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    Here's dumb question number 1: are H4's interchangable with 9003's both physically and functionally? As I wade tru old posts, looking for the best commonly available H4 bulbs it becomes slightly confusing. When I hit a link I many times get a picture of a bulb with some (or a lot) of blue tint...
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    Hella 90mm Bi-Halogen Hi/Lo, how do they rate?

    These specifically: Compared to Cibie 7" H-4's? Better worse? Any downsides that I should be aware of? We have the room (and ability) to mount them. Thanks.
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    Stand alone Hi/Lo beams

    I'm looking for input. I have decent aux. Hi/Lo/+ driving lights on a 2002 Dodge 3500 that have improved my night driving a considerable amount, the factory lights all work and are at this point only an emergency backup if my "better" lights fail, they haven't been used in years except to check...
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    Cadillac SRX bulb recomendations?

    I searched but did not find. I would appreciate advise on the best replacement bulbs for a 2005 Cadillac SRX, thanks.
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    Yet another motorcycle question

    I'm replacing the small/wimpy rear turn signals on a motorcycle with Signal-Stat 6" oval red leds, mounted in the saddle bags (farthest rear location. The turn signals on my ride function as tail/turn/brake lights. There is a fairly weak central located indandecent S/T/T still in place. My...
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    Motorcycle 7" led question

    Virgil what option would you consider the better all around led, on a motorcycle with a single 7" headlight, the Peterson or the Truck-lite? I have a lot of time behind the H-D marketed JW Speaker and won't consider it, and won't be getting the new adaptive JW Speaker any time soon. I have...
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    3" LED stop/tail/turn??

    Does anyone know of such an animal, I could settle for 2" but bigger would be better. Just simple round, truck type. I don't have room for 4". For use on a motorcycle where the small existing turn signals function as tail/turn/stop. I have limited space to mount these in the saddlebags. Plenty...
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    Recomendation for headlight bulbs? '05 Buick Lacrosse

    My Mom's car has a headlight out, I need to replace it. Might as well upgrade if possible, any recomendations? J
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    '04 Chevy Silverado bulbs???

    I'm looking for the best bulb choices for a bone stock 2004 Chevrolet Silverado half ton, 4X4 Z71 with good,clear oem housings. My son's truck, a hard working kid who drives long distances at night, wanting to get him the best possible night vision. I'll "assume" that the same bulbs would be...
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    '02 Dodge Ram wiring??

    I haven't ever triggered aux. lights off the headlights on this truck, but am trying to now. The goal is to trigger my aux low beams off the existing lows. The headlights have 4 wires, 2 black, one white and one blue. All four wires show 12V all the time, lights on or off. So I'm thinking it's...
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    GE 4421 sealed beam??

    Any insite or experience with these? For use as a high beam on (from well maintained to no maintained) dirt right-of-ways where we drive quite a bit after dark in a work truck. 100W and 300 hr rating. Going in old Daylighter buckets. Any better suggestion for 100w or so, non spot beam? J
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    Bosch Compact 100 fog kit available???

    Searching far and wide but not having any luck, so far. I'm looking for Bosch Compact 100 clear fog kit. Anybody got a lead on these? Thanks, JTMcC
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    A question about Daniel Stern

    Does he ever answer emails? I've sent four over the last couple years, asking for pricing on different products, and have never received any reply. So I've bought elsewhere. Does he have a phone number? JTMcC
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    Width to mount auxillary lights?

    I appreciate the knowledge available here, it's been a big help and saved me considerable $. I have a second question, what width is most efficient (and how much does it matter?) to mount aux. low beams and driving lamps? We are a welding company and we're going to build a new front...
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    What's the better 7" option?

    My goal is to add sturdy/innexpensive additional lighting to a work truck that's used at night quite a bit, both on and off highway. I'm using Grote 7" buckets and new wiring/relays. The two options I'm considering are: 1) Bosch 7" H-4 (and if so, what bulb, I can't believe the number of...