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    12W MR-11 Drop-In LED? Cygolite Mity Cross?

    All: I have heard that it will be hard to get another quality 6xC Nicad battery pack for my 14V 12W+24Watt MR-11 halogen late 80's helmet light. I bike in severe conditions down to -40°C in nights that are 22 hours long, so I am reluctant to dump the housing, switches etc for something new which...
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    LED for 80's 2xAA Petzl 'Micro' headlamp?

    Hi All: A buddy of mine has an 80's 2xAA Petzl (I think 'micro') headlamp with the screw-type 3V bulb. I am wondering if the Terralux TLE-1S screw-in 'universal' LED retrofit would fit this Petzl lamp? Any experiences with new LED's in good old Petzls? Thanks!
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    -30°C LED Traffic Marshalling Wands?

    All: We're busily prepping for a movie shoots here in the S.W. Yukon, 60N, 135W, in Canada's far North West. Part of that will involve traffic control and direction. To make matters worse, given subarctic midnight sun, and -40C winter temperatures paired with 19hour long nights, we have had...
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    old chargers + Eneloops? revive EvRdy 2700AA?

    Hi All! I use up to 10 AA Nimh cells and 8 AAA Nimh cells on my LED red + amber bicycle winkie lights and shoulder-season 4xAA Nitehawk LED white helmet light. I bike to work and do errands for up to 3hrs in conditions of total darkness and in temperatures as low as -40C. I use a blend of...
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    Drop-In Mr-11 LED equiv. to 12W for -40C!

    Hi all: I bike to work year-round, North of 60 in 19 hour long Dec. nights in conditions as low as -40C/-40F. Every year I try and see if the bike light market has produced an off-the shelf drop-in MR-11 LED bulb that would be as bright as my low-beam 12W MR-11. My high beam is a 22W MR-11...
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    humble LED winkie lights save the day!

    I'm sure real flashlight fans will be non-plussed with my old gear, and cheapie LED winkie lights, most from the early 1990's, but I do bike in long subarctic nights (22hours long!) on studded tyres in extreme conditions, like ice fog and -40C. While I plan my route to minimize traffic...
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    HID Bike Lights At -40F/-40C?

    All: I am looking at HID bike lights for winter bike commuting just below the Arctic Circle. I now use an Mr-11 12W and 20W helmet light system with a remote battery pack worn under my clothes on a waist belt to keep it warm. Most bike manufacturers seem to do their testing in warm conditions...
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    MR-11 LED bulb with same light as 12W halogen

    All: I don't really mod, but I do have an older bike helment light that runs on 12W and 20W Halogen MR-11's with a built-in glass face plate on the front of the bulb. I did quite a bit of googling, but am not convinced that an LED MR-11 with the same light as a 12W halogen exists. I have used...
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    MR-11 15 LED replacement for bike light

    All: I live North of 60 in Canada's Yukon territory, where a winter full of 19-hour long nights, is coming. I bike year round, in the winter using an older 12V ni-cad battery bike helmet light system that uses overhead projector bulbs, one a 12W the other a 20W, for low and combined...
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    drop-in LED for Pelican Mini-Mitylite 1xAAA?

    All: I got a pair of 1xAAA Mini-Mitylites on sale in a local outdoors store. My experience in the 1980's was that if you dropped the 2xAAA Mitylite on its end, the bulb went "pop", so I switched to, (gulp!) a 2xAAA mini-maglight. 15 years of service later, and some Teflon tape to tighten up the...
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    mini-review of Nite-Hawk bike helmet LED light

    All: I have learned much at CPF so I thought I should give something back, by doing a mini-review of Nite-Hawk's digital Emitter bike helmet light. Illustrations and tables are available at I bike to get around just North of 60 in Canada's Yukon, where nights in Decemmber...
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    mini-review of Nite-Hawk bike helmet LED light

    UBB16-ML-994502-ML- Moved to the Reviews forum because it seems more appropriate there. ***The_LED_Museum***
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    EDC LED back up light for Subarctic Cycling

    All: I live just North of 60 in Canada’s Yukon, where the winter nights last 22 hours. I bike to get around with a huge rechargeable ni-cad (6xC cell) helmet light and waist battery pouch, and 3 2xAA LED winkie position indicating lights. I carry a 2xAA Mini-Maglite with a Terralux...