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    New Olight i5R

    I honestly don't think I'll be buying anymore Olights for myself. Unless they come out with a high cri version of the Baton s1r or s2r. But for gifting to friends or family that need simple easy to understand lights and batteries. This is actually looking like a really good gift light.
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    I've had the Fenix e01 on my keychain for 11 years. I'm disappointed Fenix does sell them anymore. It's saved the day many times. And my pocket edc for the last 2 years has been my Olight s1r baton turbo s. I've had that for 4 years. Out of all the pocket edc size lights I have those 2 are...
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    4sevens Q MiNi 123

    Lots of lights close to the size of the mini 123 with side switches and pocket clips. I have an Olight Sr1 turbo s and find it super comfortable for edc. Out of all my lights it's my favorite edc because it's so comfortable. But it's doesn't come in warm white. The Sofirn SC21 Mini comes in warm...
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    Is the Convoy S2+ still a good budget choice?

    I have a S2+ with a sst40 5000k and I don't notice any green. I only have 1 so can't say if they all have a good tint. The S2+ is still a good choice for the price and you have so many options for leds. Sofirn also has really good choices around the same price as the S2+
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    any olight fans?

    My S1R has a nice white tint. My s2r has a hint of green. Doesn't bother me too much outdoors. Definitely noticeable indoors.
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    any olight fans?

    I like the form factor and the UI of the s1r and s2r batons but I don't like playing the tint lottery so I don't think I'll be getting another olight till they come out with a high cri nw version of the s1r or s2r (yeah I know, I'm dreaming lol). I did get lucky with my s1r cw, it's a nice...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Sofirn IF25A 4000K Got this one because it was on sale for $36 and I wanted to try the Anduril UI and I wanted a High CRI light. Both the UI and the High CRI are amazing. I've had a High CRI light in the past and didn't like it. I don't remember what it was (I think it was a 47's mini AA) but...
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    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    I have a Fenix E01 on keychain and I'll have a light in my pocket, either a 47's Quark or Olight SR1 or SR2. And if I'm out and about with a backpack I'll keep a light in that too
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    $30 flashlight

    Convoy would be a good option
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    What's your most trusted light?

    I always see threads about favorite lights but not about trusted light. So what is your most trusted light? For me it's my 47's Quark X using a single AA tube. I've had this light for almost 10 years now and it's always worked. Everytime I click the switch it turns on with no issues. I've...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    The light came early. Heck yeah! So far my initial impressions are it's pretty good. The build quality seems excellent so far the beam looks good. I also got a diffuser tip with it and so far that seems to be doing good. It's a little large for my liking for EDC. But I think it'll work good for...
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    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    Olight s1r. The moonlight mode and the quite button keeps me from waking up my wife when I get home from work at 4am.
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    LiFePO4 and 21700 Li-Ion Safe to Store in Vehicles (High Temp)?

    I'm not as knowledgeable as others on this form but I do agree with using lithium primaries. They are well worth the cost. Definitely the safe option to use for storing a light in a hot car. I've kept a headlamp in my glove box that uses AAA Energizer lithium primaries for years now with zero issue
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I bought a convoy s11 from a member here a few months back. Love it so I thought I would try out an S2+. Should be here in about 6-8 weeks. Looking forward to testing it out and seeing if the budget S2+ lives up to the hype Edit: it's the S2+ sst40 5000k
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    Sold/Expired Foursevens Mini Mark II Rainbow PVD

    I'll pm you. Thank you
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    Sold/Expired Foursevens Mini Mark II Rainbow PVD

    Selling a foursevens mini mark ii rainbow pvd thats been in the box for most of its life. $65 shipped, Paypal. Or better offer. Please PM me.
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    Test/review of Evva 21700 5000mAh (Black-silver) 2021

    I don't post a lot but I follow your reviews. Glad to see you back
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    Sold/Expired Late Spring Sale *New Prices 04/06/21*

    I'll take 11) Convoy S11 / BLF Special Edition Combo $30