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    Streamlight ProTac Ten Tap Low/High Mode Not Working

    Looking for any suggestions before I return this Streamlight ProTac. The Ten Tap programming works, I can cycle through the three modes, but in the low/high mode only high works. Low gives no light. Tried switching out the battery, no change. Searching here and with Google doesn't suggest...
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    Surefire G2 with Nitrolon Bezel - Hex Head?

    Thanks - I'm looking at an old G2X that's still in the original packaging and trying to figure out whether it's got an aluminum bezel or nitrolon. It doesn't have the little "hot surface" warning that I think was always etched on the aluminum ones, so I assume it's not aluminum, but it does...
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    Surefire G2 with Nitrolon Bezel - Hex Head?

    All the nitrolon bezels I've seen for the G2 incans had the little grip nubs around the base and the pressed-in window. Were there nitrolon bezels with the hex head and the screw-in retaining ring?
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    The Official (updated) Surefire LX2 Serial Number Registry

    Apologies, brain fart. :rolleyes:
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    What is the floodiest P60 LED drop-in?

    Malkoff M60F has extremely good, even flood. I believe that OR still has these for sale.
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    The Surefire L1 Evolution

    Slightly amazing, but nice, that they still had the parts!
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    Surefire Z3 question?

    I have two that fit that description.
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    Surefire L Series

    My Gen 1, Gen 2 and possible Gen 3 L1s agree with this. ^^^
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    Surefire L Series

    Yes...and also there is sometimes such a thing as too small.
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    Surefire L Series

    Agree on the awesomeness, even today, of the L2....not to mention the L1, which IMHO is still in the top 5 SureFire lights and should probably be in the top 10 of all lights.
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    Surefire 6P lens removal tool?

    I've pulled probably a dozen and a half of these and all but one had some sort of thread-lock or glue on them. Without a decent tool, it is way too easy to slip and scratch the bezel.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Craig, I received my M61 219 today (thanks for the speedy shipping, by the way). This thing is...literally...awesome. Just perfect. Unbelievable, at least to my eyes (we don't all see colors the same). It is a very good match with the M61NLLL I got from OR, too, but the perfect color temp on...
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    Surefire 6PX Pro 9/11 tribute

    Did you check the date of the post just above yours? :eek: :rolleyes: :D
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    Surefire LX2 (Part 3)

    I vote with Monochrom. BTW, they didn't just send out replacement bezels...I had to ***** and moan and almost scream to get replacements for my two G2Ls.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Edited...figured it out! :D
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    Glass or Plastic lenses: Which is better?

    I've been using SureFire lights for somewhere between 15-20 years and while I understand and can make the arguments for Lexan or similar materials, I don't buy them (the arguments...or the plastics). "Plastic" scratches, melts, is a better choice unless you have some...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    M60F and M60LF are unbelievable. Wall of light. Make the old L4 look sick. :D
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    Has any here hit the 50,000 hour led life span?

    Example from real life: SureFire L4 (KX4 bezel, IIRC).
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Not that you need my two cents, but I will vouch for the beamshot of the M61NLLL as an extremely good representation of the color temp of the M61NLLL. I'm really liking mine.
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    UB3T Invictus and Progammability - NOT!

    Moreover...reading the blurb in the catalog (FWIHIW), it is possible that all the "programmability" feature is going to get us is the ability to make one of the settings brighter or dimmer, which is fairly limited when the light comes with so many pre-set levels in the first place. I'm not...