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  1. DimeRazorback


    So today I decided it was time for a hair cut. A number three shall do, as per normal. So I get the clippers, and set up ready to start. I oil the blades of my clippers, to ensure proper functioning. I turn on the clippers, "Yep, running smooth" I thought to myself. Now this was post...
  2. DimeRazorback

    Surefire 9N LED mod

    Hey all, I have a few 9N's (my favorite SF) and I was playing with the idea of giving one a bit of a modern boost. I did some searching, and didn't find too much until I stumbled upon a post on "". The member has managed to install a Cree XM-L into the head of the 9N, and I am...
  3. DimeRazorback

    Surefire UB3T arrived! **Pictures, Q&A, BEAMSHOTS!!**

    Well people, it has arrived! The long awaited UB3T! Pictures uploading now! :hitit: Wow is this thing bright! It's the middle of the day too! :D ***************************************** The selector ring has a solid feel, with deep indents between each level. When in the "Off" position...
  4. DimeRazorback

    Sold/Expired SOLD! ~ McGizmo Bead Blasted Haiku XP-G - Brand Spankin' New!

    Hey all! Up for grabs! (regretfully) I have a 100% mint/unused McGizmo Haiku XP-G, Bead Blasted variety! This has lived in the resealable bag from Don! These have to be the one of the best EDC's around. Seriously! Not to happy about this, but it's a waste left sitting on a shelf! Here are...
  5. DimeRazorback

    Sold/Expired FS ~ GatLight Ti!!

    Hey all! Up for grabs I have my GatLight Ti. Current model. New and unused apart from testing. It has spent it's life in the display case and is a shame to wast such a light! Looking for AU$435 Shipped worldwide! ---------------------------------------- If you have any questions...
  6. DimeRazorback

    Sold/Expired SOLD! - Macs Custom SST-50 EDC Ti 2.8A 4500K w/Clip

    Hey guys, I'm looking at selling my Macs Customs SST-50 EDC Titanium. This is the 2.8A model in 4500K. I have never carried it and it is in excellent condition! It is a beautiful light, but I just don't get to use it. The light has 3 modes, Low-Med-2800mah High (IMR cell required for...
  7. DimeRazorback

    Sold/Expired SPF! - McGizmo 2x123 McClicky Pak & SF KX2C (Tan)

    Hey guys, I have a 2x123 McClicky Pak with a Surefire KX2C head that I'm looking to sell. The KX2C is 120 lumen model, tan in colour and 100% mint. The McCliky Pak is almost perfect, it just has some very light markings that are typical to titanium. This is a great slimline pocket...
  8. DimeRazorback

    My new watch!

    Hey all! I thought I would post a few pics of my latest acquisition! My Stowa Antea 365. I'm loving it's simplicity! It is hard to see but the hands are in fact a metallic blue. It is a really nice subtle feature. Hope you all enjoy the few pics!
  9. DimeRazorback

    Surefire M4

    Well, it's been nearly a year since I parted with my M4... Since the day I sold it, I have regretted it. It had some of the best knurling and anodizing that I have experienced to date. At the time it was necessary that I sold it and I didn't really have a choice. Today is a new day, and...
  10. DimeRazorback

    Surefire B92 help needed!

    Okay, so I just received my brand new 9N. It didn't come with a charger just the light and battery. Can anyone help me with how I should go about charging this thing with my hobby charger? What charge rate should I use? Cheers!
  11. DimeRazorback

    Surefire M3LT & Malkoff MD3 Wildcat (Size comparison pictures)

    Hey guys! A while ago, someone asked me to take some size comparison shots of my M3LT and MD3 Wildcat (when I had the M3LT that is). Having received the M3LT yesterday I thought I would take some shots! I will say, that I love both of these lights a lot! The Wildcat is one impressive flood...
  12. DimeRazorback

    McGizmo Haiku XP-G Finishes Comparison

    I know when I first became interested in Don's Haiku, I had a very difficult time in deciding which finish to get. I now have both the normal and Bead Blasted version of the Haiku XP-G so I thought I would help out other people who are suffering from the same dilemma. I tell you what though, the...
  13. DimeRazorback

    Australian Customs = :(

    So after almost 2 months of fearing my CQC-8 being lost, I receive a letter today that it will be destroyed as it was deemed a "Flick Knife" :scowl: The pivot was tightened by the seller, so I would have to assume they decided to tamper with it. Not very happy as not only am I out the cash, I...
  14. DimeRazorback

    Alan Wake Demo Leaked (AKA Flashaholics dream game)

    So I just found this. It is an onstage demo of the up and coming game. Some good beamshots :twothumbs
  15. DimeRazorback

    Finally got one... Surefire L1

    :D Check it out!! Brand new and still sealed :D First impressions... Love :o :D :whistle: Sorry for all the pics... I'm excited
  16. DimeRazorback

    Wanting some help.

    So, there are some great photographers on here! I really want to be able to increase my ability in taking photographs, and need some help. Here are a couple of shots I took earlier. Fairly abstract ideas, just in my backyard. I'd like some criticism! I need to learn what is good and what is...
  17. DimeRazorback

    Surefire 6PD Attacks... Me

    Just a little funny story that happened 15 minutes ago. Here I am, sitting at my computer desk, watching TV, tired after work. I decide to stretch my arms above my head. (The thing is, being a flashaholic, I ALWAYS have a light in my hand at home... always. So I had my 6PD in my hand, basking...
  18. DimeRazorback

    Surefire A2 Four Flats

    So, in the weird and wonderful way the world works, I just scored a four flats A2 for $80, after just going through the trauma of breaking my beloved Y-G A2 :( It has the flat (non crenulated) bezel, a fairly low serial number (A03xxx), and a short clip. I have done a fair bit of searching...
  19. DimeRazorback

    A2 Yellow Green Blew Up... UPDATED!

    Ok so tonight I dropped my A2 onto concrete... and well, the lamp exploded leaving a fine dust through the bezel, on the reflector... I got all of the large chunks of glass out of the head (and into my fingers) but there is still alot in the threads that I am having trouble getting out, and the...
  20. DimeRazorback

    Show your Jetbeams

    So I thought I would start a thread for Jetbeam photography! I'll start off with my Jet-III M and my RRT-1 Raptor!! :D :thumbsup: