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  1. vadimax

    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Thank you so much!
  2. vadimax

    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    What are those: KDLITKER E6 and KDLITKER E6S?
  3. vadimax

    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    I do not understand what all these “Body Color” mean. May you explain, please?
  4. 717B3173-3EC8-4ABF-ABB8-D054AADCFF3F.png


  5. vadimax

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    FWAA Copper Nichia. 1. This is a well known design. We all participated in its creation (in away). 2. Copper. I like copper. 3. High CRI. I need to check wiring from time to time. Color is key. 4. Nice flood pattern of a beam. 5. My beloved wifie has expropriated my Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 in...
  6. Surefire 6P hosts.jpg

    Surefire 6P hosts.jpg

  7. vadimax

    Anyone edc a surefire?

    Even 2 6P of them... kind of. Both feature P60 modded inserts: a Super rare Vinz 4x Nichia 219b with a red LED (flood) and another -- a less rare P60vn with SST20 4000K (throw).
  8. vadimax

    4th jab today.

    Pfizer that was.
  9. vadimax

    Lumintop FWAA Vampirism

    Nope. Most likely a lemon (a light or a battery). I own a copper Nichia version and it is perfect. Not long ago I had a quickly discharging AA battery. I was ready to blame a light for extremely high drain not even being used. But then I used a metering charger on the battery in question and...
  10. vadimax

    lumintop fwaa flat top only?

    It features springs on both ends. How may you do a light flattop only this way?
  11. vadimax

    4th jab today.

    I've got heart issues after a couple of mandatory jabs (I am a LEO). Life quality is way down now. Wish you all to play this lottery.
  12. vadimax

    Best AA edc flashlight?

    My wifie has "stolen" this one in copper from me :) And I switched to FWAA.
  13. vadimax

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Peak Logan 16350 -- was curious what the heck is this Quantum Tunneling Composite technology. And it is looking nice, of course. The CRI version features a perfect flood beam. But there is a drawback as well: this QTC insert does compress and expand, but it turned out that it retains some...
  14. vadimax

    Help Replace My Peak Eiger

    I use Peak Logan (16350 format) N219B. A perfect flood light. Way brighter than any AAA/AA one.
  15. Peak Logan.jpg

    Peak Logan.jpg

  16. vadimax

    Not an alert, but a notice

    Once upon a time I have purchased several Fujitsu NiMH AA cells. They are claimed to be HR-3UA, min. 2500 mAh capable, manufactured by FDK Corporation in Japan. Everything sounds good, right? But at least one of them has “lost” its upper limit and an ability to store power: you may charge it...
  17. vadimax

    Seeking recommendations for a small flashlight with decent throw

    I like my Skilhunt E2A very much. The only negative is very strong button spring. From the other point it makes its accidental “discharge” impossible :)
  18. vadimax

    When is enough, enough?

    Enough is when you notice your wifie ordering a freezer slightly bigger than you.
  19. vadimax

    EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)?? Third Edition

    1. Acebeam TK16 CU modded by Vinh to 3x219B; 2. Spyderco FRN Grey Maxamet; 3. Acebeam TK18 CU 3xLH351D from Vinh (don't remember what has been done to it except polishing); 4. Some weird 1 LED 1000 lm light from that page where pilot batches are being sold (but it is copper, NW, 3 modes, may use...
  20. vadimax

    Which version of Surefire E2D Defender Ultra do I have?

    Yes, this is definitely the latest release 1000lm Defender: