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    Elzetta Alpha only Smaller

    My EDC1L-T is my most carried light for sure but when I want something smaller I often carry an Olight M1T Raider. It's a CR123A/16340 clicky but it has the lovely Surefire-esque simple 2 mode interface (5 and 500 lumens). Might be worth checking out. It's discontinued but can be found.
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    Challenge Week #6: "There can be only ONE!!" (mode, that is)

    I'll be attempting this with my E1E with a 40 lumen incan module from Lumens Factory. Might not be the most battery friendly challenge week for me!
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    Headlamp Like First Gen Surefire Minimus

    There are infinitely variable rotary lights like the Jetbeam RRT series, Sunwayman VR, Nitecore SRT. The rotary control is a ring instead of a side dial though but you might enjoy it. Neutral white options on some of them. My Jetbeam rotaries go crazy low and they can all run on Li-ion cells...
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    PSA: Don't give your kids strong lights, please

    My 20 month girl has a Dorcy pink and black rubberized 3xAA light. Soft and chunky with an easy to push switch. Stock it was 50 lumens or so but I swapped resistors and put in green LEDs because green is her favourite colour. Fun and eye safe!
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    Challenge Week #5: Do the Twist!!

    The Thrunite Ti3 is proving to be my go to twisty so far. I much prefer the 2700k tint in my modded Lumintop Tool but the cool white Ti3 has the best overall functionality. It twists smoothly one handed and doesn't mode skip on me. I may just need to swap the emitter... :grin2:
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    Challenge Week #5: Do the Twist!!

    Here's my lineup for the week! L to R: 1. Prometheus Beta QR. I think this has a Nichia emitter (it was a gift so I'm not sure of the specs) 2. Lumintop Tool AAA with Thrunite Ti5 guts and XP-L HI 2700k 3. Thrunite Ti3 V2 Cool White 4. Thrunite TiS with green XP-E2 5. Olight i3UV EOS 6...
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    Challenge Week #5: Do the Twist!!

    In! I'll have a poke around my collection and see what options I have. Should be fun.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I'm waiting on an Armytek Prime Pro and a bunch of coloured filters to make it across the US/Canada border.
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    Any Interest in Starting a New "Weekly Challenge" Series?

    Bring it!
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    Looking for an angle light - red LED

    The Armytek Wizard WR has two white and two red LEDs with a range of outputs. It looks pretty sweet IMO. I have the white light only Wizard Pro and it's a great light. And FWIW, I have the Zebralight H502r and it is quite nice but because there is no optic in it, the bright point of the emitter...
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    Challenge Week #4: Brick & Mortar Store-Bought Flashlights ONLY!!

    I petition the wise elder council of flashaholics to pass judgement on my V11R purchased in person second hand in a parking lot outside a derelict movie cinema. Cash money was exchanged and physical, hand to hand transfer of the flashlight occurred. However, the exchange was arranged by internet...
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    Challenge Week #4: Brick & Mortar Store-Bought Flashlights ONLY!!

    That's the one! It's a cool little light but pretty finicky. I have to twist it just so or the modes skip around.
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    Challenge Week #4: Brick & Mortar Store-Bought Flashlights ONLY!!

    This is going to be a tough one but I will try! My one and only light (that still works) bought from a real store is a tiny Foursevens Atom AAA. This would normally be a great excuse to go buy something new but my area is under an insane lockdown right now. I guess at least my odds of success...
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    USB charging ports, and the covers that protect them

    I'm with you on the charging ports. I have purchased lights in spite of the USB port but never because of it.
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    Strange things with Surefire EB1

    I recently acquired a LNIB EB1 Backup with the 2 stage gas pedal switch. Lovely light but I noticed two funky things and I'm wondering if they are normal or not. 1. When I press the switch I can hear a warbly buzzing/whine coming from the tailcap. I'm used to hearing some inductor whine from...
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    Challenge Week #3: Throwers Only! Got Throw??

    bykfixer, I'm with you on enjoying the Pelican lights! I have a 2nd gen 2350 that I really like. Totally underrated IMO. I had a new light arrive today and luckily it's a thrower so I'm able to use it! Surefire EB1 Backup with the gas pedal switch. Heaven!
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    Any Interest in Starting a New "Weekly Challenge" Series?

    Now that's just cruel and unusual punishment!
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    Any Interest in Starting a New "Weekly Challenge" Series?

    What about a challenge to only use a single light for the week?
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    Challenge Week #3: Throwers Only! Got Throw??

    Thanks! That looks great. A worthy companion. :)
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    Challenge Week #3: Throwers Only! Got Throw??

    bykfixer, can you share more about this Elzetta aa?