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  1. vacuum3d

    Sold/Expired SOLD : FS - Selling all I got... Aleph, TNC, Surefire parts, HID, and others...

    EDIT : Everything sold. Thank you! I'm done playing with flashlights. Hope you find these prices more than reasonable. Prices include First Class shipping in lower 48 only, which is the only place I would ship to. (US ONLY PLEASE.) I may decide to ship by Priority depending on your order, but...
  2. vacuum3d

    Sold/Expired WTT A19 Blk head with HA

    I bought a black A19 head from the Shoppe a while back because there was no HA available. It's been sitting in the drawer because I don't have a black host to go with it. I want an A19 head in HA. If you're interested in a trade, please let me know. The head is in the same shape I got it from...
  3. vacuum3d

    Seoul P4 + McR reflector question

    I noticed that the Shoppe has these copper discs (0.03") designed to raise the P4 by 0.30". Does it mean that the reflectors need to have the same amount of material removed? Anyone? Thanks, ernest
  4. vacuum3d

    need GD wiring diagram please

    Could someone please point me to the wiring diagram for the GD board? I couldn't find it from the Shoppe. thx, ernest
  5. vacuum3d


    Is McR-27XR a modified version of of McR-27L? Basically, I'm trying to find out how tall is the 27XR. thx, ernest
  6. vacuum3d

    Sold/Expired (SOLD) : Aleph I

    For sale, Aleph I (Bead Blasted). Flupic w/ UYAJ. 1x123 body. Switch is a McClicky. Comes with aluminum bezel ring from TnC that has the matching beadblast finish. Nice and white beam. Perfect condition. Played with for less than 30 minutes after completion. Spent too much $$$ this month, and...
  7. vacuum3d

    What's a fair price for a new Surefire 6RT?

    Someone asked me to make an offer for this light. He claims it's been sitting on his store shelf for the last ??? years. It comes with charger and rechargeable battery. Anyone has any idea how much this thing is worth? thx, ernest
  8. vacuum3d

    Need help with length of Surefire A14 and A20

    Could someone please tell me the length of these adapters? I mean, is the A14 the equivalent of 2x123 or 1.5x123? How about the A20? Is it a 0.5x123 extension? I have a M3T. I want to put 3x17500 in it to drive a 12v lamp. I've been using 2xA19 and a 0.5x123 dummy. There's gotta be a better...
  9. vacuum3d

    Would Aleph head kits ever be available again?

    I'm hoping to buy a couple of A2. I've been looking for a while now. I'm getting the feeling that it won't ever be available again ;(
  10. vacuum3d

    X5 at Fry's for $9.99

    Not sure if it's been told. Just picked up an blue led X5 for $9.99 at Fry's in San Jose, CA. I don't know if the White leds are at the same price cause there were none found at that store. There were Green and Blue available mostly in Black host. A few pewter hosts left. Looks like they're...
  11. vacuum3d

    How do you use the protected AW 17500 cells

    I got two of these and planned on using them in the 9P w/ a P91. Two problems... 1) it won't light up the P91. (People have already discussed this problem elsewhere. Too bad people didn't say anything before I purchased the batteries.) 2) two of these batteries are too long to fit in the typical...
  12. vacuum3d

    Here's how to fix the Vital Gear FB1/2/3 switch

    (I hope I'm not duplicating what others have already posted. I did a number of searches on this subject with no result.) If you have a first generation Vital Gear FB1/2/3, I'm sure you're just sick of that switch problem. I bought all three when they first came out, and they've been sitting in...
  13. vacuum3d

    some observations on those 360nm UV leds

    I just received the leds from the GB. Immediately, I powered one up with 2 x 2016, the same cells used in those keychain led lights. Few observations... 1) There's not much to see; the light is weak; it doesn't fluoresce things much at all. 2) I've been told that 360nm should fluoresce the US...
  14. vacuum3d

    Sold/Expired No-Nonsense Light Sales - ALL SOLD and SHIPPED

    and #11 at the bottom. Need insurance money for my new toy. Here's a bunch of lights at some, what I'd call, No Non-sense prices because 1) I don't believe in making money on what you do for fun; 2) I need to buy car insurance fast... (punt intended :) ) Payment : I will accept Cash PayPal...
  15. vacuum3d

    9 x 1/2D with Mag85BP melted the BP in 30secs

    Just found time to play with the 1185 from the GB. Used 9 x 1/2D with it. The sucker is bright. I love these 1/2Ds. The only problem is that the plastic plug on the MagBP slug can't handle that much heat. It melted the plastic and clouded the FM3 reflector in less than one minute of intermittant...
  16. vacuum3d

    Cree UV Xlamp in Inova X1 (Lots of pix)... more pi

    This is my first time posting a mod, please be gentle. Inspired by Newbie's post here on the Cree Xlamp UV led, I experimented with these powerful leds and was determined to make one that has throw. The hardest part is finding a suitable reflector/optics for the led because the focal point is...
  17. vacuum3d

    which bulb(s) has good beam pattern?

    I've been playing with WA bulbs lately. They're pretty bright, but I really don't like that bowtie beam pattern. Is there any alternative to WA bulbs that are equally bright, but with a rounder/smaller beam pattern? I know those sputtered reflectors will smooth out the beam somewhat, but it...
  18. vacuum3d

    FM3 w/ 2x9AA = burnt 1185

    Since I haven't heard anyone else complaining, I assume my situation is unique. I don't know if I'm unlucky, or am I just lame (may be a bit of both), but all three potted WA1185 that I got from Fivemega got burnt while using the FM3 with 2x9AA Lenmar2000. The bulb on the left is a good bulb...
  19. vacuum3d

    6xKAN1300 AA Nimh + WA1274 run time question

    I used 6 x rested KAN1300 AA Nimh with the WA1274. I got the following... Less than 1 minute of 100% brightness, followed by 15 minutes of 50% brightness, followed by 1 minute of rapid drop to black. My question is, does this runtime performance seem typical with my setup? I also run 5 x...
  20. vacuum3d

    WA1185 melted my battery holders

    I have just received a number of WA bulbs. I was very eager to try them out because of all the hype I've heard about these bulbs. Many people talked about what batteries to use and so forth, but I don't recall seeing anything about the battery holders required. I stuck 2 EL-3AA-to-D along with...