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  1. nativecajun

    Are there any problems with the Muyshondt Aeon CR2?

    I have owned the AEON CR2 for a few years now. This light is the one that goes in my pocket every day. I may carry a backup, and usually do, but when I need light this is the one I use. and I "do" use it every day. I have never had any problem that even resembles the problem you describe. The...
  2. nativecajun

    Selfbuilt's Flashlight Reviews: the new and improved

    When I want to know how a flashlight really works, its pros, cons, durability, "accurate info about" etc. This is the person reviews is where I turn to. When I cannot find the light I want to know the "how it really works", accurate info. about, on selfbuilt's page I am disappointed. Thank you...
  3. nativecajun

    I dreamed of the E1E for a very very long time. Never wanted to pay the price. Had a sale at...

    I dreamed of the E1E for a very very long time. Never wanted to pay the price. Had a sale at Sportsmans Warehouse Here in Chattanooga Tennesee United States. I do not see where you are from but there is no lack of E1E's on the market. I bought mine just because of all the LED lights comming out...
  4. nativecajun

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    MuyShondt AEON natural black preon backup.
  5. nativecajun

    Elzetta by Oveready

    Can't wait to see and hear about it.
  6. nativecajun

    single cr123 headlamps?

    AA lithium cheaper than CR123's I don't think so.
  7. nativecajun

    Do any mini/pocket/EDC lights use a CR2 battery?

    I own a MuyShondt AEON in Natural. I just ordered a Volcan Cr2 by Peak Solutions. Just gave away my little Quark Mini CR2. May buy a new one later. Like it has been said they are out there but not in great supply. That little AEON is a Jewel if you could find one to purchase from an individual...
  8. nativecajun

    Armytek Prime Pro

    Re: Armytek Smart A1 (1x Eneloop AA, 340 lumen) This looks like a Novatac/HDS clone in design. Maybe part of the selling tactic is why it is shaped like it is. I wished it did take a CR123. Actually with the AA design I hope it is lighter than my HDS clicky. It is to heavy for EDC, at least...
  9. nativecajun

    Armytek Prime Pro

    Re: Armytek Smart A1 (1x Eneloop AA, 340 lumen) Meant to reply wiith quote. Moved my reply
  10. nativecajun

    4Sevens Quark Mini CR2 Review: RUNTIMES, PICS, and more!

    No review for the CR2 Muyshohndt AEON? I keep that one and the Mini CR2 and a extra Battery, the ones for a buck that beat most of the rest. And I must be the luckiest one to buy a mini CR2 because my threads were tight when new and had to go through a break in period. It has gone off without...
  11. nativecajun

    The 2013 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List

    Re: The 2013 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote! My main user is my muyshondt AEON Natural, back up carried at the same time 4sevens mini CR2 Other lights owned. Preon 1 black, HDS Clicky Lowest on the line 120 lumen, Surfire E1E waiting for a decent led drop in that does not...
  12. nativecajun

    Biggest edc light you carry

    HDS Clicky that is why I do not carry it to often. Heavy. But when I go out and I feel I need a ultradependable light that is what I bring for my backup for my 4sevens CR-2 and my Myshondt CR-2, Aeon was it? For EDC every day I carry my 4sevens mini CR-2 and a single cell preon. Or sometimes...
  13. nativecajun

    New Preon Penlight FourSeven

    Very good looking light. Give me one with three modes and a price point in compatition with other lights of this size.
  14. nativecajun

    Police Study of tactical use of Strobe

    Very informative
  15. nativecajun

    Quark regular vs tactical?

    Re: Quark AA R5 tactical vs regular Just ordered the "Pro" Quark 1 CR123 wouldnt have it any other way. The times you are talking about to turn the light off to get back to a lower mode is so slight it is practacily non existent. I like the preset modes and the .02 the best. But thats me...
  16. nativecajun

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Re: JUST SAYIN..... What did you use your flashlight for today? My Kershaw OD1 Flipper is getting stiff. Was looking at it but needed a little more light to see inside to check out the workings. My Old but 100% reliable Quark Mini CR2
  17. nativecajun

    What do you use your "strobe" function for?

    Never use it!
  18. nativecajun

    SOG Dark Energy 1 and 2 CR123 lights?

    Rakuten About 44$ and that was just a quick search. Hope I am not violating any rules here so feel free to remove if I am mod Went back there and shipping was about four bucks. you can go here for specs Sure hope I am not being a bad boy.
  19. nativecajun

    What do you EDC? Poll

    Quark Mini CR2 every day. Cannot remember how many years but it has never failed me once. Other lights owned. HDS Clicky, Preon High CRI, Gerber Task light M. Red led has lens and lens is set way back. This thing is tank proof. Last but surely not least, Surefire E1E Executive Elite. Holding...
  20. nativecajun

    EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)?? Third Edition

    Whats in my pocket now and most of the time. 4sevens mini CR2. Love it. Very bright and it fits in the mouth so you can work or what ever hands free. Thought about getting the CR123 but what the heck. Have this one already. Batteries are the same price at a buck a piece. Figured the CR123...