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  1. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: two 1000 Lumens pocket burners by *LASER*

    I‘m selling two of my favorites modded by member *LASER* TNC Key-Lux „AA“ 350 mAh - aluminum body - 1xAA / 14500 cell - natural HA anodized - Luminus SST-50 led - modified DD driver - modified OP reflector - conditions: mint This burner needs only a 14500 and after a twist of the...
  2. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: MJP/Arcmania lights (Surefire Lego) Update 18.11.2018

    For sale: MJP/Arcmania lights ideally for Surefire Lego! - MaxLite AA S/N 068 - MaxLite AA body - Extreme II head - Surefire Z61 tailcap (is more of a matte black/grey (original Surefire ano) matching the head nicely) - XM-L2 U4 emitter - 1Amp single mode driver - McR20 reflector Conditions...
  3. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: MJP/Arcmania flashlight sales thread (last update 05.11.2018)

    I sell my complete ArcMania MJP flashlight collection. All or the most hosts made by TnC! Here the first, will add more or on request (red marked are sold) —————————————————————— - SF-III #08/25 Custom Triple XML by *LASER*...
  4. Genna

    Arcmania/MJP lights

    Hi folks, there are also Arcmania/MJP lights collectors here? The most are Made by TNC.
  5. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTB: AW soft start switch

    I’m looking for a AW soft start switch. Please PM if you have a switch and don‘t need it. Thank you for looking!
  6. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: Surefire SW02 tailcap

    **Sold elsewhere, please close** Thanks CPF! [emoji1317]
  7. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT - Surefire M1 complete or only body

    ISO - Surefire M1 I look for a complete M1 or only the body in unused or new conditions. If you have one too much and are willing to sell or trade, please pm. Thanks for looking
  8. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTT: Veleno Design Quantum D2 SS

    I have for trade (later a sale) a mint Veleno Design Quantum D2 SS complete with box, USB-charger, cell and keychain-rings. No Tritium vials installed/included. As trade I'm interested in Surefire lights (no Weaponlights) in mint, unused or undamaged conditions possible with box or custom...
  9. Genna

    Sold/Expired TRADED: Integral Big Viper Damask *Little Rose* made by Juergen Schanz

    Please close the thread, item is traded over another platform. Thanks CPF! For sale from my collection: Integral Big Viper Damask "Little Rose" made by Juergen Schanz. - Knivemaker: Jürgen Schanz ( - Damasteel "Little Rose": Markus Balbach...
  10. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: Integral Neckknife Damask made by Juergen Schanz

    Sold!!! Damasteel Integral Custom Knive „Made in Germany“ - Knivemaker: Jürgen Schanz - Damasteel "Torsion": Markus Balbach - Total length : 200mm - Sharp length: 90 mm (HRC60) - Total thickness: 14 mm - Blade thickness : 5 mm - Handle: Damasteel/Apple-Coral with brass pins - Sheet: Cow...
  11. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: knurled Leef 1x18650 body for McGizmo 27LT

    Black knurled Leef 1x18650 bodies for the McGizmo 27LT. The tailend is Surefire c series thread. Conditions: near mint Price: **$65 USD** shipped worldwide
  12. Genna

    Unknown Leef 1x18650 body

    Hello CPF, I have a Leef 1x18650 body and don't know for wich light. The tailcap is Surefire c series, but the inner thread from the head is smaller than c series (not e series) and start more deeply. Thanks in advance and for looking!
  13. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: 2 brass tailstand shrouds for Surefire L1 and A2

    I have for sale two new and unused brass tailstand shrouds for Surefire L1 and A2. $45 USD/each shipped worldwide $80 USD/both shipped worldwide Thanks for looking! Genna
  14. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTT/WTB: Oveready Moddoolar C series interface for blank (finned) E2C adapter

    Want to trade (or buy): Oveready Moddoolar C series interface for a (if possible blank and finned) E2C adapter. If you have a (blank and finned) e2c adapter for trade (or sale), please pm Thanks for...
  15. Genna

    Bren-Tronic battery dealer within Europe

    Does anyone know a dealer for Bren-Tronic BB-2590 (BT-70791CG) or similar rechargeable battery within Europe? Thanks for looking Genna
  16. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTB: Aleph1 head and Aleph Standard tailcap in camouflage done by Mirage_Man

    Hi guys, I know it's almost impossible, but an attempt is worth it, and besides writing it costs nothing [emoji6] I'm looking for an Aleph1 head and Aleph Standard tailcap from a complete host that Mirage_Man has coated in Camouflage a few years ago. If someone has something, knows or has...
  17. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: Grant and Gavin Hawk RAM I (Nr. 51 of 60)

    **Sold**: Grant and Gavin Hawk RAM I Up for sale is a first generation RAM flipper by Gavin & Grant Hawk with the patented „Hawk Lock“ mechanism. This knife was not carried or used to cut from me (2. owner). They comes with anodized alu bevels and green/black G10 scales, oldstyle thubstuds and...
  18. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: **price drop** G&G Hawk R.A.M. I (Nr.51 if 60)

    Up for sale is a very rare first generation RAM flipper by Grant & Gavin Hawk (Nr. 51 of near 60 pieces built in 2006-2007) This knife was not carried from me (2. Owner) and was never used to cut. They comes with anodized bevels and green/black G10 scales. Very few of these out, especially in...
  19. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTB: blank/raw/polished Surefire C-C body

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a raw/blank or (best case) polished Body for Surefire C series, like Leef, FiveMega,.... Please no Solarforce or similar, thanks! Open for trades! Thanks for looking
  20. Genna

    Sold/Expired WTS: Triple XHP-70 cooper Pcb's 35mm dia.

    I have a few Triple XHP-70 cooper pcb's (6 Volt configuration) left! Board diameter is 35mm. The distance of the Emitters is not ideally for Triple Optics! Price: $35 USD/each If you have questions, please feel free to ask or pm me Thanks for looking!