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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Sapphire

    ***SOLD*** McGizmo Sapphire This is a recently purchased used Titanium McGizmo Sapphire flashlight. The light has some very light Titanium swirls, scratches, but nothing to detract from the beauty of this light. It is in fine, working order. I had bought it a week or two ago, but I have not...

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Titanium Firefly

    ***SOLD*** Titanium Firefly This is a recently purchased used Titanium Firefly that I purchased off this sales thread: The Firefly does not come with tritium vials. However, it did come with steel rod inserts. I...

    Sold/Expired (Sold) Surefire titan plus w/Prometheus clip

    **(Sold)** I just recently picked this one up from another member. I added a new titanium Prometheus clip. Asking: $90.00 PayPal Free USPS priority mail with tracking number. Original clip also included. Please note that sale does not include the Surefire lanyard clip. I didn't get it...

    Sold/Expired (Sold) Preon 1/polished electroless nickel

    *sold* ==================== I'm clearing out alot of my lights that aren't getting much use these days. Here's another one up for sale. >Prometheus/Preon P1 MK111 in polished electroless nickel. >Battery not included. >CONUS only please. >There's a tiny surface scratch on the light (see...

    Sold/Expired SOLD : CRX modded stainless steel flashlight

    ***SOLD*** Up for sale is this cool little stainless steel light! Details: Make: A modified Airayaland stainless steel flashlight. Emitter: MT-G2 Q0 5000k neutral white. This was originally an AA flashlight that was modified to a high-powered mule light by modder “CRX”. If you search on...

    Sold/Expired Sold: Brand New Prometheus Preon P1 MK111

    ***SOLD*** Up for sale is this brand new in bag, recently purchased Prometheus/Preon P1 MK111 in polished Electroless nickel. It is brand new in condition. I purchased it, turned it on a couple of times, and put it back in its bag. I will include the battery that came with the light. I...

    Sold/Expired Sold-Prometheus Beta QR V2 *CONUS*

    **SOLD** Up for sale is this LNIB, recently purchased Prometheus Beta QR V2 in Electroless Nickel with the pocket clip kit for sale. Also comes with an extra QR attachment, and all of the items pictured below. Note--》Batteries ARE NOT INCLUDED. *CONUS ONLY SALE* *Asking: $50.00 PayPal +...

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Rare, Tom Anderson AAA titanium light

    SOLD This is a recent “catch and release” of this RARE, beautiful one-of-a-kind custom titanium Tom Anderson AAA twisty flashlight. · 2010 prototype – Beautiful and thick-walled titanium housing around a Fenix LD05. · Five mode twisty: medium–low- high-strobe-SOS. ·...

    Sold/Expired Sold-BOSS aluminum XPL + amber secondary

    *(Edit: Sold to pannyman)* Up for sale is this used, but still very nice Aluminum BOSS 35 XPL HI 4000k with amber secondary. It is currently programmed for: ((0.005% 1.5mW (1) + 0.08% 25mW (9) + 18% 5.4W (23) + 74% 23W (31-highest level)) Here’s the original sales thread...
  10. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Titanium Reylight Ti-Lan flashlight

    *****SOLD**** Up for sale is this brand new in box Reylight Ti-Lan titanium flashlight that I just bought off the ‘bay. It is brand new in box. Sale comes with everything presented in the below pictures (Box, flashlight, extra O-rings) · Material: Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) · LED...
  11. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired (Sold)- Mac's Customs Tri-EDC aluminum.

    ***Sold*** Up for sale is this recent pick up: Mac’s Aluminum Customs Tri-EDC, 18350, with a LUX RC light engine (H-M-L, no memory). I just bought it about a week or so ago. I am listing for sale, as I have my eye out for one of the Boss 35 lights. Light shows minimal wear, and works like...
  12. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired SOLD Two-tone Tactile Turn Zirconium Slider

    ****S O L D**** Up for sale is this like-new in box Tactile Turn Zirconium Slider for $75.00 Here's the original link on the information: Will had a very brief sale on mismatched Zirconium pens that sold out very quickly! Normally, these regular...
  13. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired Sold-Custom Sunwayman V10r ti + 4000K XML2 (SOYCD) *Haiku body style*

    ***SOLD*** Custom Sunwayman V10r Titanium + 4000K XML2 (SOYCD) *Haiku style body* -SWM V10rTi+ upgraded to warm white - Modded by SOYCD with a 4000K XML2 and bezel Debadged - Custom machined Haiku style body with pocket clip - Does NOT have e switch - Comes with original box, sheath and extra...
  14. RUSH FAN

    RIP Carrie Fisher

    I just heard that Carrie Fisher has passed away. So very sad. May the force be with her.
  15. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired Sold : Muhaha LF2XT titanium clip

    Up for sale is a Muhaha LF2XT titanium clip. I am unsure if Muhaha still makes these. For sale for: $25.00 via PayPal *First "I'll take it" secures the sale. *CONUS only please *Will send via First Class Mail *Please pay for item within 24 hours of your commitment to buy. Thanks for looking!
  16. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired SOLD- Tactile Turn aluminum Mover pen

    Hi CPF: Up for sale is my gently used Tactile Turn aluminum Mover pen. This comes with a brand new Pilot G2 refill, as well as the original plastic pen case. This model pen is rather rare, as Will Hodges has sold out of these, and he will no longer be making them. Asking: $49.00 via PayPal...
  17. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired Wanted: Jetbeam E3S

    Hi gang- I'm looking for a stainless steel Jetbeam E3S. I used to have one, but had sold it a while back. I now have seller's remorse. Thanks for looking! Rush
  18. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired *Sold*: SOYCD/JHanko V10r Ti Triple XP-L

    ***SOLD*** Hello- Up for sale is a recently purchased SOYCD/JHanko V10r Ti Triple XP-L masterpiece! Condition: Some minor titanium swirls, but no major scratches, dents, etc. Overall good condition. ****Here is the original sales thread from Mr. SOYCD...
  19. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired *sold * D25cVN Ti (XPE2 - dedomed)

    *sold* Hello- Up for sale is a used Vinh modded D25cVN Ti XPE2-dedomed. In my opinion, these are some of the best Vinh modded pocket throwers around! Great throw! Here is the original sales thread from last fall...
  20. RUSH FAN

    Sold/Expired *sold*- Trio of stainless steel lights

    ****SOLD**** Hello: Trio of used stainless steel lights sold as a 'group/lot' sale. I am not selling these individually at this time. Selling lot for $62.00 Rare Jetbeam E3S stainless steel flashlight (Note: Surface has been debadged of laser logo. Including clip. Furthermore, the light...