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  1. red_robby

    building a 70 cree fixture, what power supply?

    I've been looking for a driver/power supply to power 50 red cree and 20 blue cree leds, they are all going to sit in one fixture which will plug into a 115V household plug. is there something out there to power this many? any help is appreciated:)
  2. red_robby


    Got the light here I'm going to make this one kind of short since there are about 30 reviews out there already... Got the TK10 today and I have to say I'm Impressed! This is one solid light, I wouldn't want to drop it on a bare foot:oops::eek: beam is pretty, white, and clean I love this...
  3. red_robby

    Osram/sylvania lantern board help

    after using a SSC (USWOH)modified lantern for two hours it shut off, about 20 seconds later it came back on but would not turn off or switch into high/low I took it apart again and noticed on of the IC had a hole in it... any idea why this would have happened? any suggestions on a new multi...
  4. red_robby

    Sold/Expired WTB: 2 x Q2H Cyan lux

    If you have a couple kicking around, please pm. thanks
  5. red_robby

    can recomend an led string light

    I'm looking for some decoration lighting for bushes, preferably led strings. Are there any low voltage strings on the market? Maybe something I could hook up to an outdoor 12 transformer/timer? Can anyone recommend a quality product? Thanks for any help on this
  6. red_robby

    washing a building with blue light ?

    I've recently been asked if i knew a good way to wash the front of building with blue light. the building is 30' high and is clearly visible from the 401 (trans Canada hi way) are there colored HID bulbs out there? anything else?
  7. red_robby

    What's this ARC AA light is worth?

    the ARC AA green lug end - NIP
  8. red_robby

    Fenix Current draw ? 2.0 Vs 2.5

    From what I've been reading, 2.0 is around 780mA and 2.5 around 980mA can someone confirm this ? I've tested both my lights with a brand new duracell, I got 780mA and 820mA do I have version 2.0 or 2.5 ? Thanks
  9. red_robby

    Sold/Expired WTB Q3 mineral glass lenses

    I'm looking for 4 mineral glass lenses for the Q3 :)
  10. red_robby

    Sold/Expired FS/T:McLux PR-T Head Kit (HA Natural)

    *Traded*McLux PR-T Head Kit (HA Natural) McLux PR-T Head Kit in HA Natural, new in bag, just never got around to building it. $50 shipped in Canada/US, overseas is extra. will trade for "R" 1W lux stars
  11. red_robby

    homemade automotive 921 Luxeon

    my car takes 921(18W) type bulbs for reverse lights, I couldn't find anything close, so naturally... the heatsink is a lug, from a disconnect switch so it's got a hollow (hex key)back, a little pcb board, and a 24ohm risistor. now for the other side...
  12. red_robby

    Looking for the right ac multi luxeon driver

    Is there an 120V ac driver out there i can use to power 12 luxeons at 700mA that is dimmable?
  13. red_robby

    safe discharge level for NIMH cells?

    a couple of monthes ago i puchased some NIMH cells on ebay, they showed up 3 monthes later and they all test at 0.6 volts and some are actually completly drained ( 0 volts ). are these cells still good ?
  14. red_robby

    Sold/Expired *sold* Lionheart #005 NAT UX1K - price drop!

    never carried, same condition i got it in...only now it sports a UX1K Lux3 no pila charger, or cells. asking $XXX shipped in Canada/US, insurance IS NOW INCLUDED, tracking is extra. *add the 168A body for an extra $XX international shipping will depend on where it's being shipped to, and how...
  15. red_robby

    anyone try 26K leds in dorcy 1AA?

    just wondering if the results were worth the effort...
  16. red_robby

    will bi pin WA bulbs fit into an MR-16 socket ?

    I'd like to put a mag together for 1185 lamp...I can get a hold of MR-16 sockets very easily, and they are porcelain. seems like a good candidate if the pins are the proper gap. anyone? the MR-16 pins are 5.5mm OC apart.
  17. red_robby

    how many CPF members own an ARC AAA

    do you use it or is it stashed.
  18. red_robby

    Sold/Expired *SOLD*2C Mag BB1A UCL TVOJ

    Pewter 2C mag with a BadBoy 1A (1.7A from Nimh C's) O-Sink, and TVOJ luxIII. asking $xx shipped in Canada/US, overseas extra shipping.
  19. red_robby

    who else ownes one of these ARC AA

    from what i understand, there should be about 10 of these green/lug end out there who has one ?
  20. red_robby

    Sold/Expired *withdrawn*2D LumaPro BB750 TVOJ, glow powder

    the stock reflector gives a Mag like beam. very nice and white. custom copper center heat sink. asking $80 shipped to Canada/USA a pic of the heat sink that's not rust, there is glow powder on the copper here the glowing head... the big pic(light has rubber grip) top shot(the one on the left)