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  1. Lips

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair recently(end of 2018). $15.00 (They cashed the check) Light worked for only around a year when I got it new. Upgraded to the SC31 when it malfunctioned. Wonder if they will fix the SC30? It's a classic for sure!
  2. Lips

    Skilhunt H02 Headlamp

    Haven't seen this headlamp before. Looks pretty good on paper. Anybody have one of these to speak of real world performance? H02 headlamp LED: CREE XM-L2 Max output: ANSI 820 Lumens / 960 LED Lumens Max runtime: 120 hours Max beam distance: 105 meters Max peak beam intensity: 2800cd...
  3. Lips

    Leatherman Skeletool CX vs Leatherman Sideclip etc

    Leatherman Skeletool CX vs Leatherman Sideclip (Retired Tool) vs SOG X-Ray Vision Bought a Leatherman Skeletool CX a few weeks ago and love it. I'm late to the game but it's nice, functional, well built minimalist edc utility tool. The larger one-handed knife 1520cm sets it apart. First...
  4. Lips

    SL-80120 New Searchlight 2014 from Henlin

    SL-80120 New Searchlight 2014 Saw this new posting on Henlins site. Looks like a 80w to 120w dual output high power searchlight offering planned for 2014. Not sure what to make of it! Couldn't find any other info about it... This one says 2014 also and should look similar to the...
  5. Lips

    Nitecore SRT7 malfunction below 70 degrees F

    Nitecore SRT7 malfunction below 70 degrees F My light seems to have a defect as when the ambient temperature of a room drops below 70 F the SRT7 will not light. I can warm up the light in my hands and it will then work. When below 70 degree F it does not work, when above 70 degree F the SRT7...
  6. Lips

    Nitecore SRT 7 and Motorcycle Wreck, in action

    . . Nitecore SRT 7 in action at a Motorcycle Wreck Thought I'd share this story since it involved a couple of flashlights, Nightcore SRT 7 and a LED Stinger. About a week ago myself and a friend were coming from Home Depot buying some supplies. Cashier hit the wrong button which caused a...
  7. Lips

    Can a Deft carbon be upgraded with a Wavien RLT™ Collar

    . . Wondering if anyone knows if a Deft carbon (150k lux) can be upgraded with a Wavien RLT™ Collar I know the pill can be upgraded with a new LED (I think!) Bumping up to 750k lux for $150 bucks or so sounds like a winner if it can be done... Few shots of the Deft carbon (150k lux) vs...
  8. Lips

    Pop Up Lantern

    Was reading thread on new Energizer Fusion pop up lantern Came across this thing that's suppose to be made in Japan. Some places have it for $24 to $35. Got it for $8.50 from an Amazon seller. 3 Function Pop-Up Lantern: It's probably poo poo but couldn't help try it out since it uses 4 x...
  9. Lips

    Singfire SF-536 XM-L T6 Headlamp Zoomable

    . . . Singfire SF-536 XM-L T6 Headlamp Zoomable Member langham mentioned this light in this thread. Wondering if anyone has tried this light. I was drawn...
  10. Lips

    Infared Lens Cover M1 Abrams Tank

    . . . Found this for $26 bucks on Fleabay. Probably cost US taxpayers $500 :duh2: Should fit the Stanley HID or N30/L35 with a little rigging. Maybe on front of a high-powered mag mod or Polarion for wow factor... US Military M1 Abrams Tank Infrared Blackout Glass IR Lens Cover View...
  11. Lips

    Magic Fire 40W HID 4000-Lumen 4x18650 HID Flashlight

    . . Magic Fire 40W HID 4000-Lumen 4x18650 HID Flashlight These are in the Marketplace here as a few have seen... $180 They may be worth taking a look at...
  12. Lips

    Mitralux 5-967 Handheld 27,000 Lumen Searchlight

    . . Made in Switzerland by Transmatic, Fan Cooled, Shoulder Strap, Tripod, 27,000 Lumens, Metal Reflector with 3 Lens, Halogen Anybody know anything about this light. Never seen it before. Any good? 110v needed to power...
  13. Lips

    Sold/Expired Ti PD-S with 3 Trit Bezel **SOLD PF**

    . Ti PD-S with 3 Trit Bezel (red - blue - green) and green trit in tail **For Sale** This one is in excellent condition. Original 6 Flute version upgraded to Seoul LED from Luxeon... Nice, bright and white... $615 shipped conus add 3% paypal or certified bank check 1st I'll take it with...
  14. Lips

    Sold/Expired Ti S27-PD 917ma drive **SOLD**

    . McGizmo Ti S27-PD 917ma drive This is a 917ma drive level on high S27-PD, has low mode also. The head was originally from a CX2 light. This light is a shelf queen and has a green tritium vile in the tail. First Unconditional I’ll take it gets it PM for paypal addy $625 Delivered...
  15. Lips

    Elvis - Baa Baa Black Sheep - Red

    . Elvis - Baa Baa Black Sheep - Red Was watching The Last Days of Elvis Presley the other day and got interrupted. Had some down-time last night so popped it up on youtube... Was curious about one of Elvis's body guards "RED" so I looked him up on Google. Always seen Red in clips with...
  16. Lips

    Microfire Challenger II

    . Anybody seen this spotlight. Never heard of it... (Note: just realized these may be V's videos?) Microfire challenger II Video from askulamppufriikki Video .
  17. Lips

    800 Lumen LED Spotlight

    . 800 Lumen LED Spotlight with Lithium Ion Battery Specs and Pics: Maybe install a SST-90 ? This lightweight 14 ounces, ultra rugged, ergonomic handheld Magnalight 10 Watt LED spotlight operates for 4.5 hours on a single...
  18. Lips

    Spot Light with Moving Head

    . Pretty amazing Moving Head Spotlight for only $799 on ebay. (Sold for $600 at Best Offer) 575 watt AC powered Check-out the Video...
  19. Lips

    Remote Control Short Arc

    3 Short Arc Remote Controll Lights 1st ACR RCL-600 150 Watt Short Arc at 65 pounds Around $6000 brand new. Variable focus and multiple V & H speeds... This light can be found used but they are installed on yatchs and tugs. Probably the most common high-end light for expensive (40 plus...
  20. Lips

    Vector Beam M500 or Trakkabeam 500 Watt Short Arc

    . Vector Beam M500 or Trakkabeam 500 Watt Short Arc Anybody ever seen or dealt with this light? It looks like a powerhouse! The most advanced searchlight available for law enforcement, search & rescue, firefighting and...