the same familiar patent-pending bolt-action mechanism in Fellhoelter's pens and our Bolt-Light BLR2 BUT smaller, more pocketable, and with a common battery...
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    #1 FOURSEVENS Knight and Paladin - PK collaboration!

    We're happy to announce our PK and FOURSEVENS collaboration the Knight and Paladin series of lights. This was the result of over a year of development to bring you the most unique EDC light on the planet. Through PK's genius design combined with FOURSEVENS engineering and manufacturing we...
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    Foursevens Brass lights! MMR-X and ML-X available now!

    We are proud to introduce our newest lights! A Brass version of our MMR-X and our ML-X. They are available at Bestmade and Foursevens.
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    Preon Penlight Burnt Orange on Clearance! $30 once they are gone they are gone!

    We're discontinuing the Burnt Orange finish for the Preon PenLights. This is the last you'll see of them, so get them while you can! This ultra-sleek and incredibly bright PenLight may resemble a pen but it's actually a flashlight that packs quite a punch with a maximum output of 180...
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    47's XM18 article on!

    This article made me giddy :)
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    Shot Show 2012 4Sevens Announcements

    Hi Everyone - We're excited to announce several things at this shot show and figured here is a good place to mention some "teasers" :) Firstly, we'll be having a press conference on the first day Tuesday, January 17th at 4:00pm in the Murano Room 3306 (on the third floor) (We won't try to...
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    Looking for volunteers to help @ 4Sevens booth SHOT Show 2012

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some qualified folks to help us man our 20x20 SHOT show booth for 2012. Please email me your info, background, and show/sales experience (if any) to [email protected] Thanks! David
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    2011 Brilliance Awards by OP

    Looks like 4Sevens was nominated to be one of the best flashlight brands award this year! Vote for us! Help us win! You can vote for us directly by clicking here to "like" us...
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    Where in Europe is 4Sevens?

    Hi everybody, Actually the title of this thread is better titled Where in Europe is David? :D For the next three weeks I'll be roaming around Europe partly visiting family and partly on business. But I thought I'd add a little fun to the trip for those who happen to be nearby. I'll...
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    Flashaholics in Ashville, NC next week? We'll be there :p
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    SR90 runtime graphs

    Hey everybody - I've had a couple of these Olight SR90's for testing since the Shot show and people have been asking us about them so I decided to do some runtime graphs. I only have data for high right now. I'm gathering data for medium as we speak. The Y axis is the actual lux readings...
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    Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show - Harrisburg, PA?

    Hi everyone Is anyone going to this show? I'll be up there sunday/monday. I'd love to meet up with a cpf'er :) David
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    Sold/Expired Feeler: CREE R2 WG/WH XR-E LEDs $11 shipped anywhere

    This is just a feeler - I have a few reels that may be available to me. Please post if you're interested and how many. If there is not enough demand then this will fall through. :) Edit: There are also some MC-E's in WC tint. $22 shipped.
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    Happy Birthday CARROT!