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  1. Packhorse

    What driver to use?

    The hyperbuck would be the go,but its dicontinued by the look
  2. Packhorse

    What driver to use?

    Hi all, Been out of the game for sometime. But I have a new project in mind. I want to build a multiple video light head system. Either 2 or 4 light heads. Total Lumen yet to be decided but lets say anywhere from 20,000 lumen and up. I have a Cuda 400 DPV with a 12S7P liIon battery pack...
  3. Packhorse

    How to diagnose a firing problem

    Looks like LED is burnt out.n Hard to tell. The question is why? 2 reasons spring to mind. Faulty driver and bad heatsinking. No point replacing the LED if you cant fix the root cause.
  4. Packhorse

    Cooling questions and concepts

    If the heat sink is thicker it will take longer to heat up. But given enough time the LED could still over heat. To keep the LED cool you need a heat sink with lots of surface area ( eg fins). Although this isnt such an issue in water since the water will conduct heat over 20 times batter than air.
  5. Packhorse

    6000 lumen video light set up

    No, the cuda battery is close to 50 volt and the wet mate-able outlet is a regulated output of ( about) 12 volt.
  6. Packhorse

    Ikelite Gamma

    At a guess, I'd say that it would probably work. But if it does not you will only find out by blowing up the LED or driver. But if it did, the run time would be less. Perhaps a better option to try would be a single 17650 or 16650. You wont risk blowing up the light. But there is a chance it...
  7. Packhorse

    6000 lumen video light set up

    Hmm, not sure. I think they were 30 or maybe 35mm tubes of acrylic. I never supplied batteries for this project, From memory the customer already had a canister system and a 12v wetmatable connection on his Cuda scooter. Not sure if you can view this video or not, but the underwater...
  8. Packhorse

    Nanight Tech anyone?

    There are several "manufactures" selling that light or a knock off of it. I have one here. Its worth the price.... But then so are many can lights that cost 5 times more.
  9. Packhorse

    New diving video/spot light design.

    Sounds like a good all round light. How do the low power modes work? Are they PWM and if so does this cause any issue with "strobing" when shooting video? I think the shortness of the light is ideal for video work, but a single 32650 may lack the power to deliver decent burn times and...
  10. Packhorse

    Need some help from you please

    What you need to realize is that the larger the LED the larger the optic needs to be to get a tight beam. So, if you use 7 27mm Ahortons you are stuck with 81mm diameter optic. add a bit more for the walls and you are well over 90mm. I doubt you will get 8-9 deg full beam with the Ahorton. You...
  11. Packhorse

    New light design - how to start .....?

    Man! Do I really have to evaluate another dive light? Hmm. OK send it over!
  12. Packhorse

    WANTED!!! The owner of KOWALSKI SPEED 50W halogen light

    pics may help
  13. Packhorse

    Videolight desgin - PWM dimming?

    The ocean is a pretty big heat sink. I dont think its an issue.
  14. Packhorse

    Videolight desgin - PWM dimming?

    No they dont.
  15. Packhorse

    Some questions about Underwater video lights.

    1. Im not so sure a "warm" colour temp as is important as a LED with a high CRI . The more natural the light being used the better the video. So if you want a really good video light use hi CRI LED's. 2. My understanding is that fish are not disturbed by the red light and so the red makes a...
  16. Packhorse

    Multi emitter video light?

    I can supply them. My first shipment is a little slow to land so I am some what hesitant to recommend them just yet. But if the quality of the X9 is anything to go by I think the V11 should be a great light. Its just the run time vs brightness that concerns me. Review coming soon!
  17. Packhorse

    New Halcyon steampunk torch

    I agree. I have used aspheric lenses in dive lights for many years now and love the way they can create a nice tight bright spot of light. The fact its square is not an issue at all. I'd like to see one of these in action. But given the price I doubt I will be rushing out to get one myself.
  18. Packhorse

    Multi emitter video light?

    There is the HiMax V11. Looks like it uses a 26650, has 4 white LED's(XML) and 2 red(XPE). Claimed 2200 lumen with a run time of 1.5 hours+ (this does not add up). I have a couple on the way so will do a review when I can.
  19. Packhorse

    Hi-Max X9 review

    At long last I managed to shoot some video. The vis was 4 -5 meters. Water was green and turbid. Camera was Oly EPL3 14-42mm kit lens plus a Ikelite W20 WA wet lens.
  20. Packhorse

    converting Proteus 6 light head to led

    Your post wasnt very clear. Are you intending on using your HID reflector with an LED? Dont even bother. It wont work. Adjustable reflectors dont work well at all on LED's. If you want an adjustable beam then aspheric or Fresnel lens is the way to go, but by no means a simple exercise. If you...