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  1. gottawearshades

    Longest runtime for budget single AA or AAA led light on low setting to be used in tornado shelter

    Wow. These folks are still around? Have they kept up-to-date on emitters? If they had hih-CRI I would buy one.
  2. gottawearshades

    Wanted: CMG Infinity

    Well, I have one if you're still looking. Never carried. I lost four or five of these all over the planet back when I was in the Army.
  3. gottawearshades

    Is there an upgrade to the Nitecore MH20GT?

    It sounds like what you need to do is swap the emitter on your mh20gt, and get a little more output, a bit more throw, in the light you like. I'm trying to sell one of these right now, and this thread is making me want to keep it. It's a classic. If I can't sell mine, I might try an SSt40 in...
  4. gottawearshades

    Single CR123A to replace Fenix P2D/PD25

    I miss my PD2! It was one of my first real light! You might want to check out the JetBeam RRT01. It's in your budget, a fun and handy light.
  5. gottawearshades

    Sold/Expired HDS, Peak, Oveready, Emisar, etc. - pruning the collection!

    The HDS arrived, in great shape. Much obliged.
  6. gottawearshades

    The Mode Memory Management Problem

    Exactly. Back when Zebralight came out with new models that allowed all programming, I said to myself, Shades, says I, I will buy the new models, but will not crazy reorganizing the UI, because I was still using a couple older ones, and knew how to use them, and I didn't need to reprogram my...
  7. gottawearshades

    The Mode Memory Management Problem

    Yes, but like I said, it's a chaos I already know. This old dog will not be learning many new tricks.
  8. gottawearshades

    The Mode Memory Management Problem

    I agree, and I have gotten rid of some lights and I'm selective about what I buy now, because I don't need to think about hard about the operating system before I use it. Basically I stick with those I use all the time so I know them: HDS, Zebras, Anduril. My two cents: Personally I prefer...
  9. gottawearshades

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    1) That is a cool discovery. I would never have thought to try. 2) Yes, that is a little worrying. Even with the delay in new lights, Henry has always been rock-solid on support. I hope it's something harmless, like he's lost in a cave somewhere.
  10. gottawearshades

    Sold/Expired Giveaway: datiLED Battery Drainers for Thanksgiving

    This is so cool of you, man. I am grateful for many things in a dark year. I'm grateful that I recently found a huge bunch of chanterelles not far from our home, and we had most of them on a pizza.
  11. gottawearshades

    Marketplace use way down

    I've got to admit, this is what got me selling on EB.
  12. gottawearshades

    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Hey, can anybody point me to a good place to by Norland optic adhesive. I bought from a seller on ebay a few ago, but he's not there now.
  13. gottawearshades

    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Sent! Transaction ID: 2B753371WK7175545.
  14. gottawearshades

    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    I would like six 1.55x5mm and three 2x8mm, all green, shipped to the US of A. Please give me a total and remind me of you PayPal and I will send you the cash? Much obliged.
  15. gottawearshades

    The Forlorn and the Sublime

    This is a terrific light. I kind of regret giving mine away, but I know the owners appreciate it. In fact the couple I gave it to recently divorced, and I was told they had a conversation about who would get the AZ2, as they divided up property like their four-poster, dining room table, and...
  16. gottawearshades

    Jetbeam RRT01 2020 - Now it has a clicky!

    Yep, the lego works. Thanks for the info. Here's a bad photo of the 2020 head on the 2019 body and the 2019 head on the 2020 body with extenders.
  17. legoedjetbeams.jpg


  18. gottawearshades

    Jetbeam RRT01 2020 - Now it has a clicky!

    Any reason not to swap old and new heads and bodies? I want to run the newer head (now with triple SST20s) on an old body, as twisty only, and run the old one on 18650 with extenders and tailswitch. The parasitic drain on the newer head should still be minimal, even without the physical...