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  1. Monocrom

    Favorite cook kit for camping.

    I have a handful of such cook kits but would like to get a few opinions on what everyone else uses/prefers, as I personally have no favorites.
  2. Monocrom

    Fenix custom engraving any good?

    Fenix's official website provides custom bezel engraving of a selection of images for 3 of their models. I've literally just started EDCing a Fenix PD35 V2.0 tonight. And am considering getting another one in case anything happens to the one clipped to my pants pocket. Though if the white...
  3. Monocrom

    Mating a SureFire Tactician with the latest E2D.

    Okay, main reason for putting the two together would be to get a Tactician with a bezel-down carry clip. I've heard of guys trying to do it with older style E2E bodies with a 2-way clip swap. But the results more often times than not, don't work. You get low-mode ONLY. Only successful results...
  4. Monocrom

    Jeers to Battery Junction.

    I never thought I'd ever make a topic like this one, about a company like Battery Junction. Ordered a Nitecore Tube and Nitecore whistle from Battery Junction. Placed my order on the first of this month. It still has not arrived. Went to their website, noticed they have a (credit where its...
  5. Monocrom

    Sold/Expired WTB: Peak SHASTA model.

    Looking for a Peak LED Solutions SHASTA single-N cell 3-LED model with the keyring loop attachment. Not too picky about which finish. Would prefer one close to mint or near mint condition if possible. But that's definitely NOT a dealbreaker. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to...
  6. Monocrom

    Gift of an exciting (fictional) story.

    Hey guys, sorry for being away for the last few months. One member along with one Admin. knows why. Basically, I needed eye-surgery a few months ago. I'll spare you guys the details since I'm not making this topic out of a desire to get sympathy. Just figured an explanation why I was absent and...
  7. Monocrom

    Had to parent a 24 year-old.

    I don't know if this is funny, or just plain sad. So at my job, I sometimes have to direct potential law enforcement recruits to the offices of a certain agency that I won't mention. I will say that by the time they are granted access into the building to continue the screening process, they've...
  8. Monocrom

    Book Corner insights ~ Survivalist series by: A. American

    Welcome to Mono's Book Corner. Quick explanation: An objective look at the lessons taught, not necessarily learned, in books worth checking out. This topic will focus on the seven book Survivalist series. Let's get this out of the way, no major spoilers. No discussion of in-depth details of...
  9. Monocrom

    Sold/Expired WTB: Leatherman KNIFELESS Fuse model.

    Looking for one of these in Excellent to Very Good condition. No chips or indentations in the wire-cutters. File still in very good shape. No rust (not even surface rust). All tools still locking in place. No sheath? No problem. I can get a replacement one off of Leatherman's website. I know...
  10. Monocrom

    Ti AAA lights ~ Your favorite one.

    Topic title speaks for itself. Tell me about your favorite, and why you like it so much.
  11. Monocrom

    Kids react to old computers

    This video generated enough interest and discussion when posted in our "Interesting Video" thread, that it appeared worthy of its own thread. Thus, the moving it to its own thread. - Empath "Kids react to old computers.",com/watch?v=PF7EpEnglgk
  12. Monocrom

    Question: currently best 2AA light?

    I'd like to get a 2AA LED light to keep in my work-bag. I have a handful. But the output is somewhat lacking on those. While the quality is decent at best on them, I'd like something better in that regard as well. The No-Brainer answer would be to just get a SureFire E2L AA model. However, I'd...
  13. Monocrom

    NYC Tourist Warning: Push-cart vendors.

    Well, even a veteran NewYorker can screw up when he's hungry. Here's the thing, if you guys want the New York experience of eating a hot-dog from a push-cart vendor.... go ahead! Watch out for shish-kabob vendors though. Yes, the smell can be incredible. But unlike a "raw" hot-dog which can...
  14. Monocrom

    World Trade center security system = Fail

    Here's an idea.... Before spending 40 million dollars to install a security system at a former site of the biggest terrorist attack ever to take place on American soil, maybe, oh I don't know.... Test it to make sure some 16 year-old teen isn't able to beat it. (And then climb up to the very...
  15. Monocrom

    How to deal with drunk drivers and technology that would assit.

    One wish.... That drunk driving offenses be treated with actual seriousness in America.
  16. Monocrom

    Anyone still relying on their LumaPower MRV Sidekick?

    Far from the Latest & Greatest, this light was really popular on CPF once. I was curious if anyone still uses it on a regular or at least semi-regular basis now that the honeymoon phase has clearly worn off. Any issues cropped up over the years? Would you still recommend it to others?
  17. Monocrom

    Some nice vintage ads ...

    ... Found in an article that's also a primer on flashlights. Yeah, we don't need a primer on lights. But the vintage ads. are interesting to look at.
  18. Monocrom

    A Primer on Modern Watch History and Movements.

    Have noticed lately that there's more interest in watches on CPF than in past years. As a watch enthusiast, I love seeing that. However, some members might enjoy a run-down of the most important aspect of a watch ... the movement. But first, a condensed history of the modern watch industry...
  19. Monocrom

    What criteria do you use for collecting lights?

    Do you have a toy collector's mentality of never opening up rare lights that are NIB, or would you pay a bigger premium for lights that have a history and a story of usage behind them? My mentality is that of the latter. But which criteria do you guys use?
  20. Monocrom

    R.I.P. Sherman Hemsley

    Unfortunately we've lost another one. He passed away today in his home in El Paso. Cause of death is pending.