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    ToolVN Clicky Titanium - Must Have EDC R

    You little bugger! OK so I need the rainbow finish. What's that called in checkout? Also i would typically get the most throw but im thinking W2 this time (have a W1 preon) But with the extra lumens will it have less runtime that W1? The throw i feel is negligible 200 vs 228m...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    2 Aurora A5 ! Because the lumanus body and side LEDs are so cool! And it come on high fairly easily with one button touch.
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    Just ordered a Fenix PD36R

    I grabbed one a few months back for a great deal and was very pleased. My preonVN keeps up with it but you already know for the size and convenient charge port its a great light. Sad i can't find it the last few weeks so i just ordered a SF Stiletto. Only thing that really bugs me is sometimes i...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Skylumen mega thrower MT35vn+ 180.00

    Re: WTS: Skylumen mega thrower MT35vn+ Hi there, i have a Medford knife and tool Smooth Criminal winking at you
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    I3vn ODG / Toolvn / BetaVN / PreonVN = True EDC R

    Re: FourSevens PreonVN - Subcompact Tactical R This little light is as you would expect, absolutely amazing. Here is a completely amateur beam shot vs the new PD36R 1600 lumen. PreonVN 500Lm w1 thrower D36R 1600lm
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    Is there a keychain light everyone loves?

    Olight 1R eos has been fantastic. The updated model you don't have to take apart to charge and is bumped from 120 to 150 max lumens. Olight 1R
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    Surefire pictures on your travels

    Anyone remember that thread 🤔 Love to see those pictures again. I have a bunch.
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    Surefire pictures on your travels

    Looking for that old thread if its still going. Surefire France
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    I3vn ODG / Toolvn / BetaVN / PreonVN = True EDC R

    Re: FourSevens PreonVN - Subcompact Tactical R Nice, did he accept the gift? I just about ordered one to replace my lost tool vn. Although there are so many options. I want a dull copper, white white thrower. So I'm not exactly sure if i want the W1 or an XPL( what the best white thrower for...
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    I3vn ODG / Toolvn / BetaVN / PreonVN = True EDC R

    Re: FourSevens PreonVN - Subcompact Tactical R Oh man.....i was just turning my nephew onto skylumens YouTube and seen this. Very excited. Especially since i lost my prize toolvn(got me out of a speeding ticket once) lol)
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    Surefire E Series Lego-ability

    I do this all the time,love the legos. I sometimes run the E1D head on the E2LAA body .
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    Test/review of Fenix 16340 700mAh ARB-L16-700 (Orange-Black)

    Ill grab a few just to see how they run vs the keepower 700mah. So much appreciation for HKJ, a true wizzard.
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    Surefire EDCL1-T

    My flashlight guy said he will have some of the new surefires when i dropped off a few microtechs for service. He said a week and half, its been a week im sure. Ill go see whats what tomorrow.
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    Surefire E1B MaxVision discussion

    I have an E1L-A for you
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    Stinger led identifying what charger

    My brother in law found this on the freeway (he's a trucker) so naturally he calls me to ask about it lol. I know alot of models were made so I narrowed it down to a stinger led HP. From the smooth head looks like an older model. Is it even worth buying a charger for. Or maybe a newer model that...
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    Sold/Expired *Sold* WTS: HDS 140 high CRI clicky, Elzetta Alpha 415 high/low

    Re: WTS: HDS 140 high CRI clicky, Elzetta Alpha 415 high/low Seconds on alpha
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    Sold/Expired All SOLD: Surefire Backup 300 lumen. $80 shipped!

    Re: FS: Surefire Backup 300 lumen. $80 shipped! I thought it was sold last week for 90 Grrrrrrrrr
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    Struggling in picking a E1DL/ E1L-A

    I have both the E1L and the E1D. I sometimes carry both. But the E1D is always with me. It runs great on RCR123
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    Sold/Expired Sold Out: Olight S1 Baton flashlight.

    Re: Olight S1, S MINI, Baton flashlights in black, CU, BR and Rose Gold I'll take 2 of these please. PM PayPal when you get a chance. And don't worry about boxes, just what's in the box is important to me. Maybe you will save a Buck on shipping. These will be gifts to cell phone using...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: K50vn with de-domed 5000K XM-L2 with original accessories - Excellent Co...

    I'm trying my man, been dying for this light. Let's hang in there.