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  1. moltenmag

    Sold/Expired WTS: HDS, Surefire

    Hey guys. Moltenmag Here. Hope everyone is doing well in 2020. Want to sell some of my lights. First “I’ll take it” gets it. PayPal G&S is best. Thanks for looking! [emoji109] 1. HDS 100 lumen High CRI RA Clicky with Smooth bezel and flush button. Comes with Prometheus Ti clip. Like new...
  2. moltenmag

    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS Clicky High CRI 120 3700k or TRADE for my HDS HCRI 100 lumen Clicky

    Moltenmag Here, I’m looking to buy back some of my old collection that I sold from before Hurricane Michael. I’m looking for a HDS Clicky HCRI 120 that I had. I think it was 3700k 219A emitter. If interested, I also have for trade: - Recently acquired (first HDS HCRI I think?) RA HDS HCRI...
  3. moltenmag

    Sold/Expired WTS: flashlight collection: HDS, Muyshondt, Arc

    Moltenmag here. Me and my family are grateful to God that we survived Hurricane Michael. Unfortunately I need some money and have to sell most of my collection. I only have enough time to upload one pic. First “I’ll take it” gets it. Might add more down the road. Text me at (321) 348-7906 for...
  4. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: If you could only keep 1 HDS Light which one would it be?

    A little challenge for you Minimalist EDC'ers. If you could only keep one HDS Flashlight (and one battery source), which one would it be? I couldn't make this an actual poll because the list of options would be endless. Post your pick and your reasons why below! (Artwork by me) Questions to...
  5. moltenmag

    HDS Help me make my HDS EDC Ultimate 60 XR 18650 Compatible

    Hey guys. Moltenmag here. I recently purchased the necessary components to make my EDC Ultimate 60 take 18650s. I know there is a previous forum on this topic but all the pictures are gone. I have the brass bar, and the spring, tube, and AW 18650 battery (pics below). Appreciate any help on...
  6. moltenmag

    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT: HDS Systems Titanium Clicky

    Moltenmag here. I love THROW in my edc lights. I just realized that the elusive HDS RA Titanium Clicky had a 170 Golden Dragon Emitter which is the same in my current edc light. I want one of these lights. If you have a titanium HDS Clicky you want to sell or know where I can get one, PLEASE PM...
  7. moltenmag

    HDS How to get more THROW out of an HDS in 2018... Step 1: Buy a different light...

    So it's 2018 and you're on the Amazon looking at the HDS EDC Tactical 250 lumen Rotary Flashlight to use on your 200 acre farm property. You equate the term "tactical" to mean "throw" so you gladly purchase the light. It arrives on your doorstep 2 days later. It's 2:00 AM the next night and...
  8. moltenmag

    HDS Recommend me a keychain light to compliment my HDS...

    Moltenmag here fellow HDS fans... While I eagerly wait for Henry and Dan to design the ultimate keychain HDS light, I am searching for a suitable stand in light to compliment my HDS. I already own a Muyshondt Aeon Mk II but I want your opinion on what else is out there. I want the same...
  9. moltenmag

    HDS Recommend me a thrower to compliment my HDS...

    Hey guys. Moltenmag here. Looking for a long range thrower to compliment my HDS. Want to use 18650s. Looked into the surefire dual fury but I can’t decide. Anything from Malkoff looks good... a wildcat? I want the same durability and quality as HDS if possible... Beamshots welcome! :)
  10. moltenmag

    HDS Has anyone upgraded heir HDS with Skylumen’s (Vinh’s) XPL HI 6500k LED upgrade?

    Hey guys. Moltenmag here. Wanting better throw out of my HDS. I’m wanting to send one of my HDS lights to Skylumen for an aftermarket LED upgrade for $50. Has anyone done this? If so, how is the throw? Beamshots are welcome :)
  11. moltenmag


    Hey Moltenmag here. I'm looking to buy an HDS rotary or clicky in the orange cerakote. I have some rare HDS's that I could offer in a trade if interested. PM me if interested! :)
  12. moltenmag

    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS RA Clicky Clip

    Hey Moltenmag here. I’m looking to buy a clip for my used RA Clicky. I’ve heard that Wvaltakis makes some good ones? I prefer bezel down but PM me if you have any! Moltenmag out.
  13. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems: RA Clicky Question

    Hey guys. Recently scored a RA Clicky 170 from eBay. I have 2 questions... 1. How do you fix the air being trapped under the bezel of the rubber boot? (Can I use a current flush button in the RA button housing?) 2. Does anyone know where I can get a clip that screws into the body? Appreciate...
  14. moltenmag

    Sold/Expired WTB: Arc AAA Flashlight 🔦

    Hey Moltenmag here. Looking for an Arc AAA flashlight. I LOVE Nat HAIII anodizing! Anyone know where I can find one? Shoot me a PM if you do. 😎
  15. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: HDS Headlamp or HDS Keychain?

    What new product would you like to see next from HDS Systems? An HDS headlamp or HDS keychain light? Vote now in the poll above (web view on CPF app) and tell me why down below!
  16. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems EDC: Suggestions #1

    Thought I would create this thread purely for suggestions in regards to modifying or improving HDS Systems and it's products/firmware. Please keep your comments purely focused on how to improve HDS Systems lights and it's products. If you suggested something and it became a reality, post your...
  17. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: Team Satin or Team Black?

    Team Satin or Team Black? Which HDS Crenelated Bezel is "crowned king" in your EDC? Vote in the poll above (web view in CPF App) and tell me why below! (pic by me)
  18. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: Team Flush or Team Raised?

    Team Flush or Team Raised? Which HDS button do you prefer? Vote in the poll above (web view in CPF app) and tell me why down below! (another pic by me...)
  19. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: Team Clicky or Team Rotary?

    So what's it going to be HDS fan? Team Clicky or Team Rotary? Vote now in the poll above (web view in CPF app) and tell me why down below! (pic done by me...)
  20. moltenmag

    HDS HDS Systems EDC Holsters # 1

    Since Hogo's holsters are strewn across multiple HDS threads, I thought that this thread could help streamline his content as well as provide a data base for other holsters that are currently on the market. :) List of available holsters: Thors Hammer Custom Leather (Hogo here on CPF)...