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  1. vic2367

    wtb fenix PD22 tail clickie and led module

    as the title says looking for fenix PD22 tail clickie and led module
  2. vic2367

    WTB sunwayman Ti

    forgot the model name but its a sunwayman Ti
  3. vic2367

    c8 LED

    received my convoy c8 today , realized its the UV version .. is there any drop in to change the blue LED to 4500k white LED ?
  4. vic2367

    WTB Lumintop GT MICRO

    looking for the Lumintop GT MICRO
  5. vic2367

    Gt nano

    got the gt nano Also have the lumintop tool AAA body that fits perfectly , my question What battery is everyone using ? Obviously the 10180 battery won't do it . Any other battery out there ?
  6. vic2367

    charger for a 10180 battery

    anyone know where i could find one ?
  7. vic2367

    modding questions on a convoy c8

    to start im brand new to trying and build a flashlight . mods if this isnt allowed please forgive me this would be my first time my question is can i use a convoy c8 host with these products
  8. vic2367

    klarus charger , D cell not fitting in

    have the klarus ch4s smart charger , and some rechargeable D cells , for the life of me i cant seem to fit the larger D cells into those thin slots . anyone know ?
  9. vic2367

    jetbeam pro 2 Ti 3 empty slots ?

    dont know if this would be the correctplace to ask i just got thr jetbeam pro 2 Ti i see at the end of the tailcap are 3 empty slots for tritium ? anyone know what size or where i can purchese these from thanks in advance
  10. vic2367

    Sold/Expired SUNWAYMAN V10R Ti

    as the title says
  11. vic2367

    FW3A light

    had this light about 2 months now , and it really doesnt do it for me ,, the light only goes on after i turn the LED head about halfway off . thinking of getting rid of it , need a light that i can trust , that i know will turn on . i checked all the youtube videos , so im thinking it might be...
  12. vic2367

    123a vs 18650

    what are the advantages/ disadvantage of using the batteries ? thinking of getting the fenix pd35 , says i can use either type of battery which would anyone here choose , and why ? vic
  13. vic2367

    best place for re chargeable 123a

    SORRY IF THIS POST IS THE WRONG THREAD where can i get re chargeable 123a looking for the longest run time {mah} along with the highest volt? searched google but can up with multiple Chinese company's , dont want to have to deal with overseas shipping also looking for a slow charger for...
  14. vic2367

    broken sunwaymanv10r Ti

    ok ,,,i have the sunwayman but not working ,,could be the LEd or the driver board .or could be the switch ,,i want to take it apart and try and put the triple LEd xpe , my question 1} where can i purchase the triple LEDs ? 2} whats a good driver for this LEd and where can i purchase it at ...
  15. vic2367

    need help IDing this item

    idk if this is the right forum ok i ordered some tritium FOB and recieved these as a gift ,,anyone know what they are ? the company that i ordered them from is in china any help ? http:// http://
  16. vic2367

    sf E2D pressure switch ?

    anyone know if anyone makes a pressure switch for the sf e2d light ?
  17. vic2367

    flood or throw ?

    quick question which reflector is for throw and which is for flood ? one reflector is smooth and the other is textured ,, thanks vic
  18. vic2367


    anyone hear from milkyspit ? his mail box is full ,,,
  19. vic2367

    streamlight question ,,,

    are the new streamlights with the led c4 ,,are these the crees ?
  20. vic2367

    HA some mag lights

    where could i find people who do this HA on the mags,,,they look great ,,,