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    6mm Double Action SMD switches

    Hey guys Does anyone know where you can get the little 6mm double acting switches used in flashlights? Specifically NiteCore flashlights? I keep having lights fail from these switches and the factory will only sell me 1000 switches with no distributorship. You guys have any ideas...
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    EDC Died. Anything new and exciting thats Comparable?

    Hey guys The switch on my NiteCore MH23 died this morning. Before I order another light, Anything new and exciting out lately I should be looking at? Needs to be small, 18650 and 1000+ lumens. Thanks!
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    Looking to replace Nitecore EC25? Opinions?

    Hey all After many years of faithful service the switch on my EC25 is taking a dump on me, and i'm an unable to take it apart. Its been awhile since i've been on here, is there any reason not to buy another EC25? Thanks Guys!
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    Side button problems............bee

    Hey all, been awhile Wanted to upgrade my Fenix pd32 to and XML led. I ended up with a NiteCORE EC25 Cobra. Great light. Would have stayed with Fenix, but the T6 led kills it for me. Anyhoo.....My issue lies not with my new light, but more with the lighting trend of side buttons. Damn thing...
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    Help with Powering 20 XML leds

    Hey all, Last housing didn't work out, so starting over with new design. 20 leds though. What do you guys think is the best way to power this? DC only. Power supply will be remote mounted with a 12 foot harness. I'd like to stay in the 12v range, but am having a hard time coming up the the...
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    Custom 10x XM-L Array

    Hey all, Had this nice piece of alum sitting around. Thought I'd build myself a nice field use work light. Thought I would pop up a few pictures for some second opinions. You guys think there is enough heatsinking? will be running at 2100mAH, about 8400lM. I'm tring to replace this, Too...
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    Questions on Trit vial brightness.....

    Hey all, Decided to make my wife a stainless trit necklace for our anniversary. Bought an ice blue 3mm x 23mm and it is very dim. How bright should they be? I see pictures of trit in flashlights and whatnot and this is nowhere near that bright. I took a pic of it in a mostly dark room. For some...
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    XP-G vs XM-L Questions

    Hey all, I'm messing around with some XP-G and XM-L's. Bought a 700 and 2100 ma driver, a wide variety of optics and reflectors. What I'm questioning is the XM-L on the 2100 doesn’t seem much brighter than the XP-G on the 700. Am i doing something wrong? Both leds seem to be about equal to my...
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    Opinions on bad Fenix P3D

    Hey all, I have a Fenix P3D with a burnt up led in it. I was thinking about replacing the led. Anyone know what led it uses??
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    Problems mounting leds....

    Hey all, I'm having a hell of a time figuring out why I keep blowing leds... I'm using these leds: Mounted like this: They work great after I solder on the wires. They stop working after I mount them, Never to work again. I have Arctic Silver...
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    Looking for new EDC.....

    Hey all, I want to make the jump to rechargable 18650 batteries. I'm currently using a Fenix PD30. I would like to stay within that size range. I'm looking at the Nitecore IFE2 and the Fenix PD32. Are there any others I should be concidering?? Any pro's and cons over the two? Leaning towards the...
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    New to HP Leds, How much Heatsink??

    Hey all, I'm just getting into expermenting with high power leds. How do I know how much heatsinking I need? I have a more direct question, But I'll wait to see what people answer to see if i can figure it out myself. Thanks!
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    LED Current Question

    Quick Question. Lets say I have an led that runs on 12v with a max current of 1200ma. Does that mean I CANT give it any more than 1200? or that it uses 1200? Another example, If I hook that led up to a car battery, Would that be bad??
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    Question about led angles for wall washer??

    Hey all, Looking to make some blue wall washers to light up my house for Christmas. Found some Blue Cree xp 3watt. Some have 55 80 or 90 degree lenses, some have none. What would the raw led angle be? Thanks!
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    Choosing replacement for Fenix P3D.......

    Hey all, Well after 4 years of daily use, I have a burnt spot in the middle of my led. Over the course of an hour I went from 100% with a little brown spot to maby 20 % and mostly dark spot. Time to replace....And maby upgrade! So I've been off the site and out of the loop for awhile, And am...
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    Help with Hid ballast wires

    Hello all. I have some spare HID stuff and was going to build a work light for work and a mobile flood lamp for working out in the field. I would like the ballast to be mounted with the batteries. In both light projects, the lamp assembly will be remote mounted. My question is, how far can i run...
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    Wiring for MC-E?? Including driver?

    Hey guys, with the MC-E, Does it wire up like 4 single leds at 700ma max each? If so, with the one chip I can run series at 14volts and 700ma and in parelle at 3.5volts and 2800ma?
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    Help with soldering splices

    I could use some help. Quite often I find myself tapping into a harness for a signal. 99% of the time I'll solder the wire onto the wire I'm tapping. What I don't like is covering the splice once I'm done. Electrical tape works for a while, then starts to unravel leaving this black sticky...
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    Hid Bulb Questions

    Hey all. Have a pair of 35 watt Hid's from my old truck. Would like to do some things with them, but need different bulbs. Are bulbs any different from 35 watt to 55 watt? What about color? I'm assuming that since a 55 watt 8000k bulb washes out to around 6000k, that the bulbs are actually the...
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    Need help figuring for resistors.......

    Hey guys, Would someone be kind enough to help me find a resistor for the following specs? I keep getting different values with the online calculators. Thanks Source voltage will be 12v running one led LED voltage is 3.0 to 3.4 Specifications: Size (mm) : 3mm Lens Color : Water Clear...