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  1. TinderBox (UK)

    Li-ion headlamp strange first charge instructions

    I bought this rechargeable headlamp from Lidl today for £9.99 The instruction say it has an "Lithium-Ion 3.7 V, 1800mAh" inside and it`s charged though an micro-usb port, it`s has an green led while it charges and it goes out when it`s full. But the instructions say for the first charge to...
  2. TinderBox (UK)

    Lithium RC123 included with flashlight, Leaking or Rusty ??

    I bought an Olight SMINI BATON LE, when i opened flashlight the battery inside looked like the photo in the link below. Is this leakage or rust or something else, The flashlight is clean, no damage. EDIT: Voltage is at 3.24 volts John.
  3. TinderBox (UK)

    New LED streetlights may double cancer risk, new research warns John.
  4. TinderBox (UK)

    Faulty JDY IC99 Charger

    This is basically a warning to check if your charge is faulty or not. There was no protective clear tape on the lcd, so i was not certain if i have been given a return, I always leave it on to protect the screen. The JDY IC99 looks like an Opus 3100, but it can also charge ni-zn and ram and...
  5. TinderBox (UK)

    LED landing gear light on the 1977 A10 Warthog The Warthog was made in originally manufactured from 1977 so this must be an later addition, it`s described in the post above as the "nose landing gear lamp" I just though it was interesting and that others might like to see it.
  6. TinderBox (UK)

    led lantern, hot to make clear plastic, opaque/frosted

    Hi. I bought a couple of cheap led storm lanterns but the light is uneven and hurts my eye`s, I wonder if it would be possible to make the clear plastic opaque/frosted. Thanks for any help EDIT: It looks like it`s actually made from glass, I tried to make a small scratch with an knife but...
  7. TinderBox (UK)

    Does the Olight S15 Baton, Have a proud blue button, or a flush black one??

    When i search for the Olight S15 Baton, Most photo`s show a raised blue power button, But some show a flush black one. So what is correct. John.
  8. TinderBox (UK)


    So where does the power come from? Do the graphene cells harvest radio waves, like solar uses light waves. John.
  9. TinderBox (UK)

    SHOCKING (Cheap Asian knives may be marked with wrong steel type) SHOCKING

    $11 Knife marked as D2 is not D2 All is not lost for a measly $30.000 you can buy a spectrometer gun, It takes 5 seconds to check the steel in your $10 knives., So you can pay $20 to send it back to China for your $10 refund. John.
  10. TinderBox (UK)

    IP or IPX rating, What does it mean?

    When i do a search on IPX rating, I am getting results for IP rating am getting results for IPhone 8 is IP67 and Samsung S8 is IP68 According to the link, IP67 is waterproof for a static 30min and IP68 is 30min at up to 1.5m...
  11. TinderBox (UK)

    How about an lithium 18650 primary

    It would be nice if you could buy them like cr123a primaries to have on hand for an emergency, I don't ever remember seeing anybody selling them though I could be mistaken. Some 18650 lights can handle the voltage of 2 cr123a cells but for those that cannot an 18650 sized primary would be nice...
  12. TinderBox (UK)

    Energizer 2 in 1 flashlight/lantern - Battery`s 4xAAA or 2xAA ???

    I love all flashlight at all price ranges. I ordered a couple of these flashlights and the Energizer website and the lot of website say it comes with 4xAAA alkaline battery`s but mine came with 2xAA battery`s Now i prefer 2xAA vs 4xAAA as 2xAA contain 8.4WH of energy conspired to the 4xAAA...
  13. TinderBox (UK)

    Sold/Expired WTB - Brinkmann 3 Watt LED Digital 2D Flashlight - Shipped to UK

    I am looking to buy one of these flashlights, if i lived in the USA it would be no problem as i have seen them for $20, I have seen one in the UK but it`s like $60 I found a website below that sells them quite cheap and has free international shipping, But i am worried it is an SCAM site...
  14. TinderBox (UK)


    I heard some banging noise coming from my kitchen, I got up to see what was happening, one of my cat`s Lacy was knocking the battery`s that were being charged in my charger around, 3x5000mah D cells, So i chased her away then i saw smoke coming from the charger, somehow she had manged to short...
  15. TinderBox (UK)

    Recover old Eneloop capacity?

    I have had a couple of Sanyo Eneloop AAA 800mah (13-01 RN) that have been in a cordless phone for a couple of years, I did a capacity test and one shows 776mah and the other 676mah, The 676mah is the one i have been trying to recover, I have done a 5 or 6 charge discharge cycles in my C3100 and...
  16. TinderBox (UK)

    WUBEN USB FLASHLIGHT`S - Anybody have one???

    They have an usb port for charging, you unscrew the head slightly to get to it. Are the flashlight`s regulated, any battery protection ?? the WUBEN website only shows necklaces flashlights, I cannot see these keychain versions. I cannot find any reviews. WUBEN® E349 - 14500 AA Version...
  17. TinderBox (UK)

    Lifepo4 maximum charging voltage 4.2V ???

    I bought an couple of Soshine RCR123 cells 600mah, written on the side says "charge standard: 120ma : rapid 600ma to 4.2V" i have read threads that say charging lifepo4 cells to 4.2v is dangerous and really bad for the cells and that they should only be charged to 3.6v So what is right? John...
  18. TinderBox (UK)

    Labelling Battery`s - Need Portable Label Printer Recommendations ??

    Looking for a budget friendly portable label printer with easily available and reasonably priced tapes, I have tried permanent makers and they just rub off, also my penmanship is not the best. Also some label printers waste a lot of tape at the beginning and end of the message. Labels need to...
  19. TinderBox (UK)

    Is there an 1AA or 2AA with micro-usb charger built in ????

    I have some AAA battery`s with an micro-usb built in, So an AA flashlight should be able to fit one. EDIT: I want to use NIMH AA battery`s not li-ion. Thanks John.
  20. TinderBox (UK)

    Is it possible to stop/slowdown the degradation of rubber/silicone buttons ??

    Are they made from the same type of material that orings are made from? Orings are made from many type of material, what is good for one type is bad for another. So is clean water all you can really use. I suppose trying to find a replacement is the best option, but on older lights that are...

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