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    Sold/Expired WTT Hanko full gunner grip brass

    I'd like to trade my brass Hanko gunner grip for Ti, preferably for a Ti gunner grip.
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    Zebralight SC53c and SC53w

    The list was updated. The SC53c and SC53w were added with a release date of 7/17. It looks like it has the H53c/w driver.
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    Sold/Expired Sold! HDS Hyper Red Rotary

    SOLD! Hyper Red HDS Rotary 123 $325 SOLD!
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    Titanium Preon Clips

    Who here would be interested in a Ti clip for the older model Preon's? How many would you be interested in?
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    Sold/Expired Sunwayman C21Cvn

    Sold! Vinh Modified C21Cvn Sunwayman I have a Vihn modified Sunwayman C21Cvn for sale. He boosted it, replaced the main LED with a XM-L2 4000k, and the side mule with a XP-L 4000k. $80 shipped in the US.
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    Sold/Expired Zero Tolerance and Qrtmstr

    I have a Zero Tolerance 0566CFBW, and Qrtmstr Mr. Roper XL Texas Tea for sale. Both have only been carried a hand full of times. I just don't carry them because they are too big for my work slacks and smaller than I prefer to carry in jeans. Zero Tolerance 0566CFBW - $150 shipped in the...
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    Sold/Expired Oveready Boss

    I have an Oveready Boss 35 with Nichia 219B's for sale, $450 + shipping. SOLD!
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    Sold/Expired Boss 35

    I have an Oveready Boss 35 in XP-L Amber and Nichia, no longer available
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    Copper S1 Poll

    Olight wants to know if we want bare copper, or PVD coated. Also, blue or silver bezel and button accent.
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    Rechargeable Batteries Compatibility (new guy)

    I've noticed that some lights say they are not compatible with rechargeable batteries. Also I see lights from the same manufacture where one says rcr123, cr123 and another just says cr123. I don't want any lights I can't run rechargable lights in. Right now I have eneloop aa and aaa and plan to...
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    Battery case for EDC

    I'm looking for a aaa storage case for 2 cells, this would be backup for my Preon 2. I have searched the forum but all I find is larger storag, I have also searched all over the web with no luck. I have found one aa 2 cell case but the more room I can save the better since I already can't carry...