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    Zebralight UI Question

    I own many Zebra's and I am very familiar with their UI... I have never gone into the G5/G6/G7 programming modes as I find the standard UI to be sufficient for my needs. I would like to find out if it's possible to program a ZL to be a reading light for my mother-in-law... there is no way she...
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    Good CRI Lantern

    I am looking a decent lantern that runs on 18650 cells... I don't have any specific specs other than good value, neutral/warm tint, and decent CRI (80+).
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    14500 in 2020 - Where to buy?

    It seems like the 14500 cell is not as popular as it once was... I still use them quite frequently in a couple Zebralights and a classic FourSevens neutral tint. I will stick with the protected button-tops... what is the best cell to get and vendor to purchase from? I care most about long-term...
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    Streamlight USB Rechargeable 18650

    Has anyone used these 18650s with a built-in MicroUSB charge port? Is it safe? Are they lower capacity to make room for the charging circuit?
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    Tritum Glow Fob for Attaching to Flashlight

    I would like to hang a glow fob on my SC600IV Plus... I don't need anything fancy, just something to help find the light in the dark. I would like it to be small and durable, with a finish that won't wear or flake off... and of course as inexpensive as possible. If a tritium fob is not...
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    SC600 MKIV Plus vs HI

    I am strongly considering one of these lights... I have many Zebralights, but nothing larger than the SC62... I would like another ZL for backyard use that has more reach and output than my SC62w. I am starting this thread specifically for comparison between these two lights... hopefully once...
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    N-Light B3 Replacement

    My N-Light B3 SS neutral is getting a little old... I really like the size, clip, and classy look... the electronic switch is a little weird, but I still prefer it over a twisty... the 2-modes provide a simple UI with two useful light levels... a AAA is not my EDC, so it doesn't need to to do...
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    What is Zebralight working on?

    It seems like it has been a long time since I have read about anything new from ZL... other than maybe a new emitter/lens offering on an existing light... it seems like the AA line is due for an update (SC5 specs in the H52 and SC52 format).
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    Best 10440 for Olight I3E

    I just got a new silver I3E that I intend to use as a "just for fun" pocket rocket with a 10440. Based on some information found in this forum, it appears that the Efest IMR 10440 350mAh Flat Top will fit and works well... does anyone have a better option? I will probably buy from
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    SC600w MKIII HI vs EA4w

    I am considering an eventual purchase of a SC600w MKIII HI... the light it would be replacing as a "compact thrower" is my EA4w... I love the EA4's beam for its size and I actually like the switch and interface for my purposes... I have several other ZL's, so I am very familiar with its UI as...
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    Do I need an XP-L In My Kit?

    Trying to put together a small kit for a trip I am taking to the desert... using as much stuff as possible that I already have. Already have a host (1x18650 or 2x18650) with aspheric head, a "regular" head, a neutral XM-L2 pill, a warm XM-L2 pill, and a neutral de-domed XP-G2 pill... I am...
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    XP-G2 Output Question

    What is the theoretical output of an XP-G2 powered by 1x18650 with a 1.8A driver? And what is the approximate throw that can be achieved with this LED/Driver and a typical aspheric lens? How hard can the XP-G2 be reliably driven in a typical P60 module within a typical host?
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    Dereelight DBS-T Pill

    Is there someone out there that can build me a P60 pill with modern specs for max output/throw using the DBS-T head? Maybe with an XP-L Neutral... or whatever would work best... I can operate it with 2x18650 or 1x18650. Single cell is preferred since runtime is not a big concern, but two cell...
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    Dereelight DBS-T Pill Builder

    Is there someone out there that can build me a P60 pill with modern specs for max output/throw using the DBS-T head? Maybe with an XP-L Neutral... or whatever would work best... I can operate it with 2x18650 or 1x18650. Single cell is preferred since runtime is not a big concern, but two cell...
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    Nitecore MT10A Switch, Beam & Tint

    Does anyone know specifically how the "tactical momentary" works? Does it always come on at the last level used? Meaning if I have it set on Turbo, the momentary will always activate Turbo? What is the beam profile, compared to other popular lights like the SC63w? Can someone point me to beam...
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    Dereelight CL1H-T Pill Questions

    I own a Dereelight CL1H-T with XM-L2 two-mode pill... that I use with the extension tube (2x18650)... I have a warm and a neutral two-mode pill that I like and would like to get more use out of... due to the bulk of the CL1H-T, I don't use it any more now that I have more compact/powerful...
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    Help Me Replace A Classic

    I have been searching for years to replace my Quark AA Tactical Neutral light that I use with a 14500... I would like something with the same size and features, but with a more modern LED and output. Must Have: 1xAA Size 14500 Compatibility Neutral LED Forward "tactical" clicky Always...
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    Zebralight's Customer Base

    I own a collection of ZL's and over the past several years I have watched their product line expand into a rather extensive set of options... Assuming that this means they are selling well, it makes me wonder who is the customer base that is supporting them? Is it outdoor/adventure enthusiasts...
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    BLF A6 Switch Question

    I am considering an A6 since it comes with a warm emitter option... but my question is, what is the "forward and backward mode" switch? Does it have a momentary function? If not, is there a switch that can be swapped to provide momentary activation?
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    What's Up With Die Cast???

    I've seen several Nitecore models advertise die-cast construction... how is this different than traditional aluminum lights? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Or is it ultimately just cheaper for large manufacturers?