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    Rigid 37000/37101, Worth the Money? Good Option?

    Saw these lighting options on a Toyota forum. Going to verify compatibility as in one place it says 2010-2020 4Runner but others 2014-2020 4Runner. If it does fit 2010-2013 it opens up a lot of other models. Are these good or is there a better option? Thank you.
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    OSRAM Night Breaker Laser XENARC, I Believe Authentic but Scratches on Base.

    Looks like an authentic pack of bulbs but there are clear scratches on the bottom of one of the bulbs. Package may have been opened. Should I use them or return? Thanks in advance!
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    Headlight Aimer, Thinking of Purchasing One Again.

    Happy New Year!!! With recent strong rains here in Southern California both my wife and I had a difficult time seeing in the dark, rainy conditions. Started looking at buying a headlight aimer vs having the headlights aimed. (Worried as whether one can trust the dealer to do a decent job)...
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    2009 smart fortwo, Are Daniel Stern's 65W H7s a Safe Choice?

    Hi, Better ask the experts whether the 2009 smart fortwo wiring can handle the extra wattage? Or what would be the best choice if not? (Thank you in advance! It's for a smart (owner) pal of mine, another SCoA forum member).
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    Headlight Aim- Taller SUV/Truck/Minivan

    Is it true they are aimed lower to avoid dazzling others vs car height? Someone made the claim in another forum I am on and I was surprised and wasn't sure. (Thank you in advance).
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    Philips Ultinon Pro9000, Are We There Yet?

    It looks like they already failed ECE approval, but curious if the new design is getting there within the realm of safe replacement? BTW- @-Virgil- Did you happen to get around to testing the Philips "sealed beam" LEDs? (You had mentioned them on your to-do list a couple months ago). Thanks...
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    HID Brightness Over Time.

    Someone posed a question, and I was curious as well. Does an HID bulb start off brightest when new, or maybe starts off life dim then gets brighter with age, then dims as it gets old? Thanks in advance. (Can't figure out how to hit ENTER in the CPF app on Android. Sorry if everything is...
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    Sylvania LED Fog Light Replacement Bulbs, are They Good?

    Used to be a three in one bulb, one bulb fit as three different bulb types, but now H11 is only for H11. Are these good for fog lights as they are sold for? https://www.sylvania-autоmоtivе.com/prоducts/hеadlightѕ-and-fоg-lightѕ/zеvо/h11_zevo_fog.jѕp Thanks! Sent from my moto g(7) power using...
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    So they claim brighter AND longer life, which is from my understanding a contradiction in terms. The bulb tinting goes opposite to the brightness convention as well. Blatant false advertising? Thoughts please? Thanks in advance...
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    Philips Ultinon LED

    This bulb came up in another thread and I was curious to search around for one, then I bumped into this: It notes clearly not ECE approved, but just curious, automatic “no” or test like LED signal bulbs? Thanks!
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    1992 Mercedes 190E Headlight Replacement Advice. Someone's offering their headlights for the cost of shipping. Would this be a good idea to acquire? The person seems to have CDN market headlights and I'm not sure if they are the same? Thanks! Sent from my moto g(7) power using...
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    Flashlight for Adjusting Brake Fluid Level on a '17 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

    My wife leased a new '17 Giulia back in December. I found it strange that after carefully adjusting tire pressures like I usually do that the front left tire would increase using the TPMS display, as compared to the front right. I looked in the engine compartment and saw the turbo near the...
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    '14 Scion iQ Headlight Upgrade

    Basically, replaced my totalled smart with a '14 Scion iQ. Driving 400 miles home from Sacramento it felt a little dim during the night, although I must say I didn't have trouble seeing even though I suffer from night blindness. I did see in certain cases H9 is a possibility, but I'd rather...
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    Selective Yellow Lens Paint Choices

    If I may please follow up this topic (as I have the bumper off a '12 Toyota Prius v (wagon), and am eager to finally put it back together): I bought a ZEVO FOG DRL Assembly, and there was significant concern with this product for use on any vehicle. I followed up with an email to Sylvania with...
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    Best 9005/9006 for 2005 Cadillac De Ville Base.

    For some reason I thought 9011 HIR1 and 9012 HIR2 were reasonably the same that they applied to all cases of upgrading from 9005/9006, but searching here that apparently is not always the case. May have made a mistake recommending them to someone, and want to validate/correct my claim if...
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    Yellow Hella Optilux bulbs illegal?

    I've noticed that there are Hella Optilux Extreme Yellow XY bulbs that are noted as "Off Road Only". I always like to switch fog bulbs to yellow, and have one application where it is H11, but stumbled across this, relatively reasonably priced bulb, only to see that they are illegal for street...
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    Best lighting upgrade, '14/'13 Ford C-MAX.

    Someone inquired on the fordcmaxenergiforum about switching headlamps to the new 2017 style projector, from the original reflector type. Looks like they are $416.90 list each. I thought I'd ask here what would be best, more for the OP, with a '14, as I don't think my wife is interested in any...
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    PIAA LED Reflector Series Any Good?

    I noticed they have new LED lamps that have SAE approval. They have a fog light version that has my attention because my '12 Mercedes E63 wagon does not have fog lights, only DRLs. I haven't measured exactly yet, but might fit in the lower front valance where there seems to be a flat plastic...
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    921 bulb for CHMSL?

    Got a slight headache and spent a lot of time trying to figure out if there is now a legal LED for the CHMSL, finally deciding no. So I have a few incandescent choices on both Sylvania or Philips: standard, xenon/bright white, and long life Cost wise: xenon > long life > standard. Except I...
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    What color for fog lamps?

    My science background is to me "some". My family, or more specifically, mother, father, and wife, are by profession medical doctors. I was a Biology and CECS major in college, but didn't finish the CECS degree. That said, sorting through all this information on what is a "good fog light" with...