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    New Black Diamond Storm 2014

    I really wish they would fix that. I would like for my headlamp to come on the same way every time.
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    Tiny aluminium host for laser pointer?

    Also, unless you are diving in warm water isn't cold temps likely to be an issue with a laser?
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    New Black Diamond Storm 2014

    What is the interface like to switch from spot to wide angle lights? Is it still a toggle system where if you have it at spot mode and turn it off when you turn it back on it will be in wide angle?
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    For the price Whats a good knife for under $50?

    Most of the SRM and Enlan knives are well made and are in the "best bang for the buck" category. Check out Sanrenmu F1-723, or 710 and Enlan EL-01D.
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    Post your Budget Lights Collection: Mine Here

    On the other hand leaving 10 $150 lights around the house, car, shop, backpack, etc. can be expensive. If you choose the right one it's easy to make the argument that 10 $15 lights are more useful. Regarding pride, my pride doesn't really extend to flashlights. Maybe if I manufactured them.
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    Tikka 2 XP - review.

    If it's like the torx screws used on folder knives it's common to use something similar to lock-tite so take the batteries out and try using a heat gun on the low setting and then try to torx.
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    What do you keep next to your bed?

    Beretta 9mm and 22mm along with 6P with single mode XM-L.
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    BIG Fixed Bladed Knives That You Have

    Condor Bushlore in the center. Enlan El-01D and SRM 909 for comparisons.
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    Budget and non budget lights have you been happy with your purchases?

    You have to know which budget lights to purchase just as you have to know which more expensive lights to purchase. If you do your homework you'll probably be satisfied with the results. I would personally be more unhappy if I bought an expensive light and didn't end up liking it than if the...
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    Two HK cheapies, both only work when I unscrew end cap -- fix?

    Something might be getting "crushed". You might be able to screw the tail cap retaining ring in more to move the spring further away (if that's the issue). If it's at the other end you might be able to unscrew the LED pill out at bit. Again, these are solutions if something is physically being...
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    What would you do ?

    I'd chill.
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    H51w or H51wf?

    I have both the H51 and H51f (neither are warm however). I use the H51 with diffuser all the time as well. It's not quite as even as the H51f however. I use the H51f primarily and the H51 (with diffusion material) is the backup. I'd get the H51wf if I were you. :)
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    Zebralight H31Fw or H31w + Diffused film

    It's a personal thing I think. I have the H51f and H51 to which I've added tape. I never use the H51 without tape and I generally use the H51f so my vote obviously was to go the frosted version. It's not like the non-frosted version has a lot of throw anyway. It's just got an annoying cutoff...
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    Why low mode first on LED lights? Suggestions?

    How about a Photon Proton Pro. It's a small (slender) single AA that comes on in high.
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    Black Diamond Storm Housing: are White/Black/Orange created equal?

    I have the orange Storm as well and I now kind of assume that black would be better in that regard but I don't know for sure. I just covered the lower part of the housing with black electricians tape so I don't have that problem but the housing doesn't look as good with black tape on it of...
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    H502 too wide - trying H51

    True. I just found that I never want that kind of hotspot from my headlamp while hiking. It doesn't though all that much further anyway and it's annoying (the sharp cut-off). I generally carry a not so big thrower (flashlight) in my pocket or backpack for those rare times when I need throw for...
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    BlackDiamond Storm vs Zebralight H51 series

    For me the H1 is just for when I need some help seeing so detail a little more clearly. Most of the time (depending on the trail) 30 would be fine and around camp 7 and on down is good.
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    H502 too wide - trying H51

    I use the H51f in your situation. I also have the H51 but don't care for it without tape over it in which case one might as well get the H51f.
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    BlackDiamond Storm vs Zebralight H51 series

    You can always just buy the H51w and put tape over the lens. I think there is a H51fc. Is there no H51fw?
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    Zebra light headlamps?