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    PSA: FDA updates on hand sanitizers consumers should not use

    If you go to the bottom of the page, you can do a manual check, or type the product name, to see if it is on their problem / should not use list.
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    Question re. Part in Fury

    I read about this part in a post, but can't seem to find it. What is the thin flat (what looks like a) washer, located between the head and body? After cleaning the light, I turned the light on, and only got the high mode. OK, took the Fury apart (head, body and tail cap) and found I'd...
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    Governor Jerry Brown Signs California AB 485

    This law is an effort to crack down on Puppy Mills! California is the First State in the U.S. to require pet stores to sell "ONLY" rescue animals! Oh, and it's effective as of TODAY!
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    Surefire 6PX Pro emmiter question? Thanks!

    What LED is used in the 320 lumen model? Is it a XPG? Thanks, Pops PS tried doing a search, but the search function is disabled.
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    Did I Mess Up My New Batteries?

    Hi'all, I recently purchased four 18650 KeepPower 3400mAh Panasonic NCR18650B Protected Button Top batteries. The batteries arrived yesterday, so I placed 2 (of the four) batteries in my Nitecore i4 Intellicharger. However, I wasn't thinking ahead that I was planing on leaving for an errand in...
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    Your Thoughts on Pelican's 7600 ...

    Hey CPF; Before hitting that order button (the lights been in my buy list for a while now). I wanted to ask for your help / thoughts on a Pelican 7600. This is in regards to it's beam profile, switch, build, etc., and overall (pros & cons) recommendation of this light. The reason I'm...
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    Question Re: Storing CR123A Primary's.

    Got a question in regards to storing a few (four) boxes of Rayovac CR123A primary batteries, as well as a few Lithium AA's. Would it be OK to store them in a lunch container, which is similar to a Tupperware. These batteries will be in the container, placed at the bottom of my "Bail-Out-Bag"...
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    HDS Mods, what did you do to yours?

    Presently, I have two Rotary's. A 250, which will remain stock. Really like the beam profile, and (cool white) tint. I'm drifing away from neutral to warm tint LED's. So, the other started out as a 200. Sent it to Wayne to do a Nichia 219 neutral swap, a ways back. However, after talking...
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    HDS LED Swap; Question Rephrased ...

    If you were thinking about doing a (cool white) LED swap in your HDS. Which LED would you consider installing in it, and why? Thanks, Pops
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    04.04 Lunar Eclipse (early AM for N.A. western states)

    Schedule is in this link: These are pretty cool to watch. ... :thumbsup: Pops
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    Needing a new batter charger, would like to ask your advise/recommendation?

    I recently opened my second/back up Nitecore Itellicharger i4, as the end of the power cord was showing, or has exposed the wires leading into the plug of the first Intellicharger. I tried contacting Nitecore last week, asking if I could purchase a new/replacement power cord, but, I have yet to...
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    A Kudos to Surefire's warranty and customer service.

    After investing in, and still own 6 Surefire's (x2 P2X Furys, an E1b, LX2, and x2 T1A's). I finally had the opportunity this morning to witness the legendary Surefire warranty and customer service for myself when I had a problem with the tail cap to one of my Fury's. Surefire and Matt, did...
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    Please, need help with SF Fury head removal.

    I presently have one that Wayne was able to remove prior to doing a emitter swap. However I have another which I would like to remove in order to use an 18650 body (purchased to use with both lights). I tired Google, but can't find a proper strap tool to use around the head. If I'm able to...
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    Anyone who's up right now, 01:30 go outside and check out the moon!

    Cool huh? :tinfoil:
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    Do we have any folks who are into custom auto interior's?

    I figure I'd ask here, as I'm not getting any further then my idea on a few other boards. So ...... This is what I would like to accomplish. I would like to give my boy Calvin back his seat which he had in our 2009 JK Wrangler 6 speed manual trans (see photo). In our new 2014 Jeep JK...
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    Have you purchased a flashlight which you don't want to use?

    I received my back up T1A a month or so ago, and although it has the later higher output. I just can't seem to take it out an use it, if only to try it out. Anyway do you have a light that, for whatever the reason, you don't want to use? :tinfoil:
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    Poops, ... I mean Pops! BTW, I placed my order in a couple of hours ago. How come it ain't here yet? :tinfoil:
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    Thin Narrow Beam with a light spill to cut through fog ...

    I'm sorta getting ahead of myself, But there's a good chance me and the boy will be heading / working in a city with a lot of fog (extremely heavy / dense at times). I'm thinking I should'ah held on to my DEFT, however, I couldn't get use to the square beam. I still have my XSearcher, but like...
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    How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk?

    Take the quiz to find out how you talk.
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    What Light is on your Hit List, and Why?

    There's two I like to pick up. 1st is a Surefire EB1 with the two stage tactical tail cap. Because this would be a great light to have when I want to carry something different. 2nd is Jason's "Ready Made". I'd carry this one when Calvin and I go for our casual walks due to it's flood...